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  1. Going off your list I would agree with others with my top recommendation being Kara No Shoujo. The Infinity series and Critical Point are some other options, mainly going off all the sci-fi. If Clannad is what you are considering "realistic" then you could try all the other Key games, Kana Little Sister, Family Project, Kirakira (Kirari's route as others said), or Da Capo.
  2. I agree with others that the "veterans required" tag was unnecessarily elitist, your story request was pretty standard and the request for art following specific color schemes for specific themes isn't something even "veterans" would typically remember. What confuses me about your request is that if you are wanting VNs to study because of interest in style, I can't see why you're focusing on color or these specific color themes. They don't do anything different, and I'd say photographs and finished paintings would make considerably better references for color than VN CG. Also I wouldn't e
  3. There's a free OELVN, Home Invasion (they're changing the name soon), that sounds like what you're looking for. MC is using hypnotic music to corrupt his all female family with the plot of sex, but since the hypnosis isn't that strong he has to take things slow. Thing is, it is WIP so there is only the small stuff included in the current demos, the closest thing to sex is mutual masturbation.
  4. Well Cross+Channel has a girl i'd definitely call kuudere but the plot isn't centered around romance and she might have a bit of yandere mixed in. Never7 has a kuudere but isn't pron if that's what you're looking for. Shuffle! (+the sequel i'd expect) and Wanko to Kurasou have kuudere but they're pretty shallow usages of the trope.
  5. I was literally explaining in that post how I don't waste money on earphones because they are shit compared to headphones. Why did I need to have the value of headphones explained to me?
  6. Earphones are no big deal, as you'd be an idiot to spend any large amount of money on them. The only time I ever used them was when I was in school or at a job where wearing them was possible, it happened all the time but I always used it as an excuse to have one ear open which I should have been doing usually in those situations anyways. Now when something goes out in one of my $50-300 headphones that's when I rage.
  7. People saying "modders don't deserve money" are being way too general about it. The people making mods the quality of what Valve is immediately trying to flagship at 4-5.99 don't deserve money.
  8. I feel the concept of mods being developed for money is a good thing, but the way Valve has gone about implementing it and the way they think they are going to manage it is entirely wrong. Paying for mods could lead to more professional approaches taken to modding, more interest in modding, and more high-quality mods being made, but already on launch day 90% of the mods released are things most people wouldn't even bother downloading free unless they were in some large modpack, and those mods that people actually use are stupidly overpriced. Valve announced this in the stupidest way possib
  9. At first sight I thought it might be an interesting concept that might lead to increased quality in mods, but then I checked the page and saw them listing unchanged, old mods for higher prices than what the game itself is available for right now. We accept instability, poor/lazy design, or simple lack of polish from mods because they are free projects, but these unpolished mods (Which I've used before) that add more spells or one NPC to a 3.5 year old game being priced higher than many indie games or even the game they are modding is just idiotic.
  10. Thank god for Jim Sterling? Thank god for pretty much any game-vlog maker ever, because pretty much every game-vlogger or journalist has been constantly bashing the concept of DLC for years now. The AAA gaming industry is shitty. DLC beyond expansions is silly. Games that exploit DLC or pay-to-win tactics are rarely anything but garbage in the first place, so the concept doesn't directly effect me all that much.
  11. Who besides spammers would be actively trying to use a DRM's features/forums without having actually bought anything with it? All the limitations listed there are reasonable, and the only way it might limit people who just installed steam for games like DOTA is that they would no longer be able to send friend invites, which isn't that big of a deal when you are playing a game without actually supporting it.
  12. I remember the first time I finished a VN in one sitting was with Song of Saya. Nowadays I finish them in one sitting pretty often. First off you've got short games that are easy to finish in one sitting, but also I wouldn't be able to wade through the nonsense of moege and nukige without skipping the scenes that pretty much every moege/nukige of a similar genre contains. With that I usually finish those sorts of games in one sitting.
  13. Rayman and Jak and Daxter were greatness. Another one I can't believe I forgot to put on my initial list is Sly Cooper. I played the shit out of Sly 1 and 2 as a kid.
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