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  1. OOF I am coping so hard trying not to see this thread. I have way too many backlogs to start reading Magatsubarai. I at least want to complete 黒白のアヴェスター before I start on another new VN.
  2. My copy of Magatsubarai finally came today. Kind of happy.
  3. Learn beginners Grammar A couple hundred vocabs Read nukige, mine vocab Profit
  4. Doesn't JP parser destroy your Japanese or it is definitely not recommended to use it. I think once you read more and more native stuff and get used to it, the less you need like a parser or dictionary.
  5. Uhmm, okay... Not sure what you mean but hey man, you do you. If you think MTL is better, that's up to your own decision.
  6. Oh wait it is actually worse. Japanese --> Chinese --> Vietnamese --> English The funny thing is that nobody mentioned MTL and the guy brought it up and just dug his own grave Just look at this for example, you can tell it is a Machine Translation I'm preoccupied with 海と雪のシアンブルー at the moment. But I might read it after the current one or after 指先のコネクション and cross reference it. Or maybe after Custom Reido V (カスタムレイドV) Horny comes first
  7. Please think it about it for a sec? Is there a difference between using Textractor, ITHVNR, Chiitrans, Translator Aggregator or even the Russian tool called Visual Novel Reader and hooking it to DeepL? Or using the recently made Sugoi Visual Novel machine translator? Your response doesn't answer my initial concern. Why would we need professional translators if we can get Artificial Intelligence to do it for them??
  8. What's with your backwards logic and strawman? I said there's literally no point for this project to come out when you can hook visual novels with the tools I listed above. Tell me why should this project be released? Because as far as I am concerned, is there a difference between this coming out and you using tools to read it yourself?? Or are just using excuses because you are too lazy to set it up? The author of this thread literally banned me from his server after I pointed the same thing, no reason to use MTL and continue with this translation project when anyone can literally do
  9. What's the point in using machine translation as a fan project when an average reader can use Textractor, ITHVNR, Translation Aggregator to read Hananono already? Or this VNOCR tool made recently. DeepL is fine? I guess rip to professional translators right? the funny thing is Hananono isn't even a hard visual novel to read in Japanese, just learn Japanese. People saying oh I am so busy are just using excuses because anything is possible as long as you have the motivation.
  10. Machine translation? Please just quit the project honestly dude. This visual novel isn't that hard in Japanese.
  11. Hi I would like help with h-scenes? For some reason my h-scenes isn't showing up, but the bath scenes and nudity and ecchi scenes are. I'm not sure what to do when I have followed the instructions.
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