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  1. Well, that's why I said it after "asserting". They're unheard of? I meant that ugly bastards are not defined as a genre. Most of Western porn, be it full feature or short microwave bits, feature some kind of typical 40-50 year old males who fall into the category of ugly bastards. It's pretty much a rule for Western porn to have a bad looking guy violate a girl. While hentai mostly features shonen-seinen with a percentage of ugly bastards in their respectful category. Studies and texts are a joke. Science told people that the Earth was flat some time ago and everyone believe it. Science would laugh at the idea of there being some form of life "out there in the skies" when we don't even know how big the universe is. Even now. Science tells you what has been confirmed... sort of, just like history tells you the things that have been found. Tomorrow they'll find an old set of bones that will change the way history is told. So, yeah... believe in science and "common sense". As of "man into NTR/rape isn't into committing a crime, please believe me!!!" - keep those lies to yourself. As I said, human thinking is simple and should not be looked into. You're after the illusion, after all... Will not follow up since you clearly responded to make illusions and avoid seeing the real deal.
  2. I do not think you're interested in the topic, if this is even a question. Anyone who understands the issue, message me and I'll be glad to have you... There's someone else working with me, my dear acquaintance, but they're ill now so we're not making much progress. Next month is the date... P.S. I won't be checking the topic as it seem to have attracted a wrong audience. Once again, PM...
  3. Or they think they are... Happiness is a vague feeling and one who never knew the purity and real happiness would, of course, settle down for the illusion of it. Illusions are so simple, after all...
  4. Ah, there's never a one true answer to that because each mind works differently, even though our thinking is rather simple. It's just that there might be some barriers which will actually help them to fix these problems... well, that's not really my problem and like I said, looking deep into human thinking will leave you sad... It's best to focus on things that make you happy. Fetishes are fine as long as they don't go into real life. I remember talking to one netorare and monster-sex lover and they were quite unpleasant to speak to. They saw sex in everything.
  5. Choose your tone if you want your questions answered. I will not read your messages or reply again. It's not the same and the Gestalt is a mistake.
  6. Now, I know this isn't a visual novel, so please forgive me if it's not allowed here... but I'm going to work on translating this game, or rather fansubbing it. The process seems easy enough and the previous translator left a set of instructions, doesn't seem too difficult... as you may know, first NieR game was butchered in the West due to Square Enix being Square Enix. It had a different protagonist + butchered story-lines and appeal points. The patch that "translates" Replicant, the closest to "true" version, basically takes Gestalt's text and adds it to Replicant. So you can guess that it doesn't really follow what the characters say quite often. I will be changing that but because I am not fluent in Japanese, it might be problematic. If anyone is fluent and wants to help, let me know... I don't really have any budget, but I'l buy you some game as a compliment, if it all works out. I have both Japanese and English version, the tools, just need someone who knows Japanese to correct all differences and butchering. Not just the ones I will notice. I'd send you the text to work on, so no need to work with files. I'm planning to make this a real fansub, add honorifics and uncensored text to make it the best version it can be. P.S. If translating a usual game is not allowed here, please remove my topic.
  7. Is it morning? It could be or it could be not. pu-pu-pu. Thanks, love. <3 <3
  8. Depends... if you need friends for numbers, that's easy...
  9. Konnichiwa... I joined to ask for some recommendations. Your forum sure looks nice. Hmmm, I didn't know what avatar to use, so I took an image drawn recently by the artist of NieR Replicant... hopefully, they won't sue me. c_c Though, I really shouldn't be using the pic of such an innocent hero when I might be talking about some naughty or even disgusting things on here.... thoughts-thoughts... My name is Rusolando... might need a friend.
  10. Hmmm... I can't imagine myself eating when doing something. I need to focus on food and savor it!!! I love chocolate but I feel like if I'm going to start eating it while reading vn, my 100 pounds will turn into 300 in a week. =_=
  11. It's mostly a play on ideas... Just like Ugly Bastards in hentai. Who would like to see, well, an ugly bastard having sex with a cute girl? Obviously, an ugly bastard and only them. xD Usually this doesn't mean that the person who likes that is ugly themselves, it's just they have a poor opinion of themselves or can't deal with being branded a pervert for their liking of hentai. That kind of deal. "I'm a monster, so I'm going to watch those monsters abuse the cute girls". Same with netorare. I noticed that it has two groups of people who like it: again, those with poor self-liking (they imagine themselves as the one being cucked) or those with some mental problems who want to "punish" their abusers by, of course, "stealing their waifu". Most of porn and sex is based on our psychological needs and looking deep into it is just not fun. Human's mind works pretty simple, especially when it comes to sex and porn. I'd say let them have fun with netorare as long as there's more decent hentai and porn out there and as long as ugly bastards won't fill hentai and JAV like they did in Western porn. It's also interesting to note that netorare as a thing is not really classified in Western porn. You can see these constant videos and movies with "cheating" and what-not, but it's seen as a part of regular porn while JAV always marks this as "netorare". An interesting fact... Anyways, like I said, it's best not to think deep about something as momentary as porn. As long as it's not in real life, it's fine. You just need to control the lust.
  12. Anyways, I'm playing Dark Souls III DLC. Have to say, I'm a bit tired with the game as of now but the beautiful locations and fun enemies keep me going. I wish it wasn't as labyrinth-like, though since I kind of want to get through it quickly. My attention is short and I got a bit worn out by the 2nd half of the game, mostly during Archives level... the final two bosses were amazing, though, just like the first half of the game. My conflict is that there's Sekiro coming out in less than a month, plus I have Dark Souls I and II + Bloodborne. Not really sure if I'll play DS II and Bloodborne, though... I did play BB in the past and got pretty far but stopped because I couldn't understand how co-op works. Want to finish it now but I'm not sure... and DS II feels a bit strange. It's very different from DS for some reason... can't decide if I like it. Anyways, three huge games left and I am still with DLC for DS III, haha. I know if I'd put the DLC away, it would be difficult for me to get back. All DS are quite different and when you put them down, the skill gets down - and it's not like my skill is worth mentioning. =_=
  13. True... I see older men and niichan type all the time in anime and games, but this one is always considered not good enough... ah, the world... Usually it never goes beyond teasing, for some reason. Also I think I saw some untranslated ones, but not sure...
  14. I'm with you! Luckily, I didn't buy Hitman 2 because I just have a "no buy" policy with games. I need to try them first and if I really like them, I'll pay for them. Also I realized I'm not really a gamer... I love great gameplay but it's so rare for me to find the gameplay that I'd want to play over and over that I don't even try anymore. I'm looking for the stories and characters, period. Sooo, I shrinked my "plan to play" list very heavily in the past few months and couldn't decide what to do about Hitman series. Hitman Absolution is one of my favorite games of all time just because of its story: it had this Tarantino vibe to it with humor and sexiness, and great locations... luckily, Hitman 2016 was free on PS Plus. I enjoyed it very much at first but then the locations started being so boring and bland... they didn't even bother to do interesting scenarios. I dropped the game even though it felt like a great game. Then tried Hitman 2 a few days ago (first episode was free) and it's just... uh, okay? Stunning visuals but it just feels so shallow. I can't stand that, so dropped it, too. xD Really sorry you spent 120$+ on it... I know how it feels because I am impulsive, too. Know that Jump Force game? Fighting game with all Shonen Jump characters... gosh, it was so bad and I spent 60$ on it. Couldn't return because stupid PSN store does not allow refunds. =/ I'm very careful with games now and tell myself to calm down before buying something.
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