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  1. Sure, I'll bite; a certain somebody mentioned this thread popping up the other day. It really has been 6 years hasn't it. What a journey. As for your comment, don't worry about it. Maybe @solidbatman and I will do a VN steam sometime in the near future for old time sake to show the new blood what entertainment is all about (no promises on that).
  2. It will probably change 10 times in the next day or so. Good to see you as well Rooke. Hope all is well. Hey Kaguya. Still managing the forums and keeping the kiddos in line? Oh wow...I totally forgot that was a thing. That face was when I owned my 1st two anime figurines ever. It really has been some time. Hey Funyarinpa. Thanks for the hello! For the most part I’ve been fine. I’ll probably slowly tell more stories as time goes on.
  3. It would appear that you have bad taste in waifus sir.
  4. Hello everyone. My name is OriginalRen and I enjoy Japanese animation. I don't recognize a lot of people on this website, but I used to do some stuff a long time ago on Fuwanovel and met some pretty cool people. It's been a really long time since then. A friend of mine named @solidbatman mentioned this website the other day and it made me wonder what's been happening. Seeing as he made an introduction thread, I thought I would make one to say hello as well. How is everyone doing?
  5. I've made so many mistakes in my life.
  6. No, I've already used my number for multiple mobile games and my own personal use. Softbank isn't that advanced, and it locks the number after use so I can't use multiple accounts. More so, even if I could, I would be banned for breaking the ToS when it comes to multiple accounts. Please stop asking via PM. Sorry.
  7. Well, solidbatman is a 7/10 person. He has great moments, yes, but overall he isn't all that impressive. In my honest opinion, he does not deserve very high a place in the hallmark of Fuwanovel members.
  8. Feel free to utilize what was already posted on my old site to fill in the WordPress with information about the game. Since the Wiki copy/pasted all of the TLs from our site without any reference or credit, all I ask is that you properly credit the respective individuals who worked on that material (the names listed in the "Special Thanks" section: @astro, Azure, @Chronopolis, @Fiddle, and @Nosebleed respectively). Also feel free to use the subbed version of the opening that astro completed instead of the YouTube copy: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7ivNNDDfsj5QWFlcTZVUG1HYlk/view Best of luck otherwise!
  9. You know, a person who chooses to learn a language has every right to choose why they want to learn a language. The fact they want to take the time to learn a language, even if it's just for a single core skill (reading, writing, listening, speaking), makes them that much better of a person to begin with in my eyes. When I was in middle school, learning a second language was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life. Going into high school, I expanded that further and decided to major in French and Italian language studies when I reached college. I enjoyed it so much, that I ended up taking Latin, German, and ancient Greek for fun. Oddly enough, I ended up learning Italian because of a friend I met in an online game. I spent 5 years of my life learning a language, which included studying abroad my freshman year, all because of a silly game online. I don't even speak to that person anymore or know what happened to them. As a teacher of Japanese students, I can confidently say that everyone has a reason for learning a language. While most 2D animated fans outside of Japan hope to expand their reading skills, that doesn't mean they are retarded for wanting to do so. A lot of Japanese students only care about speaking English, and the comparison between cultures is what makes me respect language that much more. While it does make me sad thinking they are missing out on so much more by ignoring the other core skills, who is anyone to judge? Learning a language is a very difficult task, and even if some people find it a lot easier than others, it still takes time and effort. To those who want to learn Japanese for a hobby, I respect them for making an effort to begin with. Teaching ESL and EFL is an entirely different beast. The people who enjoy this hobby aren't required to learn Japanese, yet they do it out of pure excitement and enjoyment. Growing up, we've all had a dream, and even if that dream has changed at some point in our life, something still exists. Why call those who want to learn a language for a hobby they love retarded? I've taught preschoolers who don't even know their native language, and even then I can see the excitement on those children's eyes. I've talked with their mothers and I can tell they aren't doing this for their child's future, but because they want them to enjoy something and be excited. Even if you don't love kids, there really is a joy to seeing someone's face light up when they are having fun. And it's not just the kids. I've taught English to business students, a Japanese history professor for Korean students, a husband and wife who have some spare time, and lonely widows hoping to meet new partners in their life. I've taught elementary schools, junior high school girls, and high school students who don't even know what they want to do when they get older. It doesn't matter their age, the joy I feel as a teacher knowing they have reached that "ah-ha!" moment in their life and the excitement they feel being able to use the language for the purpose they want is all that matters. A lot of VN and anime fans don't show it, but I promise that at some point they have felt the excitement about being able to finally read or use Japanese in some way or another. Nobody is retarded for that; nobody should feel worse than they already are in a hobby that a lot of people find appalling to begin with. Language is a wonderful thing, and I feel those who want to learn it for whatever reason they feel like deserve a great amount of encouragement. While I wish individuals would expand their language learning beyond a single core skill, I always need to remind myself that the joy of being a teacher is watching your students grow. It doesn't matter their age, hearing their stories is always a joy. Nobody is retarded for learning a language, and should never, ever feel that way.
  10. Explain to me again why I signed in for this?
  11. I don't sign into Fuwanovel anymore, but I will sign in to comment in this thread. To anyone in here who suffers from any form of stress related illnesses or anxiety, I want you to know that you can and always should reach out to those who ease your mind. You are safe, and should find areas in your life that make you feel safe. Everyone has a different story, but if you feel the need to talk to someone or have someone constantly remind you that it's okay to be you and that you are safe, then reach out to me. Social anxiety, PTSD, depression: it can all relate in some way or another, and it's important to know that you have someone to lean on. Even if I need to sit in a Skype call with you everyday for the next year, it doesn't matter because no amount of time should ever be put on curing those thoughts. Depression is a giant pit. It's a giant pit that keeps pulling you back in should you manage to climb out. Curing depression has no time limit, and nothing of that sort, be it anxiety or something else, should either. If it takes 10 years of talking to you to help remind you that you are a good person and that you are safe, so be it. Remember that you are safe and that you have me and a lot of other people to reach out to. If you want me to do some gentle hand movements (something I believe more people should do for calming stress and anxiety) to help you sleep at night, let me. No matter what it takes I will personally make sure to let you know you are safe. If not me, anyone. Even if you don't have suicidal thoughts and even if you are able to function on a daily basis, do not let this go. Depression is easy to hide (trust me, I know very well how to do it), but that doesn't mean it's easy to conquer. Do not bottle your anxiety up and don't face it alone. Trust those you want to reach out to, but at the same time, know that strangers will listen. If they don't, reach out to another, and keep doing it until you exhaust yourself. Anything that allows you to get your mind of battling something that should never be taken lightly is okay. Sometimes we are dealt a hand that sucks, and unfortunately we do need to make the best of our situation, but you are safe. What matters is now and moving forward. What happened in the past will be difficult for you mentally. Some memories never leave us, but it's about letting those memories not have a great impact on you. You are safe, and you do have the strength to overcome what has happened to you. Life sucks, but it is important to try and let you get on the path to healing and better well being. Treat your mind with respect, and give your mind and body the proper nutrition and rest if deserves. Don't face this alone and don't hide it if you feel others can't help you. Happiness is important. For me, it's not being stressed or having any sort of negativity in your life. Happiness doesn't always mean you always have a smile on your face, and it doesn't mean things don't bother you. Ask yourself what happiness means to you. Find out what makes you happy and aim for those goals. We will always have struggles and always be tested in life. Some of us don't have it easy financially, physically, mentally, or otherwise, but always doing your best is important. You are not alone, remember that. I am pulling for you, and many others are as well. Learn what it takes to make you feel safe and at ease. We can't always rely on the same thing to always have access, but always remember that people are there for you. Focus on the present, where you are right now. That's what's always important. Don't hang on to those troublesome thoughts or worries, always try to think positive as best you can. That doesn't mean to ignore the things you need to take care of, but it's okay to feel good and be happy. You do no need permission to feel happy. You are you and you choose how to be happy and feel good. Do others make you feel happy? Then let them make you feel that way. I am always here for you and so are others. Please know that. You deserve to be happy. There are always those who are not as good as we wish, but there are more good people in the world than you may think. It's okay to surround yourself with those people, you never need permission. You decide who enters your life and what influences it. It's okay to say goodbye to things if you can't handle certain situations, environments, or people. Find a spot that has a positive atmosphere. A bed is something I find that always works. Being in a bed and talking to a friend while being cozy might be yours. You are you, and you have permission to make yourself happy. I am here for you, so don't ever forget that.
  12. I've made too many enemies at this point. It really is time to pack it up.

    1. Valmore


      I'm not sure what you mean by enemies.

    2. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      He means internet people who do not appreciate his efforts to create VN "discussion". How dare they.

  13. Confession: I seriously don't know what I've done wrong to end up like this on Fuwanovel. I went to Japan in 2014 to search for a job, and ever since members started questioning my content, I got depressed. That depression eventually turned to salt, and now the only thing I care about is shit posting and click bait threads. I've made a lot of enemies, but I don't feel Fuwanovel is worth the time to save at this point. Maybe it's my fault; maybe I'm blind and don't see the truth. Was it my fault? Was it the gifts I promised from Japan that I couldn't afford? Is my hobby consuming my anger and making me give up on everyone and myself? Am I holding on to something, hoping one day I can feel the "spark" in my creativity and bring this site back to life? I just don't know anymore. I don't want this to happen, but at the same time, I feel it's too late to do anything at this point in time. I felt I was on fire a long time ago. I felt like I was always creative with new ideas. I used to be looked up to. The real question...is any of this worth it? I do care, and it's not that I want to make enemies, but I just don't know what to do.
  14. Look at that glorious golden dove. Beautiful.
  15. Run gave up on the site a long time ago after the mess with privileged members. Now it's all about the clickbaits and shitposts!
  16. It's official, all of the old try-hard regime of Fuwanovel who have been here from the very beginning has given up on the site and resorted to dank memes and salt. Long live the site! Edit: I'm sorry, did you just mention Jun Maeda and his amazing work of Charlotte? This post deserves a giant 12/10.
  17. Yup! All of those copies I sent out, including all of the Rewrite CE copies for 1,500 yen.
  18. People are surprised Clannad is only 500 yen? Where the hell have people been when I bought like 7 copies and gave them away during giveaways? Of course they are that cheap.
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