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  1. Otome * Domain Traslation Project

  2. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Then you have no logical reason to oppose. If you oppose that then you essentially become a hypocrite since homophobes use the same argument. Only criteria I would implement would be no children due to lack of biological diversity, children deformed ect. I'm a physicist so my principles are simple. Logical foundation with evidence.
  4. Is this not good? Got a link to your review?
  5. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    WAIT NEWRIN IS GETTING TRANSLATED?! WOOOOOO Newrin has very unique eye art as well. Also.... for those who have played it... I am still traumatised by the chemist's H scene xD
  6. Little busters PE is on steam

    Is the LB fan translated or steam translation better?
  7. Himouto Umaru-chan "Stole" Otome Domain's UI

    Parody should reference the material, an easy example would be when references are made with a small *beep* censor in other anime or WcDonalds/Mcbonalds BragonDall ect... In the first place it was parodying VNs not Otome*domain so why steal Otome*Domain's art? They could have just as easily come up with some random UI screen. If the parody had something to do specifically with Otome*domain then I would be more likely to forgive them but this is a bit too much?
  8. Chiitrans Issue

    krkrz? H-code? ITH? Can't quite understand but from what I know you're suggesting using ITH to hook to the VN then use Chiitrans to translate that? AKA use ITH as an inbetween? I can use VNR to get text but how do I get Chiitrans to use that from VNR since I only know how to use it to connect to VNs.
  9. Chiitrans Issue

    Got another problem with Chiitrans here. Chiitrans does not seem to pick up text from Senran Banka (千恋*万花) Im sure my Chiitrans is working since I tested it with 3 other VNs and it picks up those text fine. It seems to only not work with this game and I have no idea why
  10. Is Eromanga going to reverse this? Because I think it's genuinely good too. It's a really fun ride to take. Waiting on S2 while reading the LN. Wonder how they'll handle Eromanga
  11. Erm.... you do realize the popular opinion is that it's shit right? Like it's been memed to hell as THE shit anime xD Will Further recommend Kodomo No Jikan. Builds an interesting premise and develops it well. Though would prefer a slower ending since the end seemed a bit rushed. @ittaku It's hard to put much weight to your argument when your signature says "Lolis are life. Lolis are love. " Worth noting his bias but he did give points in his statement besides his bias and even acknowledged it. "Also, I'd dare people to read Kodomo no Jikan. I know people see this manga as lolicon fanservice fodder (it is, in some ways). But reading it unravels a story about different forms of love, relationships, and the challenges of being an educator. The issues that it tackled just cannot be tackled in any other setting." Dismissing his argument based on his signature is a logical fallacy. More specifically an Ad Hominem Though if I misinterpreted it, and it was suppsed to be a joke then... whoops
  12. It all comes back to the quality of those choices and what it does in the story. If the VN has a ton of choices that just lead to the exact same standard bad end at meaningless places in the story then I don't find that meaningful. On the other hand something like CLANNAD nails it well by having an abundance of choices but at the same time making a lot of silly routes with those choices which makes them interesting to go into. Or something like those battle royale VNs where a ton of choices are given to a bad end but in this case it is meant to help immerse you in that life or death situation and letting you see what happened if you made that choice allowing the player to feel more immersed. The thing is you can't view number of choices as a measure of how good or bad a VN is. It is essentially a feature of the game And thus, a feature is rarely how you should judge a game but rather the IMPLEMENTATION and PURPOSE of said feature and how it effects you enjoyment is what should be taken into account. A battle royale VN would likely benefit from an abundance of choices seeing as how it helps aid immersion while a simple Slice of life would likely benefit having less as I personally would prefer to have a smooth reading experience rather than constantly making choices. Mr Poltroon makes many valid points and I agree with him as well that the question is vague.