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onomatope*'s lastest title - Kyuuketsuki no Libra - is coming to Steam


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*Check* Japanese developers taking notice of the English audience

*Check* Translation planned during the development phase, semi-significant step

*Check* A very slick piece of text advertising the game, instead of the Engrish some companies produced when they’re not on the ball.

*Expected but small con* Reliance and expectations on kickstarter. Hope they don't expect TOO much.


I’ll give this a go when it's released… or maybe I’ll just wait for Clephas’ mini-review in November(?) before I decide :)

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might be left to mention that it seems both versions (uncut + all ages) are going to differ not only in terms of them consisting of ero content or not, as from their last post i got the vibe xero is somehow rewriting the all ages version (including xtra content?), so that it wont be inferior when compared to the original one. definitely a nice moove from both, mikandi & xero who are closely working together on bringing us fine stuff in the west, without leaving their (future) customers in the dark. thumbs up & glad i supported them for a good while now

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Random info from onomatope*'s producer:

For Onomatope*, Libra of the Vampire Princess is new, but as a company XERO, we have some Chuuni-byo games. The reason we made this game is because we already made a vampire game about 8 years ago which had a good response from fans and we wanted to revisit a similar world. Chuuni-byo is still popular in Japan too, so we decided it was good timing.

This game was planned for Japan first, then later we had the idea to introduce it to the West. We decided this game because we thought it is exciting to try one of our new titles and also because we think vampires are popular around the world.
So yes, this is a Chuuni-byo game but this is also XERO's game, so normal life scenes have a lot of comedy and a fun feeling too, so I hope you can enjoy playing!

If anyone interested, this is the one from 8 years ago that they mentioned.

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h-how could i overlook this title all the time.... :vinty:

edit: the way they handle their pr + responding to peoples questions/ doubts quite openly is pretty cool and makes me wish some certain well known western publisher *beep name censored would take this as an example for how to do it right, when beeing in the game for so long now...

edit2: just realized that c-drive is ALSO part of xero.. kotowari....mhmmmm :D


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I don't recall seeing this earlier but kickstarter is a big nah for me with too many missing variables. It would be great if we could still get it since they've more or less confirmed that the 18+ version will be available via  patch so the cut content issue is not an issue (I think the poll definitely helped). I think the biggest walls this visual novel has to climb is that it's by an unknown company and is an unknown game. The majority of vns kickstarted that have had a great success are visual novels with either a fan-translation or some sort of company renown; this one does not seem to have either and I'm curious if visual novel fans will be willing to put their money towards a project like this...they definitely will need a prefundia to get the word out because of this.

Vampire Princess Libra of - Libra of the Vampire Princess


Home → Works → Vampire Princess Libra of - Libra of the Vampire Princess

And preparing a crowdfunding for overseas English Translation & production! 
Towards the supporters, including the English version of the game, we plan to align the Libra goods of various Vampire Princess.

Coming soon! 
"Libra of the Vampire Princess", an incredible Japanese Visual novel Will begin on Kickstarter soon. We Will raise money for an English version of the Game and offer many Rewards That fans More Fan CAN enjoy. If you love Visual Novels, vampires, or both, then please support us!

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