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  1. Are you calling me a cuck? I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that? As for being hot or not - as someone above said really well, I prefer when characters in VNs make love instead of performing porn for the audience. I don't really use VNs as fap material (waiting 20+ hours until a sex scene kinda defeats the purpose...) - to me sex scenes in VNs are just part of the story, so I judge them solely based on whether they make sense in the context of the story or not - this one was extremely out-of-character (in my opinion), used what I believe to be a cheap writing shortcut to justify
  2. Even then, I was mostly just disappointed. Maybe a little bit angry at the writer (but only regarding his writing, nothing personal), but I had enough common sense to realize he didn't owe me anything and he had the right to have his own artistic vision (which I have the right to criticize, but I'm not entitled to demand how he writes his stories). I think everyone can empathize with how I felt - we all had some moments when a fictional story took a turn we really didn't like and felt the need to vent a little to feel better, right? I see stuff like that on MyAnimeList all the time. That'
  3. Not sure how I would check that. Vndb has a tag for 'sex under the influence of drugs' or something like that, I think, but Kinkoi was missing it (I just checked). Also, I don't know whether I'll like a character or not until I actually buy and play the game, so that doesn't help either... but yeah, I will probably at least check for that specific tag in the future, or even just the threesome tag to be safe (though I'm not specifically against threesomes; it's just this specific combination of plot points that happened to converge in a way that was very unfortunate for me... and even then I wo
  4. That's actually what makes it so bad to me. They didn't even make a conscious decision to get high. They were under the influence of a substance that was forced upon them by some wacky contrived circumstance. It's very unfair to the development between the characters, from a meta standpoint, imo, as it shakes things up for no real reason than shock value and fanservice. Like I said in my first post, Basically, the game led me to believe it's a moege/nakige. A scene like that is a genre shift and a mood whiplash. I know some people are fond of them, but I personally prefer w
  5. Me personally, I'm very uncomfortable with the 'high/drunk sex' trope in general. I can stomach it if it's between an established couple, but as a way to bring two people together, I find it a cheap trick and a waste of something that could potentially be much more interesting development.
  6. Sorry, I should have clarified, but it was obviously short for 'in my opinion, the writing is horrible'. Or, more accurately, 'in my opinion, it was a cheap writing trick to bring them together while depriving them of any agency and making them act out-of-character for the sake of having a hot sex scene, also ruining the important moment of a couple's first time'.
  7. For me, 'vanilla' doesn't imply 'people without hardcore kinks'. It just implies 'couple who are in love with each other and have a healthy romantic & sex life'. So if they're established as liking to experiment in bed, then I have no issue with that. It's a tough sell to convince me on that, sure, but people have different kinks - it's not impossible to believe. And if the author is 'planning' to add such a sex scene from the start, then it's his job to establish the characters as ones who would reasonably do that early in the story. No cheap shortcuts. Honestly, while I'm un
  8. I've processed my thoughts better and summarized them somewhere else already, so I think I'll try to copypaste them here as well: 1. People seem to care a lot about whether a sex scene in an eroge is hot... which shouldn't surprise me, as it's an EROge, but still, I'm a bit surprised that I seem to be in the minority that thinks it's just something that demonstrates the feelings a couple have for each other. That might be one of the reasons why I don't care about fanservice-y or "hot" scenes if they make no narrative sense because I never, erm, 'use' eroge in a way people 'use' porn (I ne
  9. The problem here is that the problematic H scene is what brings them together, so it is still part of the plot, even when not shown (I presume). You make a good point about 'performing porn' instead of 'making love', but there are plenty of VNs where a scene can be both romantic and porn-y (I like 9-nine for that, especially since the scenes are actually short and to the point instead of lasting a frickin' hour).
  10. First of all, I'm posting this in several forums online because I'm interested in hearing the opinion of as many people as possible, so if you've seen this rant somewhere else already, please ignore it and don't waste any more time on my silly tantrum. Now, on to the actual rant: I dunno, I was expecting something more wholesome from this kind of game than That was absolutely horrible writing and super off-putting. Reina is a really awesome and fun character so I was really excited to see some wholesome romance between her and the MC, but the way they 'got together' was s
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