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  1. It's finally over. My longest VN read, ever, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, has come to an end with Chiru's final episode.

    <Have a nice day. See you again.>

    <Till Something Else Cries again.>

  2. What are you playing?

    Finishing up the final episode of Umineko Chiru. It's been a long and bumpy ride. This emotional rollercoaster has been exhausting, constantly shifting from happy moments to sudden tension (no thanks to a certain troll of a witch). Still, despite my problems with the jarring shifts in tone, I'm impressed that even in these two final episodes that were deemed "unnecessary" by many Umineko fans, I'm still able to discover some inspiring life lessons. It truly exemplifies Ryukishi07's talent. Regarding the characters, I'm really not too fond of Ange, even though I could relate with her bitterness and pessimism. I suppose her character did require closure, but I could now see why people were satisfied enough with the tale ending at episode 6. Personally, I would've been satisfied if it had ended at 7 (even though I was a bit sore that the "truth" about Beatrice's actual motive for the murders was still hinted rather than explicitly explained). 8 felt like it dragged the story on just to throw in a happier outcome. I guess I can see why Ange was pissed at such sappiness. Nevertheless, in spite of all the flaws, this has been a great journey. God, this was one amazing VN, easily ranking up among the likes of Fate/Stay Night and Steins;Gate. After my trip to Rokkenjima has concluded, it's finally time to begin the juicy parts of the Muv-Luv story...
  3. What are you playing?

    It strike me as such because it felt like they didn't want to show a child going through such a f-ed up thing. In addition, on a related note, they also censored Mayuri's fate, the fate of a child (pre-teen?) in episode 12, so there's that. But I could certainly understand why it felt out of place. On the other hand, I felt it lessened the impact of Steins;Gate dark message: don't f*** with forces you don't know about, including time itself. The whole thing with Nae was meant to show the consequences of time travel, and I felt like that scene with Nae really hit home the point even more than before. If anything else, I'm just curious what could've driven Nae into such a fate, and the writing in the VN certainly left me intrigued. It felt like an interesting sub-plot they wasted by not including in it at least an OVA or something. On a side note, Nae's sub-plot was also interesting because it showed the possibility of Anyway, I agree in part that it did feel a bit unnecessary, and that it could've been done more tactfully. I did feel a bit put off by It made sense, but it was off-putting all the same. That said, the real change I had a problem with was Braun's personality, and what he chose to do with Moeka. That was butchered characterization if I've ever seen one. I felt he became a less likable character than his VN counterpart. It made no sense at all and is the real out-of-place plot element IMO. I know they needed to change it because of what happened with Nae, but that's just lazy writing.
  4. What are you playing?

    This is probably the only major flaw I could find, albeit one that really affects the quality of the anime.
  5. What are you playing?

    I just reached Luka's ending in Steins;Gate. I think, with each ending reached, I'm beginning to respect these conclusions more than the original True End. They are all very well-written resolutions that felt satisfying rather than without a proper pay-off. It's little wonder why a lot of people encourage others to read the VN even if they have seen the anime, because there's a lot of life lessons and values you can take from these endings you'll not see outside of the anime.
  6. What are you playing?

    Just reached the Faris ending for Steins;Gate. Truth be told, when I saw people commenting that Suzuha's ending was the best ending out of the character endings (Faris End, Suzuha End, etc.), I found myself agreeing when I landed on the Faris' ending.
  7. POSSIBLE CHAOS;HEAD REMAKE FOR PC? Oh, that's probably the best part of the news, since I'm almost done with Steins;Gate. I wanted to wait for Chaos;Head Noah's fan-translation to be finished before I play it, but it seems like that will no longer be necessary, as the remake will most probably incorporate Noah's extra routes. :3
  8. This heartbreaking OST from Steins;Gate: I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed I failed Each D-mail becomes more painful to reverse with each chapter... Currently on the Faris chapter. Edit: S***. Accidentally posted this after realizing it's not an OST from the visual novel, but the anime... This forum really needs a "delete post" function. :/
  9. What are you playing?

    Michiru is best gurl for me in Grisaia.
  10. Forums you've been to before joining Fuwanovel.

    Like many others, this is my first and only VN forum. There are other VN forums out there, but they felt less... "official". Here, you have official translators like Sekai Project (I think it was Sekai?) gathering around and stuff, so it feels more professional. Aside from that, I've naturally joined other forums prior to Fuwa, including: - SakugaCity: A forum for anime, movies, comics, video games; just about anything geek-related. - AnimeSuki: Kinda stringent and cold, so it was hard to connect with people there. - MyAnimeList: The opposite of AnimeSuki. It's a mess. Chaotic, plagued with trolls, and rampant with arguments everywhere you turn. It's the YouTube comments of anime forums. - AnimePlanet: Quaint place. Didn't stay for long. - Hummingbird: A better version of MAL, though not by a large margin. Too bad it got closed down. - Crunchyroll: See MyAnimeList. Left almost immediately after I joined. - Anime League: Too many members and the members are too distanced (rarely chat up other members and merely keep to themselves). Much like MAL, without the trolling. - AnimeForum.com: Long dead forum. I didn't really like this forum before it died either. - AnimeForums.net: A perfect balance between stringency and lightheartedness. So underrated. Deserves a lot more members and attention. - Filmspotting: A movie forum with one of the most courteous communities you can find on the Internet. And that's saying a lot. - Movie Forums: What it says on the tin; it's a movie forum. Kinda uptight. The AnimeSuki version of movie forums. - BSN: Bioware Social Network unofficial forums. Left a few weeks ago due to drama. - CBR: Comic Book Resources forums. An "official" comic book forum, not unlike Fuwanovel. Lots of comic book writers gather there, including the notorious Joe Q (had an ugly argument with fans back then in the forums). - Spider-Man Crawl Space forums: A forum for Spidey fans like myself. Tends to have drama like MAL. - Roleplayer Guild: A very newb-friendly forum for those interested in Play-by-Post RPGs. Had a lot of fun myself, but never had the time to stick around a single RPG playthrough. And last but not least... - Player.me. Not technically a forum, but has a community of its own. Back in the heyday, when it first appeared, making friends was sooo easy because everyone was following each other for no reason other than to build up their number of followers. The problem with that was you get a lot of trolls and nasty types showing up. Nowadays, it's kinda hard to communicate with one another for the same reason as AnimeSuki and Anime League. People are just too distanced from each other, and they don't welcome newbs with open arms like a lot of friendly communities I've seen done (and thus thrived as long as they did because of such friendliness). Sigh. Oh well. Not every forum can be a Utopia.
  11. What are you playing?

    Got my hands on S;G 0! Yeeeeeah! It wasn't easy buying this, but damn, now I don't have to worry about being left out once I finish the first Steins;Gate, or rather, before I get the "True End" anyway, since Zero takes place prior to the events of the True End, sort of. Now if only the PC version of Chaos;Head Noah would finish its translation so I can get more out of the SciADV series. I'm sure that would take 4-5 more years. Sigh. Oh well.
  12. Worst routes you've ever read in a VN and why

    I've read the walkthrough chart, and it seems that there are certain "True End" flags you need to raise by messaging Kurisu the correct email (or rather, selecting the correct email reply). For example, in Chapter 4, when you receive the email where Kurisu asks if you have written the report. Select "scientist" to trigger the first true end flag. There are multiple parts to this process, it seems. Haven't read the entire walkthrough yet, so I don't know what raising all of the six flags would do. Anyway, I guess it's not too bad that it's a giant railroad. That means that I will have very little reason to replay the game except the parts that lead to different endings, so I guess that gives me time to play other VNs, I guess. It's a small comfort, but it's better than nothing.
  13. Worst routes you've ever read in a VN and why

    Okay, then that is disappointing, I agree. I wouldn't mind if Suzuha's ending was the only one that's short, but a big appeal about visual novels for me is the multiple routes you can pick based on your choices, so you can pick a girl's route you'd like to go on and stuff. I hope the two "normal endings" won't be as short as those other character endings, or that would really be disappointing. Anyway, in spite of the short length of the other endings, I still stand by what I said about the significance of the Suzuha ending. It also explored a very important question about the Time Leap Machine's capability to travel in an infinite loop: what does happen with continuous use? Would you be a god of some sort? Or would there be side effects...? Hopefully, the other endings would be just as insightful or meaningful as well.
  14. Worst routes you've ever read in a VN and why

    Sorry for necromancing but, I'm currently reading this route right now, and from the very "beginning" of the route, I already knew what I'm in for, and when the route repeated the dialogue and text a second time in an "Endless Eight" fashion, I didn't really have a problem with it. It was honestly quite disturbing, and yet served very well as a "Bad End". I didn't know it was supposed to be a "route", so I don't really care about the length of it. I feel it's an effective alternative to what could have happened if you give into selfish desires. I love Suzuha as well, which is why this felt like an especially important route to make her eventual departure much more disheartening, knowing that there's no other option aside from sending the D-mail. It gives Suzuha's ultimate fate much more impact in hindsight.
  15. Nitro+ vs. Type Moon, SciADV vs. Nasuverse. Which one is better?

    1. LemiusK


      Oh, I forgot to mention Ryukishi07-verse!