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  1. Enjoy all the annoying notification spam, idiot.

  2. Just for that quote, welcome to the ignore list. I warned you. You can quote me however you want now, I don't give a shit. Not going to read your posts from now on. If any one else has something more meaningful to add, feel free. Otherwise, my ignore list is always open for troublemakers.
  3. Could you explain this rather inappropriate response? Honestly. I wish people wouldn't quote me at all if they're going to give me pointless replies like that. Saves me the trouble of clicking the notification. Really ticks me off. Just ignore my post if you're gonna reply like that again, m'kay?
  4. Hitman 2's not that bad after all. It still lags as much as my grandma, but I got it to function somehow when I tuned the resolution down to 1280x720 (along with setting the graphics quality to "low", of course). It's not bad, completing one assassination challenge/achievement after another. Gives me a sense of accomplishment, succeeding in these wide variety of kills. I kinda like that there's the addition of special cinematic cutscenes for unique kills too, even if that adds more lag on my system. Still should've just bought the Standard or at least the Silver Edition though. The Gold E
  5. More h-scenes in "The Labyrinth of Grisaia". Honestly not surprised anymore that there's a buttload of ecchi, but man, most of the so-called "sex scenes" here are blatant rape. It's the kind of stuff that the feminist media would have a field day over, plastering the net with headlines like "That scene in Labyrinth was blatantly rape, and we should call it what it is." People would normally shun such products too, like how "Big Bang Theory" was frowned upon for its sexist undertones, or how "Goldeneye" was called out on its controversial Pussy Galore scene in retrospect. But because this
  6. My new wallpaper from Fate/hollow ataraxia. Some of the wallpapers from the VN look like amateur fanart rather than official artwork, even this Saber one. But hey, it's free wallpaper.
  7. Well, well, well, looks like all of the sales I mentioned in this post (where I said I would sell my 3DS, PS4 dualshock-4 controller, and Corpse Party: Blood Drive, to make up for the money I lost buying Hitman 2) went off without a hitch, and I just made back a good amount of $190 altogether. That's almost 150% of the original price I paid for Hitman 2: Gold Edition. So, looks like there's nothing to worry about after all. Wahaha! Maybe I should sell back the otome Vita games I bought too once I'm done with them, make back the money I spent and buy more Vita visual novels! Wahaha! It's a
  8. I think it has more to do with the copyright issues of Spidey and Sony. Sony is only lending Spidey to Marvel temporarily, so to get him over to Netflix is a whole other hurdle altogether. We don't even know if Spidey can make it to Avengers 5 or Spider-Man Homecoming 3 or not. So yeah, it's more like Sony doesn't know how to have fun, or rather, Amy Pascal, the current Chairwoman of Sony Pictures, constantly pawing her money-grubbing paws over her precious golden goose. lol If Disney/Marvel ever buy the rights to Spidey back, they should make a villain based on her.
  9. I wanted Spidey to appear in Daredevil for a long time too. lol I hate the "boundaries" between the TV Marvel, the Netflix Marvel, and MCU Marvel. Spidey in a Daredevil show would be a perfect fit, since he's also an urban street-level hero like DD. I haven't followed Agents of SHIELD for a long time but, I liked Chloe Bennet from that show. She's cute. Never got to follow the show 'till the point where she became Quake though. The writing for AoS wasn't the strongest... lol Got too bored, even with all the event tie-ins. They really need to cross over with the major players like Thor or
  10. I knew beforehand that a lot of things about this sequel would not match the level of epicness we had for Infinity War, because that movie really set the bar really, really high. It's just difficult to expect the follow-up to be as epic, especially with that ambitious ending IW had. So "Endgame" being a mediocre title wasn't really upsetting for me. I did kinda wanted it to be "Avengers: Annihilation" though, with the Marvel villain, Annihilus showing up. It's the title people previously speculated it would be. It sounded like a cooler title too. But I guess it's good that he didn't appea
  11. I think the part that really broke me (and probably the millions of other people who also cried) was the "I don't want to go." lol It's like, we were already understanding the fact that people were dying at that moment, but that line, that single line just shook me to another level of shock. I remember sitting at the end credits being stunned for five minutes, not being able to believe what had just occurred. Big brass balls, Marvel had, to pull off such an ending. We know they would come back but, it's still a very risky move. It's not really easy to leave people with an effective cliffhanger
  12. Yeah, definitely. I would much rather not have Captain Marvel either, especially if she's gonna play a big part in saving everyone, making everyone else look helpless in comparison. I have nothing against feminism, but such superficial and forced feminism for the sake of feminism not only hurts the story, it's also detrimental to the feminist movement too. But putting aside the potential deus ex machina, I think it's too soon to tell, and even Black Panther didn't really play that huge of a role in Infinity War, despite his movie coming out just months before IW. I don't think Marvel's go
  13. That's right. The title of Avengers 4 has finally been released... alongside its official trailer. A very morbid, somber trailer. Sigh. And so, here we are. With nothing but our wit and our will to save the world. I kinda knew that the trailer's gonna be morbid, but damn, the feels. I got a bad feeling that Cap's gonna bite it this time, considering how Evans' contract is almost up. Sigh... It's been a good ride, Cap. It's kinda appropriate that the trailer doesn't have as flashy or epic of an atmosphere as the Infinity War trailer. The melancholic tone really fits. T
  14. Well, sorry if you feel that way. "Mood" and "tone in speech" are both rather difficult contexts to comprehend in text form, almost impossible even. You can't really judge whether someone's in a foul mood or not from the way he writes. I remember that I tend to add a lot of emoticons because I was worried that people might think I wasn't joking or was in a bad mood. But then, one of my friends called me out on that and said it was, and I quote, "fucking annoying and makes you look like a retard." Yeah. Needless to say, I didn't speak to him again from then. Back on topic.
  15. Well, that's all well and good, but it certainly changes my perspective of VNs now, and not in a positive way. If the hentai scenes are as hollow as you've described, and these companies are only adding them because they're catering to the rather niche demographic of eroge players, then it also explains why h-scenes are so superficial, adding nothing of value to the story. Kinda makes me glad I skipped just about all of them, save maybe the one or two exceptions that actually have some valuable story content, but again, disappointed. Kinda cheapens the value of VNs with h-scenes, makes them lo
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