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  1. I have bought a display case and put all of my games in that case, so it looks a lot neater. \
  2. Be me >Buy thousands of dollars of Light Novels >Hate it cuz most are なろう系 and it is clear that these author's writing are incredibly amateurish the only one that's acceptable is 魔王學院之不適合者 Don't worry about the time you put into it, but just do it. I think it took me reading 15 or so VNs in order to read 神咒神威神楽 Just read easy stuff first and you'll eventually get there.
  3. I have bought and I am playing Geminism
  4. I use VPN or I just currently buy physical Japanese items from now on. The worst thing is that they blocked foreign cards, kek. Like do they want gaijins like to buy their crap or not?
  5. Noice, I am actually playing right now and boy does it feel good to see the game in full screen, rather than 4:3 ratio. The CG looks so much cleaner, the shading of the characters and everything is so good compared to the first game and Shuugo finally has a VA. I thought that Shuugo had a VA because he has a voice option in the setting of the original game, but no, I got jebaited and it was in certain scenes where the VA actually spoke. But I am so far loving this game
  6. Replaying Kajiri Kamui Kagura (神咒神威神楽)
  7. OOF I am coping so hard trying not to see this thread. I have way too many backlogs to start reading Magatsubarai. I at least want to complete 黒白のアヴェスター before I start on another new VN.
  8. My copy of Magatsubarai finally came today. Kind of happy.
  9. Learn beginners Grammar A couple hundred vocabs Read nukige, mine vocab Profit
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