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  1. For those interested, you can find our latest update here: http://shinku-translations.net/
  2. Progress Update #1 Just 11 more common route chapters to go ;p
  3. It's strange that so few people know and appreciate this title. I read it two years ago and judging by the sales, it didn't really fly in Japan either. Probably precisely because it's intellectual and demanding, consequently betraying the expectations of the type of audience that approaches debut works of companies. Glad to see someone else enjoy this little hidden gem.
  4. I cringe as well when I read through the early versions of the first scripts, which is a good sign in itself I guess. Things like you mentioned happen when you're "out of touch" with the language you translate into, meaning you lack that 'cringe' you inherently experience when you read a line that sounds awkward in your native language. It really helps to have people bluntly state their opinion, so I appreciate your complaints ;p
  5. It was a fun ride. We have week #65 and finally, I can officially announce that SakuSaku is fully translated. I put up a somewhat longish post concerning my motivation, what I got out of working on this project and little something regarding the 'schedule' from this point on here.
  6. And here it is, update week #63 The next one will be the last translation update, almost there!
  7. Glad you enjoyed it. Most of these "basic errors" and other issues should be fixed in the final version. The partial patches are just raw translation with rather light editing and are mostly meant as a preview. And here goes the update for week #61 I guess I didn't state it on fuwa, so for those that wondered why there was no update for 4 weeks rather than 2 as would have been usual; I was on vacs for a little more than a week and wasn't able to translate during that time. I'll do my best to finish the translation before October.
  8. The very instant the date changed in japan, Urushibara-sensei goes... Happy birthday Shinku
  9. Week #53 is here and we're getting close to the finish line. Just a bit longer Shinku, I'm coming~
  10. There IS a Shinku figure although it's not an official one https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50106088/Shinku/lrg142038_0_1024561.jpg As for dakis, there is a jp page that prints custom daki pillows for you as long as you send them correctly sized images. There are also a LOT of other shinku related goddies. Teacups, bathtowels, mousepads, pens, pencil cases, iphone/smartphone cases etc.... however, most if it are limited goddies that were only on sale at past comikets.
  11. Oh gawd, I'm ashamed of myself that I don't already have that amazing wallscroll in addition to my shinku dakis, figures and posters. It should go without saying that I've pre-ordered the special edition of Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai to get that godly Shinku plushy. I wouldn't be able to live on with the knowledge that it exists without me owning it myself. I hear on the 21st, Urushibara Yukito is gonna post a special illu in honour of Shinku's birthday. I gonna have hotcakes for sure on that day. Also, just to let you all know since I didn't post any updates or anything, sakusaku is gonna be done some time by the end of august. I'll then proceed to immediately focus on iroseka. So far, I haven't really come around to translate much of the first chapter, but at least, the staff is more or less "finalized" by now. Well, that's except for a capable 2nd translator, which I honestly don't even expect to appear anyway.
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