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  1. >.> flutterz is my waifu

  2. betcha didn't i'd sneak up on da booty again >.>

  3. I regret my decision to move to the US entirely after finding out all foods (with the exception of a random soft pretzel place i found) are absolute garbage. I should have moved to Europe where i could have spent the rest of my days jiggling @atorq's melonous funbags. Maybe i'll drive to canada and see what @Flutterz is up to
  4. @Kenshin_samaCongrats baby sis. Or wait, that might be my ......... Nevermind i hope your college experience is the best dude. A little tip from the incredibly young and handsome totodile (i can dream right?) though, if you do manage to be one of the few that survive check out if you want to pursue a masters in said field as soon as possible. It's best to start that 1-2 years after college, or you might regret it. Otherwise go out there and lose your virginity get a great education.
  5. God i almost got a rare form of brain disease just reading that. Flut-tan plz i need sympathy. Speaking of old people who are way older than me and make me feel completely comfortable about my grey hairs, @Zebhra sup fam.
  6. Confession: I was trying to download a movie completely 100% "legally" and i realize Kicka- 'The site that shall not be named' is down. Apparently they arrested the guy. Bummer. At least Reddit did something good for once in it's life and provided a quick solution. On the other hand I have to start packing to move next week you think moving to a next state is arduous? well wait till you gotta move countries like i'm doing ya damn twatwaffles. How the hell am i gonna know how to get around? I regret all my life decisions entirely. @Flutterz I might just move to Canada if trump wins
  7. More power to you yah little shit, i just doubled my work hours after being off on Injury leave so long, i regret everything. Paycheck hella fucking nice though just by saying that i regret nothing,
  8. I actually pictured you as a Chihuahua but it thought the dog in the pic was a Pommeranian. Does that mean you bark with a German accent? "Voof, Sieg Heil mein fuhrer Mr.McFluffykins"
  9. why the hell does the first pic look like a modern Marcus Garvey? dafuq. Still fly though. holy crap....... i thought you were a Chihuahua. Pomeranians master race cuz dem ears, dat snout, oh lawd the eyes. The human is ugly though, you should change him
  10. X ∞ i don't see a vacation day in sight for years to come
  11. On the bright side you might get a cute grill to nurse you back to acceptable HP levels
  12. In all fairness socialization and making connections played a huge part in my pre and post University experience, so it's not total bullshit but education is still of higher priority. Having connections without the means to take advantage of them is what we call "Being a frat minded dumbass". My social life has way more people that i keep around for favors than the amount that i keep around because i actually like anyway so it's tiring, not fun at all. Just waiting on the potential economic disaster since the dumb brits who voted in favor of this are barely over middle class. G
  13. y'know i've never been quoted as "wise" before
  14. swimming my way to the theater to watch this. Lol jk i'll wait until i can pirate it
  15. False, i get notifications on the bottom of my page, all i have to do is click it and i can see new forum posts instantly without refreshing. Chrome FTW Next person also realized that after Samsung's $580 million dollar loss in stocks the other day it could potentially be seen an indication of what is to come if they stay stagnant.
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