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  1. I decided to read through Air recently but nearly every time I open it back up, my saves are gone. At least, that's what the game shows. If I go into the save folder, they're all there. I've looked into this and the suggestions I've found either barely work or don't work at all. I've tried running as an admin, which worked once and then the next time the saves were gone. I then tried changing the text in the "GAMEEXE.INI" file like another thread suggested, but what it said to change to, well, it was already set to that. I don't know what to do and I'm getting a little annoyed. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. Figured I should mention I have another cat now. Her name is Nermal. We didn't know she was a girl until we took her to the vet.
  3. Each main route should take around 40 minutes to an hour. And there are a total of ten endings you can get.
  4. Description When Harold (or whatever you decide to name him) is sent to a college for people that have no friends, he's not sure what to expect. When there, he finds out they pair up their students and once they're put together, they're assigned the same room. But what would happen if his assigned partner turned out to be a girl? There are three girls that are constantly hanging around him. There's the trouble-making Anima, the mysterious but innocent Scout, and then the highly perverted Vivian. What kinds of things will they get up to and how will they affect each other's lives? Screenshots Downloads Itch.io Gamejolt
  5. Lots. The Danganronpa Games The Kyle Hyde Games Clannad Little Busters No One But You DDLC Katawa Shoujo Homeward Kare wa Kanojo Asagao Academy Lucid9 Sepia Tears Sounds Of Her Love (P)lanets Heartache 101 ~Sour Into Sweet~ And that's just a handful of what I've played. Oh, and the cat's name is Garfield.
  6. I only got one at the moment (but apparently, we're getting another one soon) and I just love the little guy to death. :3
  7. I've been making my own visual novels for a few years. I got interested in them after playing Ace Attorney back in 2013 and I found I couldn't stop playing them. So, a lot of what I played in the past several years have been visual novels. And after playing so many, I ended up wanting to make my own and I've actually made a few! (https://conorhehr.weebly.com/games.html) Also I like cats.
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