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  1. sure, sounds fun I'd like to volunteer please my emaill is [email protected] and would prefer to use that as a means of communication my skype name is thidas.hewamana my timezone is gmt ( from the uk) my favorite genre is fantasy (not just for visual novels) and i can't read japanese (though im working on fixing that problem atm) preferred number of mentees is 1 or 2 since this is my first time doing this edit : vndb : http://www.vndb.org/u85676/list (there are one or two that i haven;t added to that list yet)
  2. woa, this theme looks pretty cool
  3. Tfw when you try to introduce your friends to your hobbies, then this [ happens
  4. K thanks, I didn't think of reading the Majikoi FAQ sorry for the trouble
  5. Any idea what this says? It opens up each time I try to run majikoi S
  6. I'm not sure if it's because I changed the system locale but some of my applications (like PowerIso and Adobe Acrobat reader DC) are now in japanese. Thing is, I changed my locale ages ago (about 2 years) and havent changed it since so I doubt thats the reason. Has anyone had the same problem and do you know how to fix it? Edit: I mean without having to change the language settings of each individual program
  7. A problem that came up when I downloaded + installed the Konosora patch was that I didnt install it properly; I didnt wait for ling enough. the installer just paused so I assumed it was done but in reality it hadn't, so i had to reinstall cuz weird bugs kept popping up. In the end i waited long enough and fixed it
  8. Well considering the fact that someone already finished its probably time for me to challenge the elite four GL to me
  9. lies theyre all lies, its the hymen propoganda
  10. Yay I evolved and grew to level 28 ^.^, and im a tank to top it off XD Poor Lino, she just lost one of her two lives (one as shedinja and the other as ninjask) Btw i stopped playing for a while, im not gonna play again till at least one person gets to Mossdeep, then ill start grinding a bit
  11. RIP to all the pokemon who have died so far thanks to their selfish trainers stubborn ideals
  12. Just started the victory road and Im scared as crap that something will happen while im not near a pokemon center some imma stack up on full restores and max potions + a few dozen full heals Its pretty annoying that i have to teach one of my mains flash but i guess i can use heart scales to get the old moves back Current team Also, is it just me or is absol seriously cute? Edit: Btw, my team (in the order of that pic above) is Gyarados,Exploud,Camerupt, Flygon,Lairon,Sceptile Edit #2 : Due to the extreme nature of this challenge, my Exploud has decided to quit, she wants to cheer me on from the sidelines and take a bit of a break, for this reason she will be replaced by Yuuki the Snorunt (whos lv 30) ...
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