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Irotoridori no Sekai Translation Project


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Irotoridori no Sekai




I didn't really plan on announcing this so early in time, but after discussing it with my team, we've decided that there's hardly any point in keeping it a secret seeing as how far things have progressed by now. Quite on the contrary, it may even waste time of others who could possibly decide to work on this title. It is also for that we can use the chance to fill the last 1-2 team slots.
Anyhow, that's enough with the foreword. As the title already implies, our team is going to pick up Irotoridori no Sekai. This is not some sort of spontaneous decision, but has been in planning for quite a while. Actually, I've been wanting to translate IroSeka even before I read SakuSaku. The reason I didn't is simply because I wanted to accumulate a game's worth of experience before I tackled this one so that the best possible translation is achieved.
This project will have no impact on the SakuSaku progress whatsoever, all time I'm going to put into this - albeit it won't be all that much until I'm done with SakuSaku - is going to be extra time taken from my free time. SakuSaku translation is estimated to finish within the next two months.
As is customary, I'll start posting weekly updates once I finish SakuSaku Translation. I'll put up a project page as soon as I find the time to do some custom design and stuff.

Game Info

Titel: Irotoridori no Sekai
Publisher: Favorite
Release Date: 2011-07-29



When he was a child, Yuuma received a special power from the “translucent magician”, Shinku. Just by touching someone with his hand, he is able to cure all of their wounds in return for some of his memories. In the furthestmost port town of Kazatsugahama, there is a link to a another world hidden in the basement of the Arashiyama-sou dormitory. Within this world he lives his life like a dream. One night while the full moon shone brightly, a girl descended from the sky. “Mister magician, please save me.”


Opening Movie




Prologue Patch


The patch contains:

- All image content that needed translation / editing. We also took the liberty to fix some serious fuck-ups like "Sinario Select"... Don't blame us on the "Option" header in the menu, that's also one of favorite's masterful exercises of English and would involve a LOT of editing to change since it's on like 10+ images with distortion effects and whatnot...

- Fully translated & edited prologue segment of the game

- Subbed opening movie


Note: You need version 1.1 of the game. Click to download.


Special thanks goes to:

binaryfail for helping me with all the stuff that was over my head

ayase for masterful image editing skills (and almost 100 images at that!)

chuee for having handled most of the editing


Note that save files you might have are not compatible, so you might be well-advised to rename your save folder.


And here goes the patch.


Both positive and critical feedback is highly appreciated.


Current Status

-I've almost re-translated the prolog segment. I completely scratched tokidan's translation since that translation is - pardon my word choice - useless in it's entirety.
-All sorts of custom patching is under way and basically working which also includes implementation of word-wrapping (Sample).
-Image editing is in progress. Should be done in a matter of another week.
I'll add some more detailed information in the near future.


Menu Page 1

Menu Page 2



-1 Editor
This is the most important post I want to fill. I need an extremely reliable person with the means to ideally communicate with the team -especially me - on a daily basis, preferably on Skype. This is because I don't want the editor to simply mechanilly go over the raw translation, I want cooperation. To achieve the best possible results, it is often advisable or useful to discuss and talk through things dynamically as issues/question arise on either side. Perfect english is indispensable, a decent talent for writing is strongly desired.
-1 Translator
If possible, I'd like to have a second translator to handle 1-2 of the routes. However, I'll go without one just fine if no one meets my requirements. There is not really much to say in terms of general requirements since I'll have a test ready for that purpose. Either the test is passed or not. Simple enough.
However, there are two important points that are partly unrelated to jp proficiency itself you should keep in mind so that neither of us ends up wasting his time.
1) You need to have solid confidence in your Japanese. I really love Urushibara Yukito's prosa and his writing talent in general, but if there is one flaw he has, it's his "sloppiness". There is quite a high amount of spelling errors (mainly kanji compounds) in IroSeka and other slips like using "yesterday" to refer to events that actually occurred two days before. So in short, you need to see all these slips and fix them autonomously.
2) You need to be really well-versed with IroSeka (and Hikari). If you once read it like two years ago and think it'd be fun to translate it, that's not enough. IroSeka is basically flooded with foreshadowing since the very beginning, most of it you don't even realize to be foreshadowing. Thus, it is required that you have a clear understanding of the whole plot in order to produce accurate translations. For instance, I've read both IroSeka and Hikari three times already, the last time only a couple weeks ago. On that occasion, I made lists of "important" lines and "key" lines. You'd be well-advised to organize your thoughts in a similar fashion.


The Team


  • akerou


  • Siegfried

Image Editing

  • ayase

Tools & Hacking

  • binaryfail
  • akerou
  • rr-



Are you also going to translate Irotoridori no Hikari?

--That's the plan, yes.


(Gonna update this as other questions arise)


Contact me

Email: [email protected]

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Indeed. What greater motivation could there be than Shinku? I personally think that's not even possible.

How about 2 Shinkus :D


I'm happy that you don't look like a group that will just disappear like some groups do.

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How about 2 Shinkus :D


I'm happy that you don't look like a group that will just disappear like some groups do.


I don't know whether my heart is ready for two Shinkus.


Anyways, as long as no drastic changes occur in my private life, which is extremely unlikely until I get my master degree, this project should be on the safe side and completed by Q3/Q4 next year.

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I..................am speechless....



I wish this project the best and hope to see it completed.



Ps: There's a 3rd Shinku Game named after her theme. "Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai"

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Ps: There's a 3rd Shinku Game named after her theme. "Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai"


I was aware of that from the very second it was officially announced by favorite and had my hopes up for that possibility ever since Urushibara Yukito made some statements that slightly implied that we may see some more Shinku content (Also, best promo vid EVER).


However, it's still a long road until IroSeka (and Hikari) are fully translated, so it's indeed rather pointless to talk about that. To begin with, I'd need to survive the emotional torture of translating the Shinku af first. The very thought of that is enough to make my stomach hurt.

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