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  1. Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! Newton has entered the final countdown, so it's time to make one last mighty push to the finish line. Recently, new add-ons were revealed (R18 tapestries and daki; kawaii keychains), and Stretch Goal #3 was picked up. We're now making a hyper sprint for Stretch Goal #4... and beyond. On behalf of Sol Press, Laplacian, MiKandi Japan, and Newtonians everywhere *wink*, please come and join us in this race to the finish! We look forward to seeing you there! Thank you for your support <3 Pledge on Newton before time runs out!
  2. Thanks for making this post! ^_* The best way for us to collect your feedback and thoughts for XERO is the questionnaire. If you've already completed it, thank you very much for taking the time to do so!!! We've gotten some pretty interesting answers so far -- some of which are thought-provoking (the unexpected answers) and some that are pretty funny. Looking forward to sharing some of these in a future Kickstarter update (via Libra). Thanks again ^___^
  3. Hi Guys, It's been a little over 24 hours since the end of the Kickstarter and I can honestly say that, part of me feels like I'm still on the "battlefield" when I should be celebrating with everyone. When I woke up this morning, just like every day, I went through my routine thoughts, racing as they do, about what needed to do be done with the remaining time. Then it hit me, Kickstarter was over! o.O The past 120 days -- every day -- have been filled with intense planning, ups/downs, execution of ideas, surprises (see James's KS celebration comment), and fun. For me personally, switching gears has been a little slower than expected, but I've got my foot on the clutch and easing in. The intensity won't change, just the lane. There's many steps left to take before Libra comes to a full completion and we're committed to seeing it through to the end. With that, I'd like to sincerely thank you for all the advice and feedback you've given. Fuwanovel has a great crowd. It's been a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I look forward to keeping you posted on our Libra progress, and also share what's on deck for future projects. You might even see me pop in a few off-topic threads, too. ;-) Until next time, Jonathan (MiKandi Japan PR/Marketing)
  4. Final Hours: Stretch Goal 3 Unlocked, AMA Quotes, Thank You! Stretch Goal 3 Unlocked: Re-Vote We left the fate of mini-episode 2's storyline in the hands of our backers. After a second poll was conducted and analyzed, it was Lycoris and Aoi's pre-Libra story that prevailed. AMA Fun! Over the course of our Kickstarter, we held 3 different AMA's: 2 at /r/visualnovels and 1 at /r/cosplay. The following are some highlights from each. Question: Did you take inspiration in Draculius when working on Libra? "The world, setting, is almost the same. At first when we started Libra, we thought about remaking the game... but during the planning, we thought just a remake is not so creative, so we decided to keep some of the same symbols but make a completely different game." "For example, when we made Draculius, we didn't imagine the biting pee effect which people asked about earlier in the AMA. So for somebody who really knows about manga/anime story they might know about higanjima manga. In that story, when vampires bite it makes people pee, so I thought if we make something like this with cute girls it might be fun. Of course there is much more, but this is one example maybe people want to hear about!" Source https://redd.it/3z7z7u What got Producer MOKA started on his path? How does he create new characters? "When I was in junior high, watching animation became the starting point. For example, anime like Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru. I was also a fan of Oji Hiroi, creator of Sakura Taisen (both game and anime) and Mado King Granzort. I was inspired by his work, so when I found Oji was a game creator also, it helped guide my path in that direction." "When I create a new character, before I visualize what they look like, I think about what they might say that connects to the story. From there, the details begin to materialize as more dialogue is written." Source: https://redd.it/40en99 Kurusaka-san, I like your cosplaying! Why did you become a cosplayer and what's it like in Japan as a cosplayer? "Thank you for your question. When I was a child, I really loved anime and manga. Naruto is my favorite. One day, my friend showed me a picture of Naruto cosplay (it was Sakura). From that moment I fell in love with the idea of dressing up as a character from my favorite show. What I like about cosplaying in Japan is there is a big community! I have a many cosplay friends and we enjoy talking about how to make different kinds of costumes. We get to share a lot of cool information with each other. There's also are plenty of shops to buy cosplay items from." (smiling) From Kururu Kurasaka's AMA: https://redd.it/40e97p Thank You! MiKandi Japan and XERO would like to give a sincere, heartfelt thanks to our friends, followers, the media sites that shared our battle with their audience, and to the Vampire Princess Army. Without you, making it this far wouldn't have been possible. Together we've marched to victory and proven that there is a hope for more visual novels to make it overseas. Onward to Immortality! MiKandi Japan and XERO
  5. Since we're closing in on the end of Kickstarter, there's a few things I'd like share with my friends here at Fuwanovel before we move onto the next step. If you haven't checked out our "Making of Libra" movie, please consider giving it a watch. Thanks Filmed, Edited, Directed and Produced by Project Manager, James ----- Sumimasen, obligatory promo mention incoming! m(_ _)m ------- There's an off-site promotion we've been running that's open to all backers (old and new, of any pledge level $1+): "Bring a Soldier to Battle" Giveaway. This is running now until the campaign's end in 4X hours from now. Here's how it works... Bring a friend to back Libra for at least $35. Both of you will receive a color-copied Iris shikishi ($10 value) for FREE. Then, both of you will be entered for a chance to win a rare, 60-page art book signed by Risa Miyasu-san (artist for Shuma, Calen, Mari and Iris). The photo is of Producer MOKA and Mayumi Shindo-san (voice of Mari) each holding a copy of Miyasu-san's book during the AMA we did a few weeks ago. There's no limit to how many friends you can bring. Each friend you bring, your name and theirs will enter the drawing as a couple. You bring 5 different friends, that's 5 times your name is in the drawing. If your name is drawn, you and your friend each receive a copy of Risa's 60-page, autographed art book! Once you've gotten a friend to back us, both of you should contact us as soon as possible through direct message. The giveaway will be held in the weeks follwing the Kickstarter. NOTE: This promotion is not retroactive. ----- Finally, there's that quote from Producer MOKA that I like to go back to when whenever I think about why I decided to get involved with this project. "In an environment where foreign players get Japan's newest games, that will help pull the industry into a new future. There are many makers like us, and so many games that can come to you. I want to create new moe for everybody, so please support this project, and let's make new moe together in the future. That's my hope." We know not everyone cares for Libra, or even visual novels ("What the heck are those?!?!") and that's fine. I'm simply humbled to be playing a role -- practically any role -- in bringing vn's to a place where more people can discover and *enjoy them. *I hope that's the case
  6. My feelings point to no, but I'll check to confirm. We're going to be using BackerKit for add-ons and pledge upgrades.
  7. I've arrived with some with some Adderal! Sanahtlig, The mini episode involves Iris's mysterious past. I'm in the process of confirming the gameplay time, so I don't want to misspeak. Thanks!
  8. Happy New Year! Today: The 4 new limited rewards were sold out within 15 minutes. (wha-wha-wha-WHAT?!?!) Tomorrow: We have planned... (Creepy) Iris Snuggle Blanket and Mari Wall Scroll/Tapestry Add-ons. Official Update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mikandijapan/libra-of-the-vampire-princess-visual-novel-english/posts/1456188 Hope you are all enjoying your New Year Celebration! See you soon!
  9. Story behind this photo: James said, "QUICK... pose like a vampire!"
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