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  1. After several years on my list, I've finally decided to play Umineko, with this quarantine being a good opportunity indeed. Having just finished episode 2, this little chunk of the VN was certainly a nice ride, but so far I'm divided so I've decided to share my thoughts. Episode 1 was nothing short of perfect. Probably one of the best thrillers that I've ever seen in any kind of media. I was reading it on the dawn and Beatrice portrait moments in the endgame were freaking me out, I had to turn on the lights, something that I never really do. That said, I liked Beato a lot better before she started talking and cackling. On the other hand, I loved it when Maria did it, mainly because she isnt a supernatural entity. Episode 2 was weird, it had some ups but the supernatural elements and the goats made it quite annoying for my logical self. It started out strong, with additional background provided for these nice characters but then sexy schoolgirl Beatrice appeared and things just failed to excite every time that weird chuuni magic was involved. While it is pretty obvious that there is a human culprit and a deep story between Kinzo and Beatrice, I didn't really expect to see butler fighting goats and magical girls. And every time that something interesting was going to happen (Kinzo will, Beatrice backstory and any meaningful revelation), the scene was cut, which can be frustrating. As for theory-crafting, I think it is better to schematize information for each character. Kinzo: He is a piece of shit of a father and as a human being he sucks, but he is definitely the smart one. Even isolated, he knew everything about everyone in his home - even about Battler. I'm pretty convinced that the culprit probably caught the ring that he threw out of the window, and they probably used it to write the letters In episode 2, he comments about his "shameful defeat" in the "last time", so does it make him the only one aware of the meta world? Pretty curious about the will that he made Shannon transcribe. His rants are annoying, it is pretty clear that he hates everyone, it was boring listening to it five times. Beatrice: I would think It is obvious that she was, at a certain point, a living human being and as well as Kinzo's lover. Even if her witch self is real, the epitaph makes it clear that she revives after the last twilight and not before. There is a human culprit, he may be interested in reviving her or just getting the whole inheritance, or the gold. I really disliked those goat battle scenes, magical murderer butterflies and cute girls messing with the crime scenes, not something that I wanted to see out of a mystery novel, but oh well, I guess this is Japan so I have to handle it. Krauss: Nothing special about him, just another crappy father and a horrible husband as well, the way that he allows Eva to humiliate Natsuhi just proves that he is lame. Pretty certain he isnt the culprit and I wouldn't want him to be anyway. That said, he is the only one who knew that the gold was real since he had a golden bar. Eva and Hideyoshi: Her passive-aggressiveness is great. I love her character even though she is a bad person. While it would make sense for her to kill everyone for the inheritance, since she is a "slave to money", it would also be pretty obvious and lame. Not much to say about her husband, he just of kinda exists and seems to be a nice guy, just like George. Maria : My favorite character, especially in the weirdo mode. I'm pretty convinced that the culprit or its helper disguised as Beatrice and gave her the umbrella and the letter. I guess the "Beatrice" that she sees could be something she makes up in order to cope with reality. While she didn't care that Rosa died in episode 1, there was reason for that. Rosa: Another bad parent with a tragic backstory, she is the prettiest one in the family, though. As for the letter that Beatrice gives her in episode 2, I wonder if she passed it to her brothers. Rudolf and Kyrie: Well, Rudolf knew that he was going to die, so there is something there. I wonder if there is any kind of sexy dark mystery behind their backstories as well, not that I want to see it. Natsuhi: Pretty sure that her past as a Shinto priest-something of a family might have something to do with the overall witchery. Not a bad person per se, she could be the culprit but there are definitely better twists than that George and Shannon: I would love it if they were the culprits. George is the most viable successor and Shannon might feel bitter about being treated like crap by everyone. While George seems to be a very nice guy and Shannon an innocent dame, I would certainly expect that. Jessica: A standard rebellious teenage girl. Likes Kanon, hates her privileged life and she would rather be a rock star. Not the culprit. Battler: Sexual harassment can be annoying, but it might be a red flag. Is this Battler the real Battler? Is he a good person ? Rosa comments something like this. I hope he isnt a self-insert main character made just for the player to experience the story. The Servants: Episode 2 induces that they might be magical familiars. That said, Kumasawa seems to be a "freelancer" and she never calls herself furniture (i don't remember that, at least). I wouldn't want it to end with "the butler did it", but some of them might be accomplices of the real culprit. Kanon definitely dies in episode 2, as the red message says. I wouldn't mind if either George or Shannon killed him. Since the culprit probably had to feign death, Nanjo is certainly on with the scheme. Gohda is the suspicious one, but I don't think he would be an interesting culprit. Maybe he just killed Kanon? The culprit: It would come as no surprise that he was a fake body in episode one. If I was the writer, I would go for George and Shannon, or just Shannon. Motivation could be money or revenge. Best scenes: * In episode 1, when everyone went to hide in Kinzo's study, a letter appeared in the desk out of nowhere. After that, the phone call with Maria singing in the background. I was on the edge of my seat through the entire thing, probably one of the best moments playing VNs. * This scene gets a different version in episode 2, this time with Battler as the suspect. It could just be Maria following the disguised Beatrice orders, but who knows. Other details: * There are five frickin master keys, as confirmed by the red message. This is definitely not a smart move for any mansion owner, nor does it make the mystery any easier, but oh well. * No hidden doors or magical passages. Good. * Shannon, Rosa, Eva, and Jessica could disguise as Beatrice. The culprit also took the church keys from Maria's bag. I suspect either George or Shannon, again. They also actually entered the church by breaking a window, so it could be the second time that they had the idea of messing there. * Couldn't care less about the magical cute girl witches in the dark dimension. It does indicate that there are other witches and they possibly became one through tragic events. I would appreciate non-spoiler comments about my observations! I might continue beyond episode 3, but so far I'm giving it a brief rest.
  2. According to the game description on Steam, it features "renewed character sprites", which led me to believe this is some kind of enhanced edition. That said, more than once i've seen comments about the PS3 version being better and that there is a patch ( for the already upgraded steam version I wonder?). Along with that, there is a kickstarter post that seemingly features a "gold edition" , but it seems abandoned and i can't find any further information about it. So, how does one simply play this game ? Is the steam version outdated? Should i wait for the Uber kickstarter version even though it seems ghosted?
  3. Just finished reading Ever17 (with new translation and bgm patch), it was very engaging and kept me glued to the screen - that said, the final plot twist was lame and i hated the deus ex machina moments, alongside that, some routes were really bad and filled with boring slice of life content ( and i DO like sol, not the way they used it though). Since it was my first mystery VN, im looking for more novels in the same style ever17 went for, with a true "canon" route, a lot of suspense and clues to solve the riddles, preferably with a better writing and a plot as realistic as it is possible to go for, don't really like elements pulled from the ass that some novels use, like they did in ever17 with the winkel thing. I do like some romance but that is not mandatory, just want some good stories.
  4. That is my guilty pleasure. I want heroines who want the mc all for themselves and undermine the other girls with their possessive actions towards the mc. Not necessarily violent yanderes (but may be), just jealous and irritable when another heroine get close their males. Must be towards the MC and romance is also a must, thats why i wont play when they cry for the moment I've read: * Crimsom Gray (main heroine) * School Days ( and i liked it - both kotonoha and sekay are like this) * White Album 2 * KoiChoco (Chisato is basically that) * Clannad (Kyou may have 2 moments like that and thats it)
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