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  1. I understand you too well. Cute heroines, but I'm seeing it over and over again. Diversity is key.
  2. OMG MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. If they don't make it, somebody else will have to.
  3. I swear I'm not blind, it's just that they fall under the same spectrum. They are different though, I'm aware of that. I was upset.
  4. You mean like the visual novel medium? Well... you're not wrong...
  5. That sums it up nicely, actually. Variety is overrated, I guess.
  6. Man, Madosoft is one big joke (haha same as the title of the thread). Honestly, I never realised I would be invested in one singular company that pumps out visual novels, and it bugs me that I still occasionally check their website for any updates on their projects. But let's start from the beginning. There's a lot to cover here, so be prepared for a wall of text. Madosoft (jap. まどそふと Madosofuto) is a Japanese company that specialises in developing adult games, mainly eroge/galge/visual novels. Not a lot is known about them in grave detail other than the info I provided. So far, they
  7. So I'm making a patch called "Wagamama High Spec++" which changes the way the game looks and includes different materials (except character art, SD art and just about everything in terms of drawing). But since I'm at it I'm also planning on trying to... translate the game too. And I know what you're thinking, "the game is already translated to English." I wanna practice a bit, to be fair. But there's one problem: I have no idea how to open .scn files (.ks.scn, to be precise) and I can't open it without getting a headache from all this binary code. Or is that the file I'm looking for?
  8. Yo! I'm David. I have been on the Discord server for a while now but I thought it'd be a good idea to get an account here since there may be a lot more people available here... Nice to meet you! I like WagaHigh... sort of.
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