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  1. VNs with an amazing soundtrack

    Umineko is obvious choice
  2. Hunter x Hunter manga is returning!

    pffff , bring back berserk
  3. What should I read next?

    read Comyu because Kagome is best girl
  4. I discovered most of my fetishes while playin VN/watching anime but favorites are definitely younger male and older female , monster girls and incest
  5. You all must accept Satsuki-sama as your lord and savior
  6. Should I read KoiChoco?

    This is best tutorial for Koichoco I've ever seen
  7. Should I read KoiChoco?

    I think those things you heard are pretty accurate , I personally needed way to much willpower to finish Koychoco so I don't really reccomend it .
  8. Most bizarre scenes.

    Monster girl quest , the whole game