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  1. N1 is really up there though.... But I would say at least a N3 but preferably a N2. Just cleared my N5 a while ago can say not much help haha
  2. The reputation is that the fan translation was inaccurate..... Anyone who read the original can confirm with an example? I saw quite a few odd sentences but nothing severe but then again my Jap is very basic
  3. Usually 1st 48 hours is a big rush. It's uncertain if they will hit it
  4. I DEMAND EH TRANSLATION :OGUDLIEDYCFUVKLE:XOLUFWCUZGV:IEXLSWVGHOLYIVWHLBZJ Also does anyone know what tapestry they are going to give??
  5. Casuals have been spotted
  6. Where is this from xD
  7. I demand research materials
  8. Totally legit and feasible idea: Buy from Japan
  9. Hey twin! I finally found a song that I can't play!
  10. Bump. Anyone willing at all?
  11. I suppose you are also going to buy it by hoping it turns up on YA?
  12. Looking at your signature I think I'm going to have some competition buying it
  13. That's the assumption that someone will resell it.