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  1. Is there a need to play the 1st game before playing Alternate? And if there is no real need, is there at least some benefit? For example extra lore/referances ?
  2. After playing a bit more I found like another 10+ lines that were missing
  3. I thought it was only the H scenes cut but it looks like they also cut a lot of other dialogue. Here's one I found. They skipped this line
  4. I second this. Best Imouto
  5. I found some fanart of a VN that barely has any fan art. However, I can't find the source/ Artist for the images. Not sure if it's correct section. Mods feel free to move it
  6. 1. Become an immortal loli 2. ???? 3. I'm quite happy being a loli tbh
  7. Thanks for the update. Though I should mention the message you quoted me was from more than a year ago xD P.S Minato best girl
  8. @Swim Swim Director’s Cut and Censorship: You will have the ability to choose between a Director's Cut without censorship or the Standard Version containing censorship. Please check laws, regulations, and rules regarding importation and legality in your region. From a recent update. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solpress/irotoridori-no-sekai-a-visual-novel-by-favorite/posts/2413566?ref=activity
  9. Reading it a bit seems ok though I did spot an "error". Non-retard units please xD Other than that it's a bit liberal for me but then again it's just my opinion. For example, 尊敬 has a more nuanced meaning for respect which doesn't really come across here. Incredible just seems.... generic. Again just my opinion. It's definitely way above hoshimemo standards.
  10. Anyone know how the translation is like? Sekai project's translations aren't always up to par.*cries in Hoshimemo*
  11. I want that dinner D: Would be very insightful. Have a a lot of questions for him and Urushibara. Fan translations are a bit unreliable and there's also this quote from the kickstarter page "In the case that the sequels are not funded, we will seek to fund them through alternative means." I still hope it gets funded to Akai so it can be done asap
  12. ???? You do realize the source material is censored right???? It's Japan's law to have them censored. I assume we are talking about VNs from Japan here. If the source material has mosaics and the localization has mosaics it makes no difference here. Additionally, it's not always possible to get the non-mosaic CGs. I don't know if you know this but a lot of the time the artists making it know it has to be mosaics and thus don't actually draw the mosaic parts fully. Thus the "original non-mosaics" sometimes don't even exist even within the Japanese company. Also you kinda contradicted yourself? All-ages has plenty of censorship in re-phrasing more lewd jokes, cutting some non-H CGs and changing other lines. For example ニュートンと林檎の樹. Also, I'm not sure what VNs you've been reading but the first H-scenes are rarely at the end of the story.... They are very commonly during the middle of heroine routes or hell, again in ニュートンと林檎の樹's case or like noble works or plenty of Yuzusoft games though one can argue yuzusoft has no story xD have H scenes at the beginning of the routes. The topic you are bringing up is a consensus shared by many here that we don't want censorship in our games. The thing is, mosaics are not a censorship by the new publishers. It's from the source. What that Reddit post and everyone else is concerned about is the that publishers will change the source material by censoring certain things and changing the source material. And again, since mosaics are already in the source, it's not a valid argument. Edit: Basically we want to say to publishers "Hey, you see these lines in Japanese? Make them English and don't do anything else" And if it's originally mosaic and it's released mosaic then I don't see where this "censorship" you're talking about is at. You are essentially getting what the Japanese players got originally. Isn't that what you want? If you say hey I want you to unmosaic this then I get worried since they might think " hey since I'm changing something lets also change even more things" and that's where I get my pitchforks.
  13. ^ This Seriously it's not a nukige. If mosaics are a priority for you go look some nukige with 1000 H scenes. If you want an amazing story then back this. Seriously, this and I've just read a bit of Sakura Moyu. Also an amazing VN by them. @Swim Swim On a more helpful note. Just ask Sol press directly if the director's cut = uncensored http://discord.gg/hrcAzxq
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