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  1. No lolis 0/10
  2. Take a joke xD
  3. Immersion VNs have a nice way of keeping the atmosphere and the length of VNs makes the stories flesh out more and feel more relaxed. I actually moved to VNs because I found anime too rushed and fast. VNs on the other hand can talk about things as long as they want and makes me feel immersed and feel as though you're talking with random friends rather than reading a story.
  4. From what I know it's cause Monobeno had too much loli in it. But then again Maitetsu also has a lot of lolis so I'm not too sure. Wait who bankrupted. Chuable or MG? I though both were still doing well.
  5. Oh... Well I'm speculating it's because of Monobeno's success. Seems weird otherwise since Lose has only produces so few titles. Also I'm still waiting for someone to pick up on https://vndb.org/v15485 I really want to read it.... I swear to god Rinne is the wittiest most sarcastic heroine I've ever encountered
  6. Maitetsu is another on my list. Can someone explain to me why Lose's works are well known? I haven't read Monobeno but from what I heard, Maitetsu is being translated because Monobeno was a huge success?
  7. Oh great they increased the chances or SR and I still only get a 1SR and 2SR pull.... really.......
  8. Ok fk me I might as well quit again... 2 10+1 draws..... 3 SRs...0 SSR 0 UR
  9. Just tried NicoPM.Can say it's definitely the most fun song I've played this far. Still a bit too easy though. ( Even though I got like 8 misses on my first attempt -.-' ) I think I would prefer 14*s if there ever comes such a difficulty. But still very fun though especially the swipe notes. Considering how many notes there are FCing this is going to be ridiculous but it's not super hard to play which makes it a fun challenge. Which other ones are hard? I wanna try them if they are as fun as this. My twin!!! Have you FCed it yet?
  10. Wait Wait Wait...... SEKAI IS DOING 2 YUZUSOFT TITLES? Senran Banka and Dracu Riot?!
  11. Wondering if I should get back too... Just started watching LLS. And apparently there's now SSR and Master level songs? Also are there any 13*+ songs?
  13. Welp time to add my bit. Going all in for the Dakimakura.
  14. Just......wut...... I need an adult.... or at least someone who can understand what's going on Are they making a english VN of this or a movie or............wat