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  1. Is the Summer release dream still alive? time will tell
  2. Prepare yourself for "when is it going to be finished" and "are you going to be translating Majikoi A-2" type questions
  3. Will you be doing this same-style translating for the other routes (since there's no telling if insem actually translated them)?
  4. Thank you for introducing me to a new artist/genre here, definitely thumbing up and subscribing for you
  5. best of luck, Specter. That's all I can really offer you, unfortunately
  6. I've been following you guys' twitter for a while and I'm really excited for this project! The demo's definitely on my to-play list
  7. well I'm glad progress is still being made! I was a little worried for a while but I see it's alright now
  8. This still helps whenever I need to write essays for school or just for fun
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