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  1. Don't underestimate my ability to forget about posting updates. But yeah, with multiple people working on various scripts it'd be a bother to calculate the overall progress, so I'll only give the very rough estimate - I don't think we have reached 1/3 yet. That's mainly because of the monstrously long common route that requires the most work.
  2. ^ Exactly. I'm not touching any MoeNovel garbage even with a stick. Hence the nope-quit.
  3. SOONTM Jokes aside, I have no idea. It depends on too many factors - how much stuff needs to be fixed, how fast our QC-ers are, etc. I hope it will be done this year, I really want to move on to something else already...
  4. @ShinRaikdou Yeah, I know about that project - I agreed to share our TL with MrComputerRevo, to prevent MoeNovel cancer from spreading to Vita. But I've spent far too much time on KonoSora already and I don't even feel like translating a short, fanservice~y Sweet Love patch. Guess what I think about the prospect of translating an entire new route... >_< I wouldn't use JLPT to measure that. It's not made with reading VNs in mind, so each level covers some things that will be unnecessary, but misses actually useful stuff (for reading VNs, that is). Like 触手. You can't read any fun VNs if you don't know what that means. Jokes aside, the best measure is your reading skill. If you can comfortably read the VN, you should be able to not-so-comfortably translate it (since the latter is always more difficult). Well, at least most of the time. Of course, your writing skills also matter quite a lot - even N1 means nothing when editors can't understand your writing properly. VNs are relatively hard to translate (even a crude porn VN will be more difficult than equally crude porn manga), so they aren't the best for beginners. I kinda learned this the hard way (though I was only going to TLC KonSora, I had no idea that original TL was unsalvageable... >_<). I'd recommend practicing on doujin RPG games and such - like stuff made in RPGMaker. There are some decent titles out there, and they usually have rather simple writing and only use dialogues that are far easier to TL than narration. They are on a completely different level than even a relatively simple VN like KonoSora. Also, they can be easily hacked and patched - RPGMaker Trans is probably as noob-friendly as such tools can get. Even I can use it. ... I-It's not that I'm getting distracted by thinking of translating something with interesting stuff instead of focusing on KonoSora, baka!
  5. @M1rv3 I haven't read all stuff from the Sweet Love patch, but from what I have seen it seems like a pure fan-service (with new outfits for each heroine - maid uniforms and such). And by "vanilla" I mean perfectly normal, consensual sex. Well, I guess they feature some light fetishes so it's not as extremely boring as the generic H in most charages/moeges. But still - no rape, tentacles, NTR or other interesting stuff. Not my cup of tea. Also, there should be a yuri route where Asa and Yoru decide to dump Aoi and bang each other instead. Same with Ageha x Hotaru. I would have translated stuff like that. ^^
  6. @M1rv3 I'm not going to TL it (it's filled with vanilla H-scenes - that's a NOPE!), and I don't know of anyone who plans to do that, so for now the answer is probably "No".
  7. @Zacbuscus All right, I added you to the shared QC conversation. And we also have another volunteer who joined to work on Kotori's route, so now we should have enough people. ^^ @raelon Restoration patch was released a long time ago, but it only added the H-scenes and contained a few minimal edits. Now we are working on re-translating the whole thing pretty much from scratch, since MoeNovel's """translation""" was mostly unsalvageable.
  8. @M1rv3 That patch uses scripts from the old Restoration patch - that's almost completely raw MoeNovel BS. It was very lightly edited, so only a few instances of censorship were actually fixed. I found plenty of rewrites (or severe mistranslations - sometimes it's hard to tell) still left in the scripts. Not to mention a trainwreck-level translation... That aside, is anyone else interested in helping out with QC? So far we have people working on Amane's and Ageha's route, so we could use 2 more volunteers for twins' and Kotori's routes. ^^
  9. @NowItsAngeTime All right, I added you to the QC conversation. You can find general info in the 1st message there. @Intrinsic Yeah, the initial goal was to make the patch for MoeNovel's version - and it might happen eventually. Right now we are focusing on the patch for the JP version, because it's far more convenient - 6-7 MB patch is easier to share than 2+ GB monster that would be required for the heavily butchered edition. It can be used as a basis to make patches for other versions later.
  10. Oh, Fuwa is alive. Damn, I completely missed that (and I also turned off e-mail notifications for some reason, good job me). >_< Well, that Fuwapocalypse delayed things quite a bit - it happened just when I was going to ask for some help with QC. I edited most of the common route in the meantime, so it should be decent enough now. That's as much as I can do, because I kinda ran out of free time. -.-' Right now Decay is QC-ing Amane's route and our editor is checking Kotori's route (because that was the 1st route I fixed, so it can still have some MoeNovel crap left intact). That leaves Common, Ageha's and twins' routes for QC. Cry0 already volunteered to help, but we could use 1-2 more people to split the work and finish it faster. If anyone is interested, feel free to join. ^^ So far we're only testing the patch with the 2012 JP releases though, so make sure you have either this or this one. I still have to tidy up the scripts a bit (I probably won't have time to do this before weekend), and then MeruP will have to put together a new patch, so there's still a little time before the QC starts.
  11. @garine After some initial QC, it turned out that common route still needs some more work - at the beginning I was only focusing on fixing mistranslations, and since the common route wasn't compltely screwed up, there's still quite a lot of MoeNovel's garbage writing left there. So, I'm going to check the whole common route again and edit it a little more. Fixing the writing shouldn't take too long and will improve the quality a lot, so it's worth the effort. I'm on vacation now, so don't expect any updates for the next 2-3 weeks though.
  12. I have no idea when the patch will be done. All that's left to do is technical stuff, and that can take merely a few days or several weeks filled with bugs and crashers.
  13. Indeed. I finished the TL yesterday and there are only 2 scripts left to edit, so I'd say it should be sooner rather than later. I have no idea how much making the actual patch will take though.
  14. Ugh, nope. Sweet Love if full of sex-scenes - that's just too much vanilla for me. >_< Speaking of sex-scenes... now I know why this last damn script is so long. I was kinda suspicious about it, since the previous one needs only a short epilogue, and yeah - one more H-scene! This will take more than a week... -.-' It's good that shipping stuff from Japan takes some time, so I won't get totally distracted by ChronoBox or something. That aside, editing pretty much caught up with the TL already, so we can move on to making the patch and QC-ing everything right after we deal with the last script. ^^