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  1. Ok so people in my last post was saying I was pirating the visual novels. I just want to clarify things. Does downloading a game(not necessary visual novel) means pirating? Then what about installing? Of course some people don't buy games, they just get it on their PC or phone by downloading it, and that is legal. I don't understand. Perhaps the game is in play store but what about websites and using links like torrent file or rar file?
  2. I know how to install it, but I cannot find the files for it on Google
  3. By download I mean to install the game on my pc
  4. https://vndb.org/v3154 Where to install this visual novel? I can't find any. Or anyone who played this visual novel can you tell me where did you download it. Thanks.
  5. Is there a way/setting(i think some games do not have this setting) to allow the voice actors to finish saying their sentence even when you press next? I always click next before she said finish and if the next part is voiced then her voice would be cut off and the next voice actor comes in. Thanks!
  6. I actually don't know much about Japan culture so thanks for your info and thanks for your answer
  7. This might be a weird question but why does the pen*s not have hairs? Is it because of the japanese culture that they shave their pubic hair? Or is it just their art style or are all vn like that? Thanks!
  8. You mean the region? I changed it to japan
  9. No good. How about this? http://imgur.com/MkI6Adv
  10. No good. How about this? https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/s/?view=att&th=15adfab12ac22805&attid=0.1&disp=attd&safe=1&zw
  11. Sorry, I can't upload. No attachment and URL invalid
  12. Ok so after I downloaded the ShiniKiss I extracted the file. I clicked the file しにきす and then screen open. Then a pop up appeared instead of the game : リストのインデックスが範囲を超えています(4). I'm using windows 10 What does this mean? And after I clicked 'OK', the screen remains black. Please help.. Thanks in advance
  13. Does playing trial edition mean that I will only be able to play some parts of the visual novel compared to the complete edition?
  14. I live in Singapore and want to buy visual novels. I was wondering how to buy it and how would they deliver the product to me. For example angel beats is 6800 yen and is approximately $84 Singapore dollars. How do I pay them by cash? And are all websites the same for buying visual novel's? Like just click buy and wait?
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