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  2. I found some fanart of a VN that barely has any fan art. However, I can't find the source/ Artist for the images. Not sure if it's correct section. Mods feel free to move it
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  4. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Yikes. So because i said i don't like pedo vn's and haven't even called anyone a pedo, then i must be a pedo myself. Man, don't you think this is a bit of a childish way of thinking?
  5. VN with strong romance plus fantasy/SF story

    Thanks for the advice. Does G-senjou no Maou have any supernatural elements? As far as I understood it is a fairly realistic setting.
  6. I agree. While i liked the vn as a whole, i do think the heavy story it tried to tell us fell flat on it's belly with that ending.
  7. For me it depends very much on what I come for. If I come seeking a dark and gruesome story, then I expect a dark ending. If I come seeking something cute, then I expect a happy ending. I have only recently gotten into VNs, and I have been on a "happy romance" binge for a year, so almost all the VNs I have played have been happy love stories. I haven't played anything darker than Doki Doki Literature Club... I mostly dislike bittersweet endings. They are just disappointing to me. There is enough disappointment in real life; I don't want that in my games as well. I prefer endings that are either super-happy or truly dark. Examples: If My Heart Had Wings Nurse Love Addiction
  8. Boku no Kanojo wa Gatenkei: A drama about a loving couple's relationship over several years, from when they first meet at a construction job to the challenge of raising a child while dealing with relationship problems. One of ELF's finest works.
  9. HarmonEy is about a married couple and their daily life. Both of them are adults, dealing with... adult problems, some of which are in the workplace. It’s a really wholesome and cute game. There’s also a new one by the same company in the same style.
  10. It was long way around, but, after all, I came to the conclusion - screw all that smoothing. Pixels FTW. It feels a bit of a waste to discard many hours of work, but since I cannot get fully satisfying results, and they take up ~15x more space than pixel versions (literally - smoothed images set in png format is ~200MB, while 16 color ones are ~12MB) - I think it's reasonable to abandon them. As for progress report - I'm slowly making my way through text.
  11. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    no worries i alrdy intergrated his 50 not touching the 80 till i fully test it but if 80 is fixed now then just 10 more h left and he's done. also i never mix other's into mine till i've looked it over and tested it and checked it out. ell i even had to open jast's patch and fix it lol. ppl did'nt notice but jast's patch has some bad translations as well where things are added that dont need to be like a (the) where it's not needed or it instead of i.
  12. What are you playing?

    I started Hitotsu Yane no, Tsubasa no Shita de - Under one wing. First impressions - I like the characters, but their design... ugh... the artist went totally overboard with those boobs. Kyonyuu high-school girls definitely aren't my thing. Well, Hikari seems to look normal. Kazusa - it depends on the pose, in CGs she's normal, but sprites also are somewhat off. But Nohoko and Saiko - come on, gimme a break! Those balloons sticked to their chests aren't sexy, they're ridiculous, as they seem just tacked on - proportions seem to be completely off. If they toned it down from current E+++ to something like D it would have been much better. And then, at the opposite end is flat Mimarin Let's see how it turns out.
  13. What are you playing?

    Finally completed Ef. While the continuously shifting perspectives made it rather difficult for me to root for a specific relationship, I quite liked the relationship between Amamiya Yuuko and Himura Yuu. I was spoiled by but that didn't stop me from enjoying the story of Yuuko and Yuu. Well, that's as far as what I liked about Ef though, because I felt that the other relationships were kind of lacking as compared to Yuuko and Yuu. Overall, I'm gonna give it a 7.
  14. Steins;Gate (everyone is either in college or working) Saya no Uta (main characters are in college) Rose Guns Days (everyone is a worker pretty much)
  15. I have read a lot of VNs with school settings. I would like my next VN to be either set in college or a work place maybe ? Thank you.
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  17. Data extraction thread

    It's possible this exists somewhere else but I couldn't find it: something that can convert the BGI / Ethornell engine's sysgrp UI images to something you can work with. (target: senmomo). My searches brought me to xupefei's BGIKit, which had no binary releases, so I had to compile it myself (ok visual studio makes this easy actually). I'm not sure exactly what platforms these binaries will work on bar windows 64-bit, but at least you don't have to compile them yourself: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cy1SnLSQZ_rCW8H6AsD9SZDxZrUd7qtZ/view?usp=sharing Only the sysgrp tool is tested and only from game format to .bmp, have fun. To use that, call the program from the command line (cmd.exe or powershell) with the path to the file to be converted to bmp / from bmp as the sole argument, or more concretely: SysgrpConverter.exe filenamehere
  18. I do actually remember enabling Japanese text-to-speech in VNR. I don't think it was through Google though. I quickly turned it off however because the voice is monotonous, and since it relies on parsing, is often inaccurate. It's not like English where the reading of words you'd find in a dictionary is very close to 100% accurate.
  19. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Ya, nothing wrong with preferences. Just a tad weird when a person runs around and calls other people's preferences crap and the people themselves pedophiles at every opportunity. I'm actually getting suspicious.
  20. VN of the Month August 2002 - Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-

    I'm going to skip Higurashi entirely and just name it masterpiece whenever its parts have bayesian rating over 7 on vndb. The reason is that I absolutely can't stand this series. I tried to watch its anime for three different times in my life and always got bored by some 3rd-4th episode already. I just give up on being "normal". I watched the whole Umineko anime series and was terribly dissatisfied with it. I can't stand even Dangan Ronpa! Two anime episodes is all the time I could tolerate it. I guess it's ok to enjoy variety of opinions as long as we do what we love.
  21. I don't think OP is asking about any kind of machine translation, they just want the unvoiced text to be read out in Japanese, which is something Google Translate can do in addition to its attempts at translating. Definitely seems useful if you're shaky on Kanji readings. That said, I have no idea how to get something like that to work.
  22. Ricotta Princess Lover! Spanish/English patch

    La verdad, hasta hace poco vi el anime, y no esta mal para echar el rato, pero supongo que así como las demás adaptaciones, no dan la talla, pero veré si puedo "comprarlo" y ver que tal esta la novela. Btw, no deberíamos estar hablando en español. Lmao.
  23. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Translation

    Update 25/4 Sena Route 100% complete (*´з`)
  24. Ricotta Princess Lover! Spanish/English patch

    Gracias, ya está listo el parche en español para el prologo... Puedes comprar el eroge descargarlo de internet para probarlo.
  25. The world doesn't need any more meme videos about machine translation though. Seriously, why would you want even want to enable this feature?
  26. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Well, in my eyes, pedocrap is pedocrap. Plain and simple. I might just have been slightly wrong in this case. Take Sukisuki for example. Other members here reported that she gets her first period during a h scene. This is serious pedocrap indeed. I skillfully dodged that route thankfully.
  27. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Well, I think the reason why this started is this one word: And if you are objective about it (@Stormwolf) you must admit that this word might seem a provocation to many. Because there is simply a clear difference between a pedophile (who usually sexually harasses younger people against their will) and a mutual relationship between an older and a younger person who happened to fall in love. I think this is the message that you actually wanted to get across and that makes the game uninteresting for you and I think no one would have any objections to that.
  28. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Only thing wrong is calling ripe and beautiful women "old hags" :<
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