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  1. Windows 10 - Slot machine edition GAME OVER System updates available - restarting Insert 25ยข to restart
  2. #1 probably because two sources are selected. #2 Have the latest version of VisualNovelReader Click Menu -> Text Settings in the left-hand floating window. You hopefully see boxes with text for "Text threads" if not, experiment with text encoding Get some text and tick the box with the dialogue with "dialog" CLICK [sAVE]
  3. I can understand banning things that fall under CP. However I request less vague limits, please compare to vndb for example: vndb image policy of what is NSFW . I know my rantings about details will be dismissed by people stating "common sense is enough", but I think a clear distinction is better in the length.
  4. The thing gets more complicated when it's stated that "nearly naked" or "positions them sensually" is enough to fall under the ban. Simple fanservice CG might as well fall under this too.
  5. Incest still fine? I'm sure some people find it offending and it's not legal in that many countries. Also all VNs I know of that have loli characters state explicitly that they are 18+ no matter how cute and innocent they look. To be constructive isn't it better to ban mindless loliloli ichaicha sex sims and things around them instead of banning a pretty common thing in VNs?
  6. Some really old VNs change the display resolution, and VNR doesn't like those changes that much. No help with that, it doesn't work well with any translation tool.
  7. OK, so VNR associates games with their process name, well that can be changed. http://www.ehow.com/how_6449869_change-name-windows-task-manager.html However then you have a custom process name, so other people won't get your comments probably. Also VNR has an auto-detect running VN feature, so you don't really need to launch the game from the springboard, you can just launch it normally and let VNR detect it. I usually do that for VNs when they needs to be launched by a crack, since they can't be launched by the springboard then. Hopefully this helps.
  8. Have you tried updating VNR or if it's older than some months, installing a new version of it. That circle indicate that VNR is trying to get the shared data from the VNR database (like /h codes and game configurations). I'd suspect you can't submit if you're running outdated versions of VNR (because those /h codes you try to remove actually work on the updated versions) or running not signed-in. I had no problems running Aokana, using the most recent version of VNR.
  9. I've played daitoshokan with VNR, without problems, so I know it works. For the hooks it works like this: The first person playing the VN gets to choose a text-hook and commit it to the VNR database, then that becomes the default hook for that game. To configure the hook, read my first post in this thread. Best wishes.
  10. I think I've seen this before... And the solution we found. At least it worked for him.
  11. There are however many translated VNs out there. https://vndb.org/ is a good place to find out which have English translations and not. They link to the translation patches, the VNs you'd either have to buy or download (some are free of charge). Since fuwanovel recently has turned anti-piracy I can't post download links of VNs, if you choose to be pirate, you're on your own. However some users with different views on piracy might help you out with that if you PM them.
  12. White Album 2 isn't translated yet. It's made up by Introductory chapter (a short introduction) which has what vndb describes as a "Rough patch for the introductory chapter. Many translation and editing errors included". And closing chapter, which isn't translated yet. If you don't know Japanese you have two options: 1 Wait for the translation on baka-tsuki 2 Learn Japanese 3 Suffer machine-translation of it, I'd say the chances you'd get anything out of it is about zero
  13. looks good if you want English translations as furigana. It'd require some Japanese knowledge ofc (you'd have to know Japanese grammar), so I don't get why you want it in English translation but whatever floats your boat.
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