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  1. Our Kickstarter ended with successful funding to complete the first part of the first game. This version 1 release is now completed and released on Steam. We are now hard at work on the next section of the game.
  2. Hello, I joined this forum a few years back and have sense started my own Visual Novel Project out of a story I have written with some friends over the years. We all created a Production Company out of this and are now nearing a point with our first project where I want to start throwing it out into the Visual Novel community more. We already have a very early build up on Steam, Itch.io, Discord and the Google Play Store. My team and I have built this entire project with the idea of taking community feedback and trying to add things in through what the community gives us. Anyway now that explaining what exactly is happening is out of the way I want to post our game's description and some of our art here to get feedback and possibly interest from the community. A fully complete demo build of our first Chapter is nearing completion and will be the point where we move the initial development out of Alpha. We hope to have a web based version of the VN, support Windows, Android and Linux in the future which with the engine we are using shouldn't be that hard to do. Anyway... on with it... In the distant future where Humanity has expanded far beyond Earth into a war-torn, conflict filled galaxy a young woman struggles through her life and adventures gaining friends, learning about herself and working to save her galaxy. The New Universes Project's Eine Neue Reise Beginnt First Chapter follows Sumire Rembrant an estranged princess whom moves to an academy in space in an effort to help her sister and learn more about herself. As she moves through her adventures Sumire encounters her past, finds love and builds a new future for herself. This story is the adaptation of the first set of The New Universes Project Eine Neue Reise Beginnt stories. Now for some links: This is a thread on our community forum that showcases art from the VN and from other parts of our story: Click Here This is a link to our information page on our website: Click Here. We are always looking for additional people to join our community, support our concept or just lurk. We have a Discord community as well.
  3. Hi there everyone, So I'm Josh but I'm known throughout the internet as RisaXSeph. I write a lot, have started fanboying over VNs and Japanese Video Games in general in recent times and enjoy talking to new people. I have a tenancy to no life VN opening themes and recently have become infatuated with the music to Hikari no Umi no Apeiria. Anyway on to a bit more about me; I am finishing a degree in college, run a small (very small) nonprofit and am working to make a VN eventually with a group of friends... that discussion is for a different place and time though... I guess it comes from my love of writing though... So yeah I really REALLY like writing. I'm 29 and live in the US west coast state of Oregon. I think that about covers the basics though... I'm never all that good at this introducing myself thing.
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