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  1. Eh, even if their translation turns out to be decent enough and doesn't need any fixing (I kinda doubt that), this still means translating a Fandisk-quantity of vanilla H-scenes. That's a nope - KonoSora pretty much exhausted my vanilla-tolerance. XD
  2. It's not really "in the future", since I already started working on something. It's a cute little RPG that's simply perfect for fans of lighthearted, vanilla stories where totally nothing bad happens to main characters. No, of course it isn't. Playing it will result in severe emotional trauma. You have been warned. ^^ That aside, we are considering moving our main info/updates/feedback place somewhere else. Due to Fuwa anti-piracy rules this thread's usefulness is quite limited, since we can't ask for any files that we would need for further compatibility testing and the like. I'm not sure about discussing how to mess around with that Chinese DLC either. Actually, it's highly questionable if the patch itself should be even posted here to begin with... >_> Anyway, don't be surprised if this thread gets abandoned/locked in the near future. I'll post links to a new place (Reddit?) in the OP if that happens.
  3. @garine Damn, those typos survived a few spellchecks and tons of manual reviews. >_< Good job, and keep reporting whatever you find (or PM NowItsAngeTime, he visits Fuwa the most often), we'll be updating the patch at some point to fix everything. @jetpack003 I'll start from the last question - the biggest obstacle was... the VN itself. XD I quite enjoyed it and all, but normal, down-to-Earth charages aren't exactly my cup of tea. I like reading them once in a while, but that's not something I'd normally attempt to translate. But I wouldn't dare to practice on anything I consider great to begin with, so KonoSora was actually a perfect pick. Especially since I went into this project with the idea that fixing an existing translation would be significantly easier than working on something on my own from scratch (and I was so damn wrong...). However, even if it was very far from a quick and easy practice I initially imagined, it was worth the effort in the end. My JP-reading speed significantly increased, I learned a lot about translating stuff in general, improved my English writing skills and such. And that was precisely my motivation - polishing my skills that is. There wasn't much else really (other than simply being stubborn). And since working on KonoSora served that one purpose just fine, I never fully gave up (even if I was briefly considering quitting it pretty much after finishing each route XD). @maltron66 Speaking of TL-notes - actually, I only wrote the 'Basics' part especially for them. The rest was something I researched and wrote down in the comments to our scripts while I was working on them. It was only meant to help with editing, nothing else. But since they took quite a bit of effort, just leaving them in the comments would be a waste. So I copypasted them into TL-notes.
  4. Actually I was the only one form the original Restoration patch team who kept working on this all the time. Avi8Tor and MeruP joined a while after the old patch was released, and that's pretty much the core team. Others either came and went or joined for the final QC/testing a few months ago (well, it was almost a year ago actually...) - and Ange definitely did most of the work in that regard. Personally, I managed to stay committed to it only because I'm stupidly stubborn and don't like leaving things unfinished. In the end, this is the VN that got me into translating stuff (and that in turn significantly improved not only my Japanese, but also my writing skills), so I really wanted to see this project through. Well, I did take a few breaks due to insufficient motivation, but each time I somehow managed to come back to working on it.
  5. Yes, it should work just fine. Sweet Love content should display properly, though it isn't translated (ugh, more vanilla H-scenes... that's a nope >_<). And yeah, Steam achievements won't work. The patch simply changes too much stuff.
  6. @Dergonu If something doesn't work, I always blame DRMs. ^^ Jokes aside, that's probably the case here. After all DRMs are kinda supposed to prevent you from messing around with stuff, and the patch does exactly that. Yeah, I've had more than enough charages/moeges for now (read: forever) so that's a nope. And I already have something in mind... Nah, it won't be anything hidden. But it won't be a VN either, so I probably won't post anything here - I'm planning to tackle one RPGMaker game that I found quite impressive and ULMF seems like a better forum for those. RPGMaker Trans seems noob-friendly enough, so I should be able to do the whole thing by myself. If anyone's curious, I'm thinking of "涙声のギニヨル" (or "I am your Guignol" on DLSite EN). Not exactly for the faint of heart... but well, the fact that I like it should be enough of a warning.
  7. New thread for the finished ReTranslation patch:
  8. EDIT: Due to Fuwa anti-piracy rules this thread's usefulness was quite limited, since we couldn't ask for any files that we needed for further compatibility testing and the like. I'd say even posting direct links to our patch here was questionable to begin with, since it's not that different from the abovementioned files that we were asking for. So in the end we decided to remove all links from here and move our main release thread to Reddit: LINK That's where all further updates will be posted, so make sure to follow us there. I'll ask mods to lock this thread, since MeruP won't be checking it anyway, so all feedback should be posted on Reddit instead (we also have a dedicated thread for reporting bugs and other issues).
  9. Common route: 14 030 Kotori: 9 728 Ageha: 8 919 Amane: 8 209 Twins: 9 991 (common part: 3 018, Asa: 2 773, Yoru: 4 200) Total: 50 877 At least according to the random scrap of paper where I wrote down line counts for each script, that's still lying on my desk.
  10. I'll make a new thread for it (and link it here), since this one is quite cluttered.
  11. New Year is coming - time for some news. ^^ We finished the 1st QC pass. We still need to tweak some stuff, fix a few issues and then playtest the (hopefully) final version of the patch so it will take some time, but we're getting close~ish to releasing it.
  12. @syfjhz22 We finished 1st QC pass of the common route, and Ageha's route is pretty much done as well. Other routes generally aren't at 50% yet. Also, we'll probably be tweaking the common route a bit more, so I wouldn't say it's definitely finished.
  13. Don't underestimate my ability to forget about posting updates. But yeah, with multiple people working on various scripts it'd be a bother to calculate the overall progress, so I'll only give the very rough estimate - I don't think we have reached 1/3 yet. That's mainly because of the monstrously long common route that requires the most work.
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