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  1. I'm looking for some english translated romance vns that manage to be more than dating sims, with a degree of plot that makes for an actual story instead of just a linear way to date and romance heroines. Currently waiting for both Sharin no Kuni and Hello Lady releases since both these vns fit the criteria, but i dont think they will launch anytime soon. Other examples would be G senjou (maou plot), koichoco (election plot) and Clannad, although I dont think im ready for another hardcore tearjerker. Thanks beforehand.
  2. After several years on my list, I've finally decided to play Umineko, with this quarantine being a good opportunity indeed. Having just finished episode 2, this little chunk of the VN was certainly a nice ride, but so far I'm divided so I've decided to share my thoughts. Episode 1 was nothing short of perfect. Probably one of the best thrillers that I've ever seen in any kind of media. I was reading it on the dawn and Beatrice portrait moments in the endgame were freaking me out, I had to turn on the lights, something that I never really do. That said, I liked Beato a lot better before sh
  3. According to the game description on Steam, it features "renewed character sprites", which led me to believe this is some kind of enhanced edition. That said, more than once i've seen comments about the PS3 version being better and that there is a patch ( for the already upgraded steam version I wonder?). Along with that, there is a kickstarter post that seemingly features a "gold edition" , but it seems abandoned and i can't find any further information about it. So, how does one simply play this game ? Is the steam version outdated? Should i wait for the Uber kickstarter versi
  4. Just finished reading Ever17 (with new translation and bgm patch), it was very engaging and kept me glued to the screen - that said, the final plot twist was lame and i hated the deus ex machina moments, alongside that, some routes were really bad and filled with boring slice of life content ( and i DO like sol, not the way they used it though). Since it was my first mystery VN, im looking for more novels in the same style ever17 went for, with a true "canon" route, a lot of suspense and clues to solve the riddles, preferably with a better writing and a plot as realistic as it is possible
  5. That is my guilty pleasure. I want heroines who want the mc all for themselves and undermine the other girls with their possessive actions towards the mc. Not necessarily violent yanderes (but may be), just jealous and irritable when another heroine get close their males. Must be towards the MC and romance is also a must, thats why i wont play when they cry for the moment I've read: * Crimsom Gray (main heroine) * School Days ( and i liked it - both kotonoha and sekay are like this) * White Album 2 * KoiChoco (Chisato is basically that) * Clannad (Kyou may have 2
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