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  1. ありがとうございます
  2. どういたしまして (douitashimashite)
  3. Maybe the files are corrupted. Maybe you should try downloading a different one.
  4. I didn't have those fonts installed. But I downloaded a new game and every thing is fine now. Downloaded those fonts too. Thanks.
  5. I tried reinstalling the novel but it still gave me the same problem. I'll try and download a new one to see if maybe the files of the one I previously downloaded were corrupted.
  6. Hey guys. I have a problem. So after a windows 10 update my game crashes each time I try to load or save it. I've also realised that I can't find a save folder on my computer for the game. Now I think this isn't the problem because usually when a games save folder gets deleted it just creates another one. What should I do ?
  7. The rest of the Grisai Series。Why because my waifu Yumiko and I need to be reunited -_- I don't mind learning Japanese for the rest.
  8. You if re-downloading the file doesn't work. Then you prbly don't need to extract it with 7zip. Just put the edict2 file into the dictionary folder of TA. Then run TA. You will know it works if TA has created a edict2.bin file in the dictionary folder. Put the Zip file in TA ?
  9. Guys. At step two. When I try to extract edit2 it gives me an error. what do I do ? i've tried using Both winrar and winzip but both are not able to open it.
  10. No one Liked the Opening of Baby Steps ? I'm Not even sure any more as to how I would Add a Youtube video. It's really been a while since I've been on here.
  11. Hey guys So i've installed the Patch and the game But when I try to start it the game says it can't start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing. What do I do ?
  12. Well can't we say that there have been changes to the current chat app that differentiate it from the last one ?
  13. Hello and welcome back to another weekly highlight brought to you by Fuwa's Recognition team. I'm Mr. Meogii. Today we will be taking a closer look at the not so new but largely improved chat app. Now, I personally haven't been here for long but Fuwa was always a fun place be, and no one can deny how much Fuwa has grown over the last few months. It is a large community so it would only be appropriate for us to have a place to congregate and get to know each other. The current chat app has improved quite a bit and i'm sure a lot of work was put into making it as aesthetically appealing as poss
  14. Just doing my job. You are most welcome.
  15. I'm sure we will get around to all of our members.
  16. Mr. Meogii's First Recognition Post. Hello Guys ! Meogii here, bringing you your ever so loved members' highlight. Today we will be zoning in on Suikashoujo. She has been a member of our community for almost a year now and it pains me to see that the majority of us do not yet know what she's been up to. She enjoys singing, so much so that she has taken it upon herself to make song covers to go along with her music. I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd ever find enough courage to allow other people to listen to me sing. Be it in real life or over the Internet, such a feat requ
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