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  1. happy that what you said was true hoping they'll do sugoi ecchi too
  2. nice to see that there is an update no matter what it is good luck!
  3. a little disappointed that the release was moved to 8 months better give in on watching the anime then
  4. respect to all translators out there doing this for the love of spreading VNs to the community! i think people should just shut up if they are not going to say something good it is fine if they are part of the translation group but if not there are good ways to voice your criticism
  5. hoping that after noble works, which is a great christmas gift btw, we will hear some great news about amairo too
  6. well as far as i can remember staircase subs also had a survey on valentines about the fate of dracu-riot and nothing came out of it
  7. thank you SpecterZ for the weekly update, you never miss a week even if its an update about not having an update
  8. an update about nothing to update! thanks for the update!
  9. hoping you'll find a new slave, i mean a new TLC.. thanks for the update and good luck!
  10. good luck on the project! you guys really love the name yuuma huh
  11. the one that really frustrates me the most was dracu-riot i really want to know miu's route... and mashiro iro got my attention when the anime did not focus on airi
  12. currently i am trying to learn the language oh yeah, never crossed my mind did you attend a course or self study? i really admire those who are multilingual
  13. there are lots of translation project currently active right now, but what are those that you really wish got fully translated? i can name a few of course: Dracu-riot! Mashiro Iro Symphony
  14. episode 2 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku love the piano version of yukitoki
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