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What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

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Started the final chapter in Trails in the Sky... First Chapter. This naming sure is weird. Anyway, the story started getting pretty interesting. I can't say I were particularly mindblown by it s

I finished playing VA-11 Hall-A recently and it was quite enjoyable. The bartending mechanics were nicely woven into the story and surprisingly challenging at times. The protagonist, Jill, is ado

I'm playing Celeste! My fingers and getting destroyed with having to press multiple keys at the same time... It really feels like a controller game, but I will persevere, I think. Playing a chapter pe

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Spent a good half of the day playing Jurassic World: Evolution. Man, what a disappointment. As shallow as a puddle. I don't remember Operation Genesis being this boring. Creating a bunch of dinosaurs and babysitting them just don't have the same wonder as it used to. I don't know; maybe I'm bored of dinosaurs.

Then again, if the park management side of the gameplay have been more diversified like Zoo Tycoon, I might have not felt like snoozing off every five minutes. The kind of exhibits you could display here is just so limited due to the limited spacing you're given (it's a freaking dinosaur-park - you need space). Even Isla Sorna wasn't nearly big enough to contain four exhibits alone.

Sigh. Oh well. What a wasted day, Should've just stuck to visual novels. Or online Pokemon trading cards even.

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Played a little Hitman 2 today - or rather, the free prologue anyway. lol Don't have the spare cash for the actual game... yet. Still have to wait for December before I get my bonus, so I've left it in my wishlist in the meantime.

But damn, the game lags like a cow on my pos machine. Just kept me thinking, "Man, I'd rather spend my time catching up with my VNs right now rather than wait for this slow-a** game to load." Heh. :makina: VNs never lag! Hah!

But yeah, it's lots of fun. I've been a big fan of Hitman games for a long time. The sandbox element of letting you choose the many ways you want to carry out your assassination... so much fun. Gives your experience that personal touch. No first kill of many players are the same. Very delightful gaming experience.

Still, with all the VNs I'm planning to catch up with, I highly doubt I'd have the time for this. Not to mention that I also borrowed Tropico 4 from my friend that I wanna try out (since I kinda dig park management games as well). It's going to be a busy month.

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Currently playing Wildlife Park 2. Initially avoided this game because of the mixed reviews on Steam, but my craving for animal management games won out (and there's only like one other video game of such kind, which is Zoo Tycoon, but I've already played this before).

WP2 definitely bears vibes of Zoo Tycoon, and it brings such fond memories. I remember the missions being quite fun in Zoo Tycoon. There's just a kind of satisfaction from taking care of animals, especially if you're an animal lover like myself. WP2's missions fare admirably so far, ranging in a variety of objectives to keep me entertained. But obviously, it's still not as polished as Zoo Tycoon. Can't complain though, since there aren't a lot of quality animal tycoon games out there that don't suck. Even the sequel, Wildlife Park 3, has received far worse reviews than WP2.

To this game's credit, it's already far more interesting than Jurassic World: Evolution. Oh, the irony...

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I bought The Witcher 3 when it first came out and I'm still playing it. Trying to beat every mission my first time through was probably a bad idea. Anyway, I just finally beat Hearts of Stone and am just starting Blood and Wine. I wonder how long it will take me to beat Cyberpunk 2077. It's pretty much the only western game I'm looking forward to, but I'm really looking forward to it.

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Lead us not into temptation, as they say.

...annnnd I fell into it. Bought Hitman 2. Furthermore, it's the Gold Edition, costing $129. Sigh. Kinda regretted it after a few hours of gameplay. I mean, it's a great game but... it feels kinda... empty, compared to the visual novels I could have bought. All the great exploration of this sandbox game can't make up for the richness of good storytelling of visual novels.

Can't refund it, of course, since it's been more than two hours.

But I kinda expected this to happen. I've always been impulsive, not to mention that I'm the sort who would buy things to make myself feel better, only to have buyer's remorse soon after. That's kinda what happened last night, why I changed my mind and bought this game, to make myself feel better. And also because I thought it might have been time to move on from visual novels from now on.

But Hitman 2 turned out to be a lot more stale than I expected. Its gameplay of allowing you to execute kills through multiple methods was fun enough... for a while. But it's just about as fun as solving a puzzle box through multiple methods. There's no substance to the puzzle box. It's a puzzle box, and you solve it. That's it. There's no story, no characters that would comfort you. It doesn't care if it makes you happy or sad because it's not a story that would make you happy or sad - it's a puzzle box. You solve it and you another brain, that's it.

Anyway, I'm sure there are tons of other people out there who love this game and find my complaints stupid or whatever. Doesn't really matter anymore, does it? Money's gone, money's gone...

Gonna look into selling my 3DS (and my Pokemon Moon game) to make up for the loss. Hope I could at least get back $100 since the screen's full of blemishes.

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Hitman 2's not that bad after all. It still lags as much as my grandma, but I got it to function somehow when I tuned the resolution down to 1280x720 (along with setting the graphics quality to "low", of course). It's not bad, completing one assassination challenge/achievement after another. Gives me a sense of accomplishment, succeeding in these wide variety of kills. I kinda like that there's the addition of special cinematic cutscenes for unique kills too, even if that adds more lag on my system.

Still should've just bought the Standard or at least the Silver Edition though. The Gold Edition was too pricey, and not that worth the price tag, in hindsight.

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