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  1. holy shit, im at the last boss fight. how am i supposed to beat that thing? im getting my ass handed to me
  2. yeah... i havent fought echo yet. i guess thats my problem
  3. ive already freed them, but i havent encountered dorothy. where is she? thanks for helping me out btw
  4. wow. i still need to finish this game series, thanks for the reminder
  5. just finished umi's route, it was the first one i played. i havent played any vns in almost a year, so i enjoyed it quite a bit. i think i'll play nagisa's route next. i wouldve played it first but its locked until you complete 1 route
  6. i actually downloaded a prepatched version. i'm dling a nonpatched version now so i can apply the patch myself
  7. i found some untranslated text while doing umi's route. its after you get to decide who to help for the second time. i chose "Help Kouzaki or Shiori-san" & when i got the option to choose which of them i'd help, i chose umi. after that its all untranslated until the next day. anyone else have this problem?
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