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  1. Yep, CD, ZL and the rest. They are fun to read though, most are RPG-ish in nature.
  2. Probably because I did something like this before.
  3. It's probably just uncommon names or names we don't usually encounter. It's harder for us to pronounce since we don't speak it in syllables or something like that.
  4. If asked with this question, it's really going to be only either myself or none. In my defense, it's not like they are immediately dead. It's better to save myself first then call for help then try to save everyone else indirectly by the help of the Doctors. In a sense, it's pretty much saving myself to help my wife and child that are not assumed to be dead already. Overall, I'd save myself first then see what I can do to help the other two. If they die at least I can say to myself and them, "I did my best." For none, I am crippled to a great extent or dead.
  5. At least you guys have Legends.. For me, I just started playing again so the only Legend I have is Malygos in EU server. Tavern Brawl this week is fun for me since I lack cards. Getting 2 Bouncing Blades and 2 brawls are pretty much the best removal I can hope for playing Warrior.
  6. Reading my favorite past time besides gaming... I can't give a list since it's crappy long. At best I can say most of the stuff that is updated in aho-updates, I've read them. Add some baka-tsuki/re-translations, done. I wish Yen Press Releases here in our place sadly not. I'd like to buy me some Spice and Wolf.
  7. Yep, I'm back? Too hectic for me to lurk here like I used to for 5-13 hours of the day which I could usually do. I see great changes. I want to go OL in fuwa but mostly, I'm hindered by playing LoV, Aigis and other game stuff which pretty much takes up my free time. I'll be here since I can see that I'll probably have free time. The only reason for me not to probably Log-in everyday now is me forgetting, seriously it can happen, or no internet. Time to change my profile pic and stuff and lurk once again. I wish I could have spent all of this time learning JP instead. "A dead man like m
  8. Welcome to the most basic poll ever... Since it's limited to 3 Questions so be it.... 3 Simple questions: 1. Best Girl 2. Attribute/Type where most of your Favorite songs are in. 3. Combination/ Group/ Etc. It's up to you to decide your biases.....
  9. .... I got lazy in this event.. I had a new account and had every chance to get SR Maki, Didn't play for 5 days XD. Oh well, I'll just go for the next event... (I really want to troll with 15k teams in Expert Score Match if it is Score match.) On the bright side, I got the SR Nozomi in the JP event..
  10. A realistic thing: (There's really nothing that's coming into mind except the one above and maybe, "I'd trade nothing for something.""
  11. True-ish? I played Kyonyuu Fantasy before..... Next person is weak against traps...
  12. Goodness.. The starter VN's, I only played G-senjou, Sharin no Kuni and KS, which isn't completely played through only played 2 routes...
  13. The memories of the apocalyptic fuwa... Where spamming Gaming threads was still a good source of post counts and the highest post count was only less than 1500... It was a time filled with IRC/TS3 Quotes. More to the lulz of everyone... Happy Birthday, Ryoji...
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