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  1. Yeah, Ryan sounds nothing like a 'detective' at all. lol Compare this to the original Japanese voice from the Detective Pikachu game, who sounds deeper and more mellow, like a veteran detective. Would have been funny if they got Liam Neeson to voice...
  2. I KNOW RIGHT?! God, the merchandising on this will be off the chart!
  3. They finally did it. Never would I thought to see the day when Pokemon finally goes live action. It felt kinda like seeing dinosaurs in the first Jurassic Park for the first time. I could hardly believe my eyes. Well, okay, so half of it is blatant CGI, but close enough! Just look at that fur on Pikachu! Holy molly! And Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu to boot! Now, the stage is set. If this movie is a hit, we'll pretty much see our first live action Ash Ketchum for the first time in cinema. lol Cast Tom Holland!
  4. Visual Novel In-Game Date

    I was actually remembering "ef - a fairy tale of the two" just as I was writing that. lol I remember it fondly because its adapted anime was one of the few with Christmas in it. Since ef's beginning starts some time near Christmas, it might be fun for me to pick it up some time then.
  5. Visual Novel In-Game Date

    Yeah, definitely. Plus, when you start the VN again the next day, sometimes the protagonist would forget about something from yesterday, and you would find yourself vaguely remembering it too since it's also yesterday for you. That kind of experience is just fun. Man, that's really cool, but I don't have seasons here (only rain or shine), so I can't pull off the same trick. That said, it is cool to be playing a visual novel during the same holidays as featured in the story sometimes. Like playing a story set in Christmas during December. lol That's kinda cool in its own way and makes the reading experience much more richer.
  6. This is just something trivial I'm curious about. Okay, so you know that in some visual novels, there's a date displayed on-screen, right? And even with those without such a display, you could tell when a day has passed within the story, right? So, personally, I have developed a kind of weird habit myself. I tend to play multiple visual novels at the same time, so I would switch between them after a single in-game day has passed in each of the VN I'm reading. This has led to a rather immersive experience sometimes where I would wake up, picking up where I left off last night, and it's the start of a new day in the VN, while I would stop reading a VN just as I'm about to go to bed, which is also often when the protagonist go to sleep as well. I hope that makes sense. This is particularly immersive in harem VNs and Key VNs, where the protagonist would start each day in his bed, waking up. So when I start each day reading the VN again, I'm reading from the perspective of the protagonist just as he's waking up as well. Pretty cool, right? This is especially effective with VNs that require you to spend an entire day reading it just for a single day to pass in the story (lengthy stories like Fate/Stay Night and Ever17 can often work this way). But yeah, it's a weird habit, I know. Nevertheless, I am curious if any one else has a similar reading habit regarding the time of day within the story they're reading.
  7. Can't wait to hear the dub of this: Proper English "DEATHDEATHDEATHDEATHDEATHDEATH" this time.
  8. What are you playing?

    Rereading Ever17 because my save data was lost. Decided to just wing it and pick whichever option I feel like for my first playthrough to make it feel more natural. After looking at the flowchart, it seems like I'm heading for Tsugumi+Sora Bad End. Oh well. Couldn't stand Tsugumi's edgy loner attitude enough to play nice with her, so I didn't pick the nicer options for her this time (as opposed to my original playthrough). Became closer to Sora this time round, but still not enough to earn enough points because I listened to Coco's joke instead of paying attention to her at the beginning. C'mon, it was a hilarious joke. I'm annoyed that Takeshi didn't laugh one bit at the joke. Poor Coco. Speaking of whom, Coco is soooo cute. Best gurl of the game. She seems like someone whom I could just hang out with all day, joking around. Well, I kinda understand why they wrote her that way, since I could still recall vague details of what happens near the end of Tsu+Sora's route. Feels bad man. Sora's infodumping got me to fall asleep, literally. Then again, I was reading at 2 in the morning, coincidentally the same in-game time Sora was infodumping in the VN. Gah, I didn't bother trying to figure out half of what she said. Anyway, can't wait to get on Coco's route soon.
  9. [help] 428 Shibuya Scramble

    One advice I can offer you is to not follow the walkthrough, at all. Try and get the true end of each time block by yourself while avoiding the bad end during your first try. It's more fun that way, since your choices would have a bigger impact that way, and it feels much more satisfying finishing each time block by yourself (not to mention that it definitely feels a lot more awesome when you complete the final time block and achieve the ending by yourself, since the ending would feel like you've earned it rather than just following some walkthrough). Each time you've completed a time block, refer to the walkthrough for the bad ends you haven't acquired. Rinse and repeat the process for every time block. Complete => Refer WT => Next Time Block => Complete. And if the walkthrough doesn't provide you enough clues, just ask it here again in this thread and I'll be glad to answer. It might take a lot more work than if you just blindly follow the WT, but I guarantee that the ending feels much more emotional if you put in the hard work yourself, as you'll feel like you were fighting alongside these characters. Well, that's how I felt anyway. lol
  10. [help] 428 Shibuya Scramble

    Did you follow the walkthrough in order? You need to start the 11:00-12:00 block with Osawa's route first, because Osawa automatically gets the Bad End 16 if you start with him first. I made that mistake too when I thought I could just wing it on my own. lol But since you've messed up, no worries! I just completed this awesome game a few days ago, so it's Lemius to the rescue! The way to acquire this ending is by having Minorikawa texting his fellow reporters instead of asking Chiaki during 11:30. The exact quote of the choice you're looking for is, "What he needed now were dependable folks he could count on. He decided to email all his contacts from back in his staff reporter days." Pick that option, then move on to Osawa's route. TADA! If you need any more help, feel free to ask me. I pretty much acquired all 85 Bad Ends through trial and error, so I pretty much know how to get every single one of them. Hope you enjoy the game! It's awesome!
  11. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Spent a good half of the day playing Jurassic World: Evolution. Man, what a disappointment. As shallow as a puddle. I don't remember Operation Genesis being this boring. Creating a bunch of dinosaurs and babysitting them just don't have the same wonder as it used to. I don't know; maybe I'm bored of dinosaurs. Then again, if the park management side of the gameplay have been more diversified like Zoo Tycoon, I might have not felt like snoozing off every five minutes. The kind of exhibits you could display here is just so limited due to the limited spacing you're given (it's a freaking dinosaur-park - you need space). Even Isla Sorna wasn't nearly big enough to contain four exhibits alone. Sigh. Oh well. What a wasted day, Should've just stuck to visual novels. Or online Pokemon trading cards even.
  12. VN With A Story Like 428 Shibuya Scramble

    Yeah, pretty much the case with many VNs out there I want to read too, not just C;H.
  13. VN With A Story Like 428 Shibuya Scramble

    Well, the thing is, I read that the old C;H was rather linear with very few choices and brief branches, and that Noah might change that with its additional routes (and possibly additional bad ends). The expanded content is why I was interested in C;H in the first place, since I don't really enjoy linear VNs. Notice how (in my signature) Umineko isn't among my favorites despite having an awesome story. School Days' story is hardly spectacular, but I put it there because of its massive branching routes. I don't really mind the long wait, to be honest. I mean, I've waited this long for KimiNozo to be translated and its completion is nowhere in sight, so I might as well wait for Noah too, even if it's 1-2 years. I've waited for Infinity War to come along for a long time several years ago, and it's 2018, its arrival is here. I think 1-2 years of waiting isn't too bad compared to that. I'm still young. And besides, do I really want to just skip past all the content I would have read in the old C;H by the time Noah is translated? That just seems like 1) I might miss additional content they insert between, and 2) I would ruin the immersion of the story skipping past all that to get to the additional content. I think I'd rather be patient with this one if it's that good of a story.
  14. VN With A Story Like 428 Shibuya Scramble

    I REALLY wanted to play that one, but people kept saying I have to play Chaos;Head first, because Chaos;Child spoils the story of C;H and what's really going on in there. But I'm still waiting for Chaos;Head Noah to be translated first, so... yeah.
  15. What are you playing?

    To be honest, aside from Kashiwagi maybe, the only other girl from the later team I was really fond of was Akane, but only because I already liked her tomboyish attitude from the KimiNozo anime. Still waiting for Akane Maniax to be translated... That said,