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  1. Version 1.9.0 of Project Cappuccino has been released! Full change log of what's new can be seen here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/project-change-9-21133394 We're preparing a new public build and are shooting to have it out sometime at the end of September/Beginning of October.
  2. We hosted a stream yesterday where Doku drew an art piece based on what people voted on for August. Here's the result! We had some doubts about Mira being able to rock the cat lingerie but we were definitely proven wrong. Hope you guys like it!
  3. We’ve outlined our workload for the coming months in an updated Development Road Map! Check it out here! Lots of behind the scenes info for those that wish to see what’s in team Tentakero’s development pipeline!
  4. New public build is now available! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xXXmJqrzKksWSPapVT5eIhImQEwyOC0I9uNimBvj4wo/edit?ts=5b3fdee9
  5. It's been a while since we've dropped by to give some insight on what's going on with Project Cappuccino. We had an intense month during May and implemented the first look into our next room for private encounters with maids. The player's "Apartment". There are some key mechanic changes that we're testing out in this new room, the main one being the double character function that allows you to pick and choose two maids to bring in at the same time. The original pleasure meter has also been scrapped and replaced with the Arousal and Orgasm meters, which allow players to earn a new type of currency as well as reach consecutive orgasms. Our sights are now set on adding Cerise to the game and continuing the story. Full details of what's new can be seen here. https://www.patreon.com/posts/project-v1-6-0-19180406
  6. Hey guys, we're bringing you some insight on to what's been going on with Project Cappuccino recently. There is a new maid in development that will soon be making an appearance in the story! Our full introductory post for Cerise can be seen here. https://www.patreon.com/posts/introducing-to-18357865 Aside from this, we've also written up a more in depth road map as to what's in our development pipeline. https://www.patreon.com/posts/project-road-map-18015784
  7. March's Patron Voted Art Piece has been completed! As with the previous art pieces, this one will also be included in the games gallery section once we get that implemented. This month's theme was Lucretia the Shopkeeper in Shibari/Rope Bondage & Boobs Pressed against a Window. There was a tie between the top two themes so we went ahead and combined them. Enjoy! (NSFW)
  8. New Public build available for download! v1.2.5 https://www.patreon.com/posts/project-public-2-17345328 Link in main post has been updated to latest download!
  9. Thank you! We're going to be posting these art pieces more frequently!
  10. We hit a Patreon goal last month and have started creating a Monthly Art Piece that is voted on by Patrons. This months character was Mira and the theme was Valentines Leather & Lace. Full post and details can be seen here. https://www.patreon.com/posts/february-patron-17077183 If you guys have any suggestions on future poll options let us know!
  11. We've been making some progress on the Shop System this month. You'll be able to buy different toys with the money earned from the Cafe here. We've got a look at which toy is being added as well in this public update log. https://www.patreon.com/posts/project-progress-16901003
  12. We've got a look at a new feature that we're working on! We've been messing with the idea of letting the players undress characters before diving into the NSFW scenes. You'd be able to select a piece of clothing and then view the corresponding CG of the character undressing before returning to the scene pictured above. Minus the selected piece of clothing of course. This would continue until the character is completely undressed or may be skipped if the player wishes. Some more info about what's been going on can be seen here. https://www.patreon.com/posts/project-progress-16621008
  13. Funny enough, we don't have any yandere's planned. There's some technicalities but all in due time.
  14. Unless steam relaxes its adult content rules it's really unlikely we'll be able to get on there without gutting some core aspects of the game and doing the adult patch option. Major platforms such as Nutaku and what not are still on the table. Though we would like to have a more complete product before looking into possible storefronts. As far as price point, it's likely going to be determined once we get a better scope of how long the game itself ends up being. On paper chapter 1 and 2 felt shorter than in execution. What we've got so far is only about 20% of the story give or take. It would be awesome if someone on the fuwa team did a review once it's complete. <3 We've seen some funny let's plays so far where someone censored the nsfw part with a cutaway on how to make tortillas from scratch. The dough was moaning lmao.
  15. As far as the porn content goes, the story does take a sexual turn and it is a big plot point in the upcoming chapters that we have planned. The NSFW scenes are tied to the story and we intend to have different room options for use besides the standard bedroom. Our goal is to blend both the NSFW content and the story narrative as seamlessly as possible while still being able to access NSFW scenes through the free play mode if the player wishes to do so. All in all the ratio of porn content to story content is likely going to be around 50/50 if all goes accordingly. It basically is a sex driven story that we decided to improve on by making the actual sex aspects of them playable so to say. The protagonist is the player themselves and can actually end up becoming an antagonist depending on your story choices. We've definitely got some surprises in store. Player gender is selectable and there will be a few minor differences depending on which gender you play as, primarily in the CG's.