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  1. This thread's death and resurrection is what alerted me back to this place. (ala email notification of thread activity). I'm impressed some of you are still alive.
  2. Confession: I'm likely to still recommend you all not to get married, after disappearing from here for over half a year. I moved back from Hawaii after one month of staying there. We never had the chance to explore how our lives would have been there. I had to return to California to sign papers for the family business, and in the process revealed to my parents my relationship and the existence of their lovely grand daughter. My wife and I haven't talked in 2 days, and we're likely to get separated.
  3. Confessions: the mothers child finally came forth and admitted all her past mistakes with her husband. She also confessed to him the real child's father. Expectedly, hes threatening suicide, and threatening to kill her, the child and then himself. We had to notify the mother at 2am yesterday to look after him. She didnt give a rats ass for her son. I was about to call the police to take him to a mental institute. but i cant seem to get transferred out of the state of hawaii. My only option was to tell her to lie to him and tell him she photoshopped the dna test papers because he wont accept
  4. Confession: Taking care of an 11 month child is much MUCH harder work than a paying job. You can't sleep in even on your off days. You pay for more, and make less as you take turns with your SO to work and take care of the child. You're constantly on alert mode with them. There's no rest as long as the child as awake. You have little to no time for anything else. And then she gives you that adorable smile whenever she wakes up and you feel like everything you do in life now is 100x more meaningful. Time in Hawaii: 1 wk
  5. I'm happy for you guys, man. Not an easy decision to make, and I respect that you and "the woman" are going to own up to what you did. Side question: Does this mean it's the end of Taco Confessions as we know it? Wouldn't you like a proper ending by knowing how everyone fared after?
  6. Confession: It's happening. Tomorrow I'm packing my bags and leaving to Hawaii with the woman and child. In the past month I have ironed out almost 95% of our issues with her. The only thing left to worry about is the true confession - we realize those left behind have the right to know the truth. As we settle in our place and I find security for both the woman and the child, we will begin telling our families and her husband. Then, we will accept whatever comes our way, ready to live our lives from thereon. Confession: I have a crushing pain in my chest right now and I'm not sure if it's
  7. Confession: I will not be having another child. False alarm. Her period came today. And yes, it's with the same woman. Confession: Each day my daughter grows up looking more and more like a cute anime loli.
  8. Confession: This may sound cruel but I had to drop a friendship and go in hiding after I broke up with an ex. She could not handle being around me as a friend after the rejection. She had illusions in her mind that I was jealous of her talking to other guys; and gave me dirty looks when I met up with my current ex. It was pure hell. Then it came one day when she started crying wolf to a guy who was in need of being someone's hero at the time (one of those young, high testosterone bullies you get straight out of high school)- so he started a physical confrontation with me. The guy and I were bo
  9. I love children, so you yes, you can probably believe that I poke holes in my own box of condoms. You have posted a message with more emoticons than this community allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message
  10. Confession: I might have another child coming soon...
  11. Confession: fellow hentais! Rejoice with me as i found my latest ecchi series! I saw the first episode of prison school 2 nights ago and have lost hours of sleep in the last two nights reading all 180 chapters of the manga. My arms are sore from supporting my prone position while reading all night and my health has deteriorated greatly.. And I havent felt this fullfilled since GTO. Finally, some hentai taste for grown up hentai men (full figure females and no fucken lolis! Take that loli lovers!)
  12. Confession: Felt two hard lumps under my throat today. One's the size of a pea and the other the size of a bean. It's a little sore. Hopefully not cancerous. Anyone with knowledge on this topic could shed some light for me. I seem to be having a bad year when it comes to my health. Confession: Two weeks ago I mocked a century old legend that is steeped in fear and superstition around it. I choose not to bow down to a belief whether true or not, that wants to control people through fear. I've seen people literally write letters of apologies to this legend for fear of offending it and bringi
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