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Best Nukige you have ever played... (Plot-wise/Scene-Wise)


Why Do You Like It?  

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  1. 1. Did you like because of the

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Well, I felt the need to post something along with my change of picture so I did this...
My questions to you are:

1. What is your Favorite Nukige?

2. In what aspect did you like it? (Plot, Scene, Both)
3. If you have none, tell us a VN that you love with High Content.
 3.1. 1 Heroine & 10 Scenes Min in the VN

 3.2. 2 and above heroines, Min of 5 Scene appearances per Heroine , 20 Scenes Min in the VN.

 3.3. Heroine appearance is not limited to an 1-1 scene.

4. You share as much as you want...

Irrelevant Stuff:

Nukige has plot but mostly non-existent. Close to none but not none. 

I'm not too picky on plot that's why plot is here. 

Wanted some Nukige sequels because of the plot.


Most Favorite Nukige >>> Goshudai <<<



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My favorite Heroine was Inori from "Sex and Games makes sexy games" 

She was different and yet completely attract. Her stoic personality was also that came as something new. Bu that was one of the things I loved about her. Compared to the other heroines of the Visual novel I think her route and story was effective. 

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You mean to tell me Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno had a story? 


I think it's pretty obvious you won't find many people playing a nukige because they like the story, the story is simply there to half assedly give you a reason for all the sex happening.

My favorite nukige is this one though because it fit so well within my fetishes~

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I may like hardcore, dark and wicked stuff, but my favorite nukiges are 3rd and 5th installments of the SonoHana series (Mai x Reo ones). ^^

I like those because of cuteness, Yuri, fluffy story and hot H-scnenes (even though theoretically they should be far too softcore for my liking). The fact those VNs would kinda work as romantic-comedies even without sex-scenes is definitely one of the reasons why I like them.

Though if I also included non-nukige titles with high sexual content, Princess Sacrifice would win.


For me, story is a vital part of H-oriented titles. Without decent characterization and setting, sex-scenes loose a lot of impact (and crappy storyline can ruin them completely). Vanilla scenes are pretty much worthless if you don't care about the characters, but more hardcore, darker content is even more vulnerable to retarded plots. I think I already mentioned it somewhere, but when the girl turns into a mindless sex-slave 10s into the rape scene (which is very common), it completely defeats the purpose of rape. NTR is also pointless when main characters are absolutely unlikeable idiots (which is very common as well, especially when it comes to protagonists).


That's why good nukiges are quite rare (and almost nonexistent among translated stuff, except for SonoHana series of course).

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Erect was fun. A well told version of the succubus story, although as much nuku-ing as you would expect from a game that describes a school with homework assignments like "Have lots of sex."

Saimin Yuugi was surprisingly good, both because of the technical qualities (good art, acting) but also because for a hypnosis game, it actually required the main character to win the trust of the girls and work his way up to the rape. That part was well written, and involved a lot of character development.

The final story is simple though - boy uses hypnosis to sex up girls. But the way it is told is good.

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I feel like Euphoria is the easy answer here, but because there's a good plot that doesn't JUST revolve around sex, I personally don't consider it a nukige, and don't feel like it counts. (Not that I played that one for the ero anyways.)


But other than that, I don't think I've ever made it all the way through an entire nukige, just because it takes me a whole lot longer to get through them, and I tend to drop them for something new. Out of all of those, I really enjoyed Eroge!, and I'm hoping to finish it after I FINALLY finish Boob Wars 2.

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