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  1. ... Well, it is quite obvious you can't do any translation. Also, that you don't understand the difference between localization and translation. And yet you feel qualified to tell an entire industry, with more than 100,000 full time professionals in the US alone, that what they do is wrong and you know better. Tell you what - You try that, while I'll stick with the people that have experience know what they are doing. We'll see how it works out.
  2. Except that you said you specific words kept in place, rather than having the correct meaning presented. That's the opposite of an accurate translation. Whatever you think you understand about what a Japanese character is saying, you're almost certainly wrong... or you are fluent in Japanese and should read the VN in that language. Incidentally, there ARE speech styles in Japanese that match up to those used by 'rednecks and chavs'. Are you saying that you would consider it an inaccurate translation to use those styles in English?
  3. Yes, damn those people who actually know what they are doing disagreeing with you! If you don't want an accurate translation, then why the hell should the "translators" not just rewrite the story to whatever they feel like? It's not like you can tell the difference, and as long as they cater to your hangups, you'll be happy.
  4. What are you playing?

    Whoa! Thems fightin' words, there. The main story was mostly jokes and character cameos shoe-horned into a 'plot'. It's understandable that if you weren't a huge Tsukihime fan to begin with, the KT story wouldn't appeal. But not liking the side stories?! Of course, many of the side stories were parodies or homages to other Japanese works, but there were still a bunch of them that I thought were very good. Especially Daybreak, Tohno Family Con Game, and Yoimachi Kanwa (unless you were one of those weird people that didn't like Akiha). Did you not like any of them?
  5. It's been a long time, but I don't think there are any routes where the MC stays with the girlfriend after he finds out about her cheating. I seem to remember some ends where he doesn't find out (yet), but I think every time he finds out they split. If you really care, try to check a detailed NTR review, as was recommended. I mostly remember that aside from the girlfriend's route itself, either character is terrible. He's a slut, she's a whore, and I didn't care about them by the end.
  6. As an alternative: It's basically the same thing.
  7. Bingo. It's amazing how many unlikeable characters this game has. I can recognize the quality of the VN, but I just don't like it.
  8. VNs that need more attention

    Yes, Ouka! A wonderful game, sadly unappreciated despite... wait a minute. Saya? Who's Saya? Ouka, the remake of Shinkirou, is a surprisingly good game despite its heart as a charage. Sayuki is a great immortal heroine, and her ending actually does the concept some justice. The additional routes get into some light chuuni stuff, too, for those that want a break.
  9. A question about Aselia the Eternal

    It's been a while, but if I remember correctly,
  10. What are you playing?

    Nim?! You monster!
  11. What are you playing?

    Dergonu pretty much covered it, but yes! Shinpachi's route in the ChuSinGura fandisk is awesome. It wouldn't have fit in the main game, but it deserved it in terms of quality and character. Best girl FTW. Personally, I like Shinoachi's fandisk route best, followed by Chapter 4 (second best girl). The main three girls all grow on you as their stories go on, but I don't think any of them can compare.
  12. Nanairo Reincarnation [OUT NOW!]

    Slice of life is a term that refers to normal, 'realistic' every-day life. Nanairo Reincarnation is not that sort of game.
  13. Nanairo Reincarnation [OUT NOW!]

    What. No. No, it is not a slice of life. Not even close. Where did you get that idea? It's a story-driven game. You're right about the H scenes, though.
  14. A question about Aselia the Eternal

    The official Xuse homepage lists Takase Naofumi (高瀬 奈緒) as the scenario writer for both Aselia and Seinarukana, so that should be the official answer. I don't know why he isn't listed on VNDB; he should be. I can find nothing that gives credit to Zashiki Neko as a writer for the original Eien no Aselia. However: Zashiki Neko (座敷 猫) seems to have been the scenario writer for the Aselia expansion, which included the Kyouko and Tokimi routes. Then when those were folded into the main game along with the console content, he is listed as the scenario writer for the new material in the Special Edition. Also did the scenario writing for SpiTan. Again, he's not listed as a writer for the main Seinarukana game, but he's listed as working as a writer for the Special Edition.
  15. What are you playing?

    Yay! Good choice. I think ChuSinGura is a great VN, and more people should read it (despite the lackluster translation). Chapters 1, 2, and 3 tell individual stories, focused on specific heroines. Chapter 4 is my favorite - it focuses on the 2nd best girl, but not as a heroine, really. It's mostly a lead in to Chapter 5, where everything from the previous 4 chapters is brought together in one climactic ending. Some people complain about chapter 4, because it is short and doesn't really have a heroine. Many complain about chapter 5 because it changes the tone from the rest of the games. Ignore those people. Unless you absolutely hate the series by the end of chapter 3, you should definitely continue on to 4 and 5. Even if you don't think they're as good as the rest, they're worth it.