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  1. Dies Irae Prefundia now live!

    Basiclly everything i wished for. Time to throw some money at it.
  2. B-but everyone told us that Steam is the holy grail that will single-handedly save the VN industry and produces million seller and brings in tons of cash... On a more serious note it looks like that Steam crowd is supersaturated with tons of shovelware VNs and/or moved on to the next "big" thing. Maybe the hardcore audience is looking more and more attractive in the next couple of months/years.
  3. Instead of announcing even more games it would be nice if Sekai Project would actually start releasing some of these titles. I mean just look at the huge backlog they allready have https://vndb.org/p162 and its getting bigger and bigger with every passing month.
  4. Looks like that Dovac is also no longer listed as staff member on the SP page. Some more infos in the reddit thread. https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/4w1wy7/whats_going_on_with_sekai_project_site_has_been/
  5. Recent miko kitsune heroine VN, Tenkiame

    Make it happen please
  6. Love Sweets English Release Announced.

    The actual ingame screenshots are looking fine though so we can assume that they hired a professional translator for it.
  7. Love Sweets English Release Announced.

    Pretty sure that he did the website and the translation for it by himself.
  8. We dont even know that there wont be a R18 version. Once Dovac has more infos to share about it he will do so with the rest of the R18 stuff.
  9. AX 2016 - VN Bingo

    Some tweets regarding Trinoline. I guess that confirms it that mangagamer is involved in the project.
  10. AX 2016 - VN Bingo

    Im actually not sure but they annoucend it during a panel that they held together with mangagamer so i assume that mangagamer is involved in it.
  11. AX 2016 - VN Bingo

    I really dig the art of it.
  12. AX 2016 - VN Bingo

    I bet 5 lolis on it.
  13. AX 2016 - VN Bingo

    Maybe they are working with Moenovel together on it!?
  14. AX 2016 - VN Bingo

    I hope we will get a review from Koikuma's all-ages version. Im couting on you @Decay