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  1. Picked up this game because the art looked good, blissfully ignorant about what would happen. By the time shit got crazy it was around 1 AM and I nearly shit my pants. Overall pretty good game, 9/10.
  2. There are two types of visual novels. -The ones that acknowledge that you're having sex with teenagers. -The ones that fucking lie.
  3. Aside from mainstream titles that everyone already knows about, the Yakuza series has a wonderfully campy and overly dramatic story that only gets crazier as you play. The cutscenes are wonderfully directed and the voice acting is top notch.
  4. Ah the screeching sounds of Komari and Kud. Had to mute both.
  5. Look around and see if the game or another game with the same engine has some sort of extraction program. Developers don't just put their code in the open for people to mess with. Get a friend that can help you with programming.
  6. Depends on the game. I usually opt for no walkthrough since most games are straight forward enough. Some games like Angel beats and school days however are completely impossible without a walkthrough. Also, had I used a walkthrough with a certain VN, I wouldn't have inadvertently brought myself into a 6 hour long bad end route expecting a happy end, which intensified the emotions many times over.
  7. https://vndb.org/v24803 Tsuki no Kanata de Aimasho. It's about a dude who fucks up badly in his youth. 8 years later he manages to contact his past self though phone texts to fix things, only for his past self to go totally rogue and make things even worse. Good stuff all around. Lame music though. https://vndb.org/v7771 White Album 2 Absolute masterpiece. The story and the continuing chapters read like what would be a bad end in another visual novel if you picked all the wrong choices, yet here the story continues, and the characters are forced to pick up the pieces. Whole sto
  8. What's up. What VNs do you want to talk about?
  9. The last two visual novels I read had the BGM muted in favor of ambient spotify playlists. After a while the story started to feel like an LSD trip where all scenes, regardless of mood were chill as fuck. It's not like the original music was bad, just a bit uninspired. And everything felt a lot more organic too since the visual novel could no longer rely on song cues to tell me how to feel. Game is Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou.
  10. No. But if you pay me I'll translate the whole game JK, I'll just steal your money.
  11. Yes, but there are a few extra steps. 1. Go to system language and set non-unicode characters to Japanese. 2. Set your system location and time format to Javanese. 3. Go to C:/Windows and delete the folder called System 32. 4. Read 177013. It should work now.
  12. Dat Boi Translations presents Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete FLIGHT DIARY Decensor patch ------------------------------------- This is a decensor patch for the fandisc of Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete. Currently the patch only covers the routes for Hotaru and Ahegao After. There is some work done for some of the other routes but this patch doesn't include them yet as they are still a work in progress. Further updates and decensors do not have a set release date. ---------- Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=12gHA9UCGaJ1
  13. That sounds great! Hurry up and translate the full game so we can reach full appropriateness. I'm cheering on you~
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