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  1. Behold, one of the only tsunderes I've ever liked:
  2. 1. Key 2. Key 3. Key 4. Overdrive (killer soundtracks, fun stories, and unique but nice art) 5. Akabei Soft 2 (Sharin and G-Senjou are some of my favorite VNs, A Profile wasn't bad either)
  3. I actually got lucky and found a guy looking to sell/trade on Livejournal a few years back. I sent him a couple manga he had been wanting, he sent E17 (and Dragonia as a bonus). That was after over a year of searching though.
  4. My hard copy collection is small, but I'm still proud of it. (I haven't actually read most of the Hirameki games, but they look good on a shelf). Not pictured is my hard copy of Mangagamer's original Higurashi release. Never did get my hands on Kai, which is annoying. I also have around 40 digital VNs between Steam, MG, and everywhere else. Quite a few came from those cheap nukige bundles they've offered on other sites, which says a lot about my collection.
  5. Oh, nice. As much as I enjoyed Kodomo no Jikan, I never expected it to get another shot at localization, considering the subject matter. But it does have some really great themes and storylines underneath all the questionable material, so I would be pretty likely to support anyone attempting to give it a second chance. And this is coming from someone who is generally not into lolicon stuff at all.
  6. Right now the translated game I've been playing is KoiChoco. I've finished the Chisato and Isara routes, and I'm working on Satsuki now. I like it so far even if I want Chisato to go die in a fire As for untranslated games, I'm working on Taisetsu na Kimi no Tame ni, Boku ni Dekiru Ichiban no Koto, which is pretty interesting. Nothing like ghosts and incest to break my VN reading slump, amirite?
  7. For guys my tastes irl are about the same as they are in 2D. Tall, glasses, good sense of humor, good music taste, not necessarily in that order. Girls, I'm really more into in 2D in general, but a good set of legs is appreciated either way. As for fetishes, I'm not sure I would want to actually try a good majority of the stuff I like in 2D. Although I do enjoy a good masturbation scene, and, well, that's not hard to recreate.
  8. Da Capo was garbage, but Da Capo II was good enough that I ended up buying the hard copy from MG. So world's of difference there.
  9. Honestly, it was a year of pretty average VNs for me. I got through about 20, but none really stuck out too much. If I had to make a list, though... Mashiro Summer (Except the Sakino route;that was worse than garbage) Deardrops Eden* ToHeart2
  10. What is the best anime, and why is it Sleeping with Hinako
  11. Not like I knew you either, so we're even Yeah, I've been juggling a lot of new responsibilities the past few months, so I wasn't able to come here as much as I used to.Now that I'm finally settling in a bit more I should be popping up more often though. ...probably.
  12. Come on SayoOshi, I believe in you...! ...I mean, it probably doesn't stand a chance against Dies Irae, but what does to most people voting? The pain of not being into chuuni...
  13. My fetish is the act of shoving multiple watermelons in places watermelons should never go
  14. Agreed. Saekano had a lot more feeling to it, whereas ShoMeza just feels like a checklist of game making steps with some of the blandest characters imaginable. As cute as Yuki is, for example, nothing about her stands out. At all. Meanwhile, Saekano actually had a fairly interesting "boring and quiet" heroine in Kato- I can't think of too many other characters with quite that same mix of dry wit and easygoing tendencies that she had. And everyone's motivations just felt so much more NATURAL than ShoMeza. I mean. I'll still finish ShoMeza, but it's been a bit of a letdow
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