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  1. Just finished this game, yeah it was weird experiences.
  2. So far, I've played many of Nakazawa and Uchikoshi's works, such as 999, ever17,remember11,AI: The Somnium Files, Remember11. They some how reuse the same things at the end, which not really makes me surprise and a bit lame when 'that' moments out. (For example, virtue's last reward and AI) I plan to play root double, but since I've finished many of their works. Not sure if this is going to be worth reading.
  3. All I remember is the game would be quite old (2010-) (Still not really sure 2010-, but my visionary told me) and the story is about time-loop and reincarnation. (this is sure) The theme is settled in the old time in Japan. (Don't remember, if the main Protagonist comes from the future) I remebered one of the screenshot of the game(from VNDB, screenshot section). There is an old Japanese house like this (screenshot from Raging loop), Also looks similar to Yu-no, Ryushouji's old house.
  4. Hi So far I enjoy a lot of 'WHATTTT' moment when playing the VNs The list I've played. Any recommendations so far?
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