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Noble Works Info (Seiyuu and Image Song) and Discussion


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Looks like this year Christmas mean aggressive release of Visual Novel Translation, Gakthun and Noble Works. Since Decay already opened a discussion for Gakthun (Actually I also want to open Gakthun discussion, but after reconsidering it, better not), so I'll take my part to open Noble Works discussion. If some of you already saw my KoiChoco discussion, you surely know what my post format would be.

Anyway, Noble Works premise to be honest was quite standard. I mean how many VN that have story our poor MC joined as elite high school students (Although this time he work as double for another student who had same face as MC) ? For translated one, we had Evangile and Otoboku iirc. For anyone who played and well versed in Japan, could you fill me the VN list with same premise?

For the review, there is only one review from Aedes, and he said that this work was quite average. Here's the review. Although he said that the game is mediocre, but taste for each people of course different, so don't get discourage to try Noble Works, okay?

The main draw of Noble Work to me was the seiyuu to be honest, especially for the heroine. Well as usual, I'll list the heroine, the role in VN, and which VN that had their work (Translated one and what VN I've know).

1. Kanemoto Akari - Your double older sister, and the daughter of Kanemoto conglomerate, which in game was one of the conglomerate who had major influence for the nation. Quite shy and apparently the maid teach her sex education using doujinshi, also she saw yaoi lol.


The voice was provided by Manaka Umi, real name Sakurai Harumi. In translated VN, she mostly voiced sub character though. Her voice was Oone Kyouko from Sharin no Kuni, Rosetta from Romanesque, Sakaue Youko from Yumina the Ethereal, and Itagaki Ami from Majikoi. Oh, she was also voiced Tokido Saya in Little Busters EX, Takamori Haruka in Beat Blade Haruka, and Lily from Himegari.

2. Kunihiro Hinata - Our MC kouhai or younger schoolmate (Just in case some of you here new to VN or anime in general). Quite rich, but not as rich as Akari or Shizuru I think. Also apparently you could play billiard in her chest XDD (Hey, it's from translated scene, okay)


She was voiced by Sasa Tsuyuka. Her real name was Nabatame Hitomi. As we know, Nabatame also quite famous seiyuu in the anime, although that didn't mean she have not much role in Visual Novel of course. Anyway, her role in VN was Shirakawa Nanaka in Da Capo 2, Nanashi in Duel Savior (In PS2 and we could hear her voice if we used PS2 Voice in Duel Savior patch), Tonami Yuma in To Heart 2, Aoi Sena in Chaos Head, Bazett Fraga McRemitz from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia PSV and Stacy Connor in Majikoi. Also Minazuki Sora in Baldr Sky duology.

3. Masamune Shizuru - One of students at MC new school, also granddaughter of Kanemoto conglomerate rival CEO. Very bad at shogi, and MC teach her how to play shogi.


The voice was Natsunoo Koori, real name Taguchi Hiroko. She was one of well known eroge seiyuu because she was voiced Sumika (At least back in eroge games forum I've always heard that someone said that .... voiced by Sumika or something like that) and she had quite many role in translated VN as heroine. Her role was Kagami Sumika in Muv Luv franchise, Suou Amane in Grisaia franchise, Miyamura Miyako in ef, Hinata Natsumi in Sharin no Kuni, Crayanne in Kamidori, Kohaku in Shinigami no Kiss, and Kitsuki Riho in recently translated Koi Suru Natsu Last Resort. For untranslated VN, she was voiced Kasugano Sora in Yosuga no Sora and Yarai Miu in Dracu Riot.

4. Nagamitsu Maya - Your classmate and daughter of Yakuza, although she hate the corruption in the world and she loves filming that matter (Ironic since the yakuza I've known usually dealing with backhand politician thing or something like that). Quite skilled at martial artist.


The voice was Aoba Ringo, known to fans as Ringorin. From the list in VNDB, she had the most credit for her singing in VN OP, but among heroine seiyuu for now she had the least credit for translated VN. Her role was Qoo Little-Little in My Girlfriend is the President, Sakurai Kanade in Deardrops, and Manaka Nemu in recently translated infamous euphoria. Oh my opinion for euphoria that the OP once again is very good with her singing, but the content looks like too extreme. Well, to each of their own. For untranslated one, she was voiced Shiina Sayane in Soukoku no Arterial and Shihodou Narika in Beat Blade Haruka.

5. Tsukiyama Sena - Kanemoto's family maid, and her wish was becoming Kanemoto's head family. Apparently she also students and attend the school with Akari and MC. Also last translated route.


So we've had maid as heroine. Anyway, her voice was provided by Gogyou Nazuna and her real name was Ryouko Ono. Her role was Kusagawa Sasara in To Heart 2, Belle in Katahane, Kitajima Kaede in Sono Hanabira series, Amamiya Shizuku in Shinigami no Kiss, Melodiana in Kamidori and Mochizuki Amane in If My Heart Had Wing (Which infamously had the H-Scenes ripped for international release). Also she was voiced Migiwa Kazuha in Yosuga no Sora and Liselle L'ourson in Madou Koukaku.

One more info. I've read in Aedes review that the game extra had instrumental version of heroine character song. So I've assume looks like Yuzusoft had some quite high production value for have the seiyuu for the heroine singing the character song. If you want to hear character image song, I'll give you the link for each Character Song, and the singer once again obviously the seiyuu for the character.

1. Kanemoto Akari

2. Kunihiro Hinata 

3. Masamune Shizuru - Don't get fooled by Sena picture, okay.

4. Nagamitsu Maya - Same warning as with Shizuru Image Song.

5. Tsukiyama Sena

I think that's all for the info that I could use to started Noble Works discussion. Well use this thread as discussion, okay. And let's find out who's your best girl in Noble Works.

PS Almost forgot, thanks to fiddle and keisuke-kun (Sorry if I'm wrong) for translating this game.

Edit (February 22nd) - Sorry for very extremely late, but our @Clephas also write his impression of this game back at VNDB. Here's the review in case you curious.


I had this game sitting on my shelves for the last month or so and only just got around to playing it, but I sort of regret not getting to it earlier now. While the setting itself requires - like most eroges - a bit of a stretch of the imagination, it isn't bad enough to make it particularly difficult to get into the game. The protagonist himself is one of those 'all-around capable' guys that occasionally shows up in an eroge... he isn't a genius in any particular area, but he can do most things at a better than average level and learns fast. As such, the level of frustration you have to put up with with a lazy or hetare protagonist isn't really present in this game... except in one of the paths, (Chizuru's) where he sort of acts out of character... which made that my least favorite of the routes. 

I won't say each of the heroines is unique to this game... there are definitely elements taken from the various stereotype heroines in each of them. However, I found myself enjoying the game immensely... most of the heroines' personal problems that come into light on their routes are born out of their environment rather than something internal (with a few exceptions), which is to be expected considering the setting. If I have a complaint it is that they stretch the lovey-dovey parts of the game on a bit too long... which makes it a bit harsh when they switch back to serious mode towards the end. The endings... I'd say that I was satisfied with most of the endings, though there were one or two that could have used a serious bit of elaboration, and I really wish there had been a Makoto path...

Also, the protagonist's reactions to the various situations are fairly consistent with his personality, outside of Chizuru's path, which made most of the paths enjoyable. Protagonists that break character too often are one of the constant plagues of eroge... turning even the most well-written eroge into jokes at times.

Edit 2 - Since Christmas was already past 2 months, and easter will be around in 1 month anyway, guess I'll remove the Christmas part.

Edit 3 - I'd forgot to said that this is the first Yuzusoft VN that finally got the translation, while in the past I was kinda hopeless that VN from Yuzusoft and August will got fully translated (And I rant that at erogegames forum). But, apparently fiddle and keisuke-kun prove me wrong by released the complete translation of Noble Works. So, thanks again to those two, for translating this VN from Yuzusoft.

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@stormwolf I said although, and yes I realize that in Evangile we didn't have body double thing. What I want to imply was how many setting that our MC joined elite high school, okay.

@decay To be very honest, the characters for this VN quite standard archtypical as usual moege, so of course there's nothing special imo, although I've added some my commentary to the character. With these type character, of course my choice is to focusing on the seiyuu, and what role they had in any other VN, or you could said maybe I was a little obsessive to seiyuu. Beside I think there was not only me who interested in Noble Works seiyuu, and of course there must some other user here who also interested, I think.


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It's generally pretty entertaining thus far, and the heroines are likable too. I only wish they'd drop all the sexual harassment nonsense. At least when they're serious about it and 50% of the jokes as well because it's dumb as shit and overused. Tell me, how do you become a sexual harasser for walking in on a girl changing her clothes in the middle of the classroom? The whole situation with how the characters handle it is completely absurd. 

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wow i get a no girl ending fast....

i will go the route order that eclipsed did:  Akari -> Hinata -> Sena -> Maya -> Shizuru -> bonus

is that solid?

Personally I found that it doesn't really matter which order you go in, but that's just me.

Ye it shouldnt matter, its just for me i always, alway s, ALWAYS go poster heroine -> childhood friend -> most attractive -> coolest -> meh.

NBot that Shizuru is meh, but meh.

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Everyone in Noble Works seems to be holding idiot balls. Most occuring events could be solved by any one character simply asking a question, thinking things through or predicting the consequences of their actions. But then again, there would be nothing to read if that wasn't the case.

Not saying I hate it, but Noble Works is a little too obvious and simple, even for a moege. Princess Evangile was way smarter than this, in terms of how it handled simple scenes.


So far, atleast. Maybe I'm just reading "that one route". Happened before, remember how annoyed I was by Koichoco until I reached the three good routes?

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Everyone in Noble Works seems to be holding idiot balls. Most occuring events could be solved by any one character simply asking a question, thinking things through or predicting the consequences of their actions. But then again, there would be nothing to read if that wasn't the case.

Not saying I hate it, but Noble Works is a little too obvious and simple, even for a moege. Princess Evangile was way smarter than this, in terms of how it handled simple scenes.


So far, atleast. Maybe I'm just reading "that one route". Happened before, remember how annoyed I was by Koichoco until I reached the three good routes?

I guess Texas is the state of salt. So much salt. Hinata is just better than you.

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I really have to suspend my disbelief at the mc's sexual maturity though - even for a VN, it's kinda pushing the whole akward-bashful thing. I mean, getting comically flustered at the sight of bare legs, when he's techincally in his last year of highschool? He's not a 13 yr old boy that just discovered his hormones~

Ah well, different stages of development for different people I guess :makina:


@TexasDice I agree about everyone holding idiot balls - there's a serious fog within the brains of everyone - at least up to what I read so far. Though Hinata best grill (though I'm still the common route, opinion might change).

Shizuru seem like the weakest attempt at a character connection...at least based on the interactions so far.

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LOL...I can see why everyone is liking Maya so much - still not done the common route, but came across some great scenes with her. Dammit, looks like she's going to be my final route. So cute, and her scenes so far have always been geniunely funny.


I honestly wasn't expecting her to come from THAT kind of background - i was thinking maybe a poor family that made it rich, or somesuch - but I was pleasantly caught off-guard with the Yakuza implications.

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Princess Evangile was way smarter than this, in terms of how it handled simple scenes.

This is not exactly promising...

Given the feedback here, I'm torn on picking up Noble Works. On the one hand, it's a good sign that Suzu is saying positive things and seems to be enjoying it. On the other hand, Austin Darts is comparing it unfavorably with Princess Evangile, which I thought was frankly a second-rate VN. At this rate, Noble Works is going in the moege queue behind 1) KoiChoco and 2) HoshiMemo, which likely means effectively "not getting played", unless I find myself with a whole lot of free time all of a sudden.

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