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  1. System menu text can be found under data.xp3/system/menus.tjs.
  2. http://lass.sakura.ne.jp/5th_style/index.html
  3. Really? It worked for me. What font are you trying to change it to?
  4. No money down, satisfaction guaranteed!
  5. 1. Download Resource Hacker. 2. Right-click on ayakashigohan_t.exe and select "Open with Resource Hacker". 3. Expand "String Table" and click the first item (1 : 1041). 4. Change "MS ゴシック" and "MS 明朝" to whatever font name you want. 5. Save and close out of Resource Hacker. There should now be two executable files in the folder, ayakashigohan_t.exe and ayakashigohan_t_original.exe. 6. Run the newly compiled ayakashigohan_t.exe and hope this all works.
  6. Modified the patch to include proper word-wrapping. In other words, copied various .tjs files that were included in the original patch2.xp3 from way-back-when that were not included in this patch's release... for some reason. Use at your own risk?
  7. OsakaMono and GrisaiaCustom are the exact same font. Why the translation team felt the need to create a "new" font and call it GrisaiaCustom is beyond my knowledge. Perhaps they modified a few parts, but from what I can tell, it's the exact same thing.
  8. A decent user interface An interface that fits the feel or theme of a VN is always a nice-to-have. A backlog with jump options It is a cardinal sin for any VN not to have this feature. The ability to change the font OsakaMono trumps all. Infinite save slots I have a tendency to save quite often, always in different slots. Many VN's are not quite accommodating to this particular need. Scene recollections Being able to replay certain scenes (besides h-scenes) in a VN would be very nice, and would actually lower my need for infinite save slots. Skip to next/previous choice This comes in handy when I finish the first route in a VN and would like to start up the next one as soon as possible. Decent sound/music mixing Essentially, lower the music volume when a character speaks so that I can hear them properly. Dynamic character sprites Like Ren said, it helps add depth. A fully-realized protagonist (visually and vocally) A protagonist with their own character sprite and voiced lines just helps with the immersion.
  9. Pretty much this. Maya's route is by far the best in the game. If you don't like hers, you probably won't like the others. In regards to Shizuru, I will say that everyone on the team is pretty much indifferent or does not care for her route/character. I am in the exception in that case. I will always hold a soft spot for her, despite all the hate she will get.
  10. Hey now! It's not always about you... It's usually about me! That aside, tomorrow would work for me as well.
  11. Scared of what, exactly? His own manhood?
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