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Found 135 results

  1. Hidamari no Kioku, Spanish Translation (Español) For: Pc and Android ¡Hola a todos!, hace poco terminé de traducir: Hidamari no Kioku (ヒダマリノキオク), así que pensé en compartirlo con ustedes. Hello everyone, I recently finished translating: Hidamari no Kioku (ヒダマリノキオク), so I thought about sharing it with you. VNDB https://vndb.org/v14401 En general, el juego tiene una sola ruta. Sin embargo, posee dos modos de juego: Perspectiva del MC e historia completa (contiene el 100% de CG). Lo traduje usando Ren’Py, así que compilé una versión para móviles/tablets/TVs con Android. Staff All things: Aduneroh Lo traduje solo, y me tomó poco más de año y medio... descansando y tal. Descarga/Download https://mega.nz/#F!4MQ0CB7S!TWCXvKedr2isLlYHR8yzRg En la carpeta mega encontrarán el juego en su versión pc (windows/linux) y su versión android (.apk), así como también un .txt con la contraseña para descomprimir los .rar. Instalación Para la versión pc: Solo descomprimir y ejecutar el exe. Para la versión android: Descomprimir, copiar e instalar el .apk. En ningún caso requiere la instalación de programas adicionales. Género/Genre (Muy importante, Very Important) Netorare (NTR) Luego no digan que no les avisé. Then do not say I did not warn you. Password Aduneroh Por si les da flojera descargar el .txt o si se les agota la tasa de transferencia en mega... yo que sé. Correo de Contacto Aduneroh@gmail.com Por si tienen dudas, comentarios, etc. Sin nada más que agregar, espero que lo disfrutéis.
  2. Kirigiri Sou VNDB Project team It will just be me for now because I want to try hacking a game by myself, just to have some sort of accomplishment I guess haha. Unless I get stuck to the point where I can't progress and nothing else is an option or someone else wants to join. Progress First of all I don't know where to start. This is my first time attempting anything like this because I want to try and be able to hack into games. I have minimum knowledge on how these types of projects work. I know hex editing is involved where you look at compiled code and change specific values in order to change string output. That's as far as I know. And from what I can tell with this game, when the .exe file is opened in a hex editor, no human readable text is visible. First roadblock: Find a way see decode the script and figure out how to change the string values. I have a solid understanding of Japanese already. I've played through the game multiple times already. There's nothing I don't understand in the written text. I will also need to figure out how to extract assets from the main menu, translate them, edit the assets into english, and re-encrypt them. Typing this out made me realize that this is probably impossible. But hey, I have nothing to lose, and it will be a great learning experience I hope. I'll definitely be asking for help a whole lot in the Fan Translation Discussion forum when I get to work on the meat of the project. In the meanwhile I will be searching google for guides on more in depth hex editing tutorials.
  3. EDIT: Due to Fuwa anti-piracy rules this thread's usefulness was quite limited, since we couldn't ask for any files that we needed for further compatibility testing and the like. I'd say even posting direct links to our patch here was questionable to begin with, since it's not that different from the abovementioned files that we were asking for. So in the end we decided to remove all links from here and move our main release thread to Reddit: LINK That's where all further updates will be posted, so make sure to follow us there. I'll ask mods to lock this thread, since MeruP won't be checking it anyway, so all feedback should be posted on Reddit instead (we also have a dedicated thread for reporting bugs and other issues).
  4. Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi No - VNDB Link A translation project by Inbou Translations OP: VN Description: (VNDB Description with slight tweaking on my part. Sorry for it being so awkward to read) Team: Project Leader/QC - @VirginSmasher , yours truly. Translator - @ittaku Translator - @Hasa Editor - @Pomelo TLC - (Position yet to be filled) QC - (Positions yet to be filled) Extra TLC - @Clephas Hacker - @Porygon2 Image Editor - @Blake Translation Example: Recruitment Live Translation Updates can be found here - https://cookie4.com/projects/haruuru/progress/ Well, that's all I have to say for now. I'm pretty passionate about making this project succeed and we just need some more help on this project than we currently have. That being said, I will catch up with you guys soon.
  5. Since herkz dropped Mahoutsukai no Yoru for translation. People forgot about it. Which sucks because this game is worth the translation. So, I have a weird idea. We can crowd source the translation. Like we could put it on GitHub or something and translate what’s left of it. If you don't like this idea, how about we see how Mirror Moon is doing since I think they did a fantastic job with Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime. Or we could ask one of the bigger publishers like manga gamer to pick up the license. It will just be damn shame that this game remains inaccessible because of language barriers. I don't know how to translate, but I do know how to code and get shit done.
  6. Good evening people! I am currently translating Demonbane into portuguese, and unfortunately it uses Shift-Jis in all of the text. And this coding does not accept any of the special characters my language has (ç, á, à, ê, ã, etc). I have already been told I can modify a font to make another character Shift-Jis accepts to look like one of the special ones above. Demonbane also lets me change the font in one of its 'sys' files. Well, the thing is I managed (at least I think I did) to change a few characters to look like the ones I need. I saved the modified font, instaled it and set it in Demonbane configs. But it simply does not work. I used FontForge to do it. Can anyone give me any tips on how to do this? Edit: Oh, I tried changing characters in MS Gothic, the game's original font, and also Meiryo, which is pretty much the same as MS Gothic, but none of them worked.
  7. In all of these fan attempts, one fan patch, and Commie's silence on their entire Mahoyo project........here's my attempt, with the objective being: to finish it! A modern-day teen witch becomes friends with an old-fashioned teen witch, and meets a boy hailing from the incredibly rural mountainside. And with that, the magic begins. ...Polishing it to a nice sheen with respects to its own gem of just your typical slice of life shoujo with a heaping whopper of magic thrown in so dazzling we have to stop and admire the assembly of a spectacular lightshow presented in visual novel format. Thanks Kirikiri! *heaves, out of breath* In all seriousness: I have always loved this linear yet beautiful visual novel, so happened to be published by the company that released Tsukihime and the more renowned Fate/stay Night. It was a surprise to see that for once, this was for all ages. Not only is it pretty in visual terms (and I mean the art has improved), but the music is just fluid and breath-taking when accompanying the story. Props to Hideki Fukasawa, it's like the VN was made for his music. Or is it the other way around?? Let it not be said that creator and co-founder of Type Moon, Kinoko Nasu, doesn't drop a few ero jokes regarding Mahoyo. Maybe at some point, I'll share his comments going through the script files, cause it can get laugh out loud funny what he inserts for every semicolon. The only person on this ship is its captain, and the captain sure likes to do all of the ff: 1) Translation 2) Accuracy check 3) Proofread 4) Edit 5) Code Patch for chapters 1-5 will be up soon! Given the length of time spent ensuring the word wrap sticks, several days from now! Look forward to it!
  8. Project Introduction AstralSword, yes, me. VN link in VNDB. Visual Novel information En-- VN heavily based in the Cthulhu Mythos (Lovecraftian lore). Also Mecha and Magic. Pt-- VN fortemente baseada no Mito de Cthulhu (conteúdo Lovecraftiano). Também Mecha e Magia. Staff or Team Members AstralSword Honorable mention: Xander (your font saved my bacon) Progress Geral: 4,58% NSS Files Translated: 37/807 Quality Check/Special characters imput: 20/807 Common Route -Introduction/Introdução -------------------------------------------------------01/01 Concluído/Finished -Cap 01 -------------------------------------------------------17/17 Concluído/Finished -Cap 02 -------------------------------------------------------14/17 Em andamento/On going -Cap 03 -------------------------------------------------------00/32 Em andamento/On going -Cap 04 -------------------------------------------------------00/25 Em andamento/On going -Cap 05 -------------------------------------------------------00/11 Em andamento/On going -Cap 06 -------------------------------------------------------00/15 Em andamento/On going -Cap 07 -------------------------------------------------------00/23* Em andamento/On going *Chapter 07 starts each heroine's routes/O capítulo 07 define o inicio das rotas de cada heroína Al-Azif Route --- Hadou Ruri Route --- Leica Route --- Recruitment Not yet. Hot News EN-- Translation of the second chapter is almost finished, and pretty much all character lines have voices on them, except maybe two lines, which do not exist in the PS2 game (I was able to get my hands on it, so I check the PS2 version for missing stuff). There was also a scene in which the script in the PC version did not have 2 of 3 minor characters screaming, only one of them. Since it does not hurt to have the 3 of them screaming, and the voices are there to use, I put those lines in the translation. If I find more, I will see what is best to do. PT-- A tradução do segundo capítulo está quase concluída, com basicamente todas as falas com vozes, talvez com a exceção de duas falas que não existem na versão de PS2 (a qual consegui, e utilizo para poder conferir o que está faltando na de PC). Há também uma cena que na versão de PS2 3 personagens dão um grito, e na de PC isso ocorre apenas com um deles. Como não atrapalharia em nada ter os 3 gritando e as vozes estavam disponíveis, acrescentei essas falas à tradução. Caso encontre mais, verei o que é melhor.
  9. Good afternoon, my dear VN readers/translators. I am not too cocky to actually call what I am doing a real translation project of sorts, but please bear with me for a few minutes of your time. I am messing around with nss files, containing the scripts for Demonbane, JAST USA version. My mother language is portuguese, and we do have acute accents, cedillas, tildes on top of vogals, and circumflex accents (in order: é, ç, ã, ê). I am no programmer, but I learn fast. While I was able to extract nss files from the nss.npa, change the english text to portuguese, and recompile it back into nss.npa, all these characters simply disappear. Here's an example: Lets say, the word "Operação" becomes just "Operacao" in the game. I am editing the nss files using Notepad++, BTW I believe french has almost all of these special characters, but I am at a loss on what to do to make those characters appear, since I already tried formatting the nss to OEM 863: French, to no avail. Thanks in advance to whoever bothers to anwer this humble thread of mine.
  10. Tenkiame Translation Project

    Tenkiame Game Name: Tenkiame | 天気雨 | Sun Shower Developer & Publisher: GumiSoft (one of InterHeart’s subsidiaries; parent company mostly makes short nukige games) Duration: Approximately 10 hours or so; about 12k lines, give or take 1000 Genre: heartwarming romance VNDB Link Official Website Game Synopsis In the middle of summer vacation, the protagonist receives news that his grandfather had fallen ill. Taking the place of his busy parents, he travelled a bit reluctantly to his grandparents’ home. Luckily, his grandfather’s situation wasn’t serious, and he spent time with his grandmother, who he hadn’t seen in a long time. She mentioned that the greenery in the area will soon disappear as it is razed for urban development. He lamented that it was a sign of the times. As he sat on the porch, feeling the cool breeze and listening to the soothing sound of the swaying wind chimes, he thought it was a very comfortable feeling. He noticed a small girl next to him, basked in the gentle sunlight. He was captivated by her beautiful hair, ears and smile. This is the beginning of a small love story with an innocent and curious white fox and a quiet and meddlesome fox. Staff Project Leader: @Narcosis Translator: le watashi TLC: MvP. (Thanks for helping us!) Editor: Apoc Rage QC's: Nanon, Arcadeotic, Major Popinfresh. Alpha Testers: won't mention names for now but they'll be revealed at some point. Reasons for this are personal ones. Honourable mentions go to @AtomCrafty and @binaryfail. Thanks for helping us, guys. Information The team has been gathered and everyone is ready to work. The TLC we’ve been looking for has been found and everything seems to be going smoothly so far. Thanks to Arcadeotic and his team, we’ve been able to get some help with the English side of things and Euphemic Translations will be providing us with an Editor and several QC’s that we would’ve needed sooner or later. Thanks, Arcadeotic, and thanks everyone who is now involved in the translation with us. About the progress We currently sit at around 75% approximately in the common route. The common has 4800 lines. Once the common is done we'll take care of individual routes, with each being more or less the same length as the common route. FAQ Q: Is there any way to know the progress whenever I want? A: Just ask me and I'll answer with the current progress. Q: What is your translation speed? A: 100 lines per day except weekends since I don't translate in weekends, so you can technically calculate the precise amount of days I'll take to complete this (too lazy to do it myself though, lol.) Q: When will the patch be out? A: The translation will be done in a year, more or less, and the patch? I don't fucking know. Q: No, but seriously - when will be the patch done? A: When it's done™ Q: Why are you not looking for help in regards to more translators? A: For now I think that translating alone will help the style of the game being the same one. It's not a long game, and with two guys working on it it might be overkill, but if you know Japanese and feel like you can do it PM me. Tldr I'm not in a need of a helper in that sense at the moment. Q: Do you even have a team name? A: Yes, it's "N A N I 1 1 Translations." Q: Do you have a website? A: Yes, it's developed, but it won't be showed until the trial version is out. Q: Can you show proof that you're translating it, aka Images and that stuff? A: Whenever we can, for now I'll just say that it's something in progress. Q: Can I donate to you? A: Thanks you. (But no, don't even think about doing that in your life, okay?) Q: Will you release a style guide (aka whether I'm taking out honorifics or not, let's get real)? A: Yes, but once the project is more developed. Anyways, that was all. If there's anything else needed to be said then I'll just update the thread later, and by later I mean way later, so yeah. Thanks for reading so far and god bless you all.
  11. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration 1. VN Info 2. Synopsis 3. VN OP 4. Project Introduction 5. Staff 6. Recruitment 7. Progress 8. Asking for Feedback
  12. I want to translate Baku Ane, and its sequel. I've been looking for the tools to extract the scripts. Can anybody help me, or give me a general idea of what to do?
  13. Hello, I don't know if I should write this here... Ehm, the point is... I'd like to extract Honeycomb Bingo Deluxe's and Umisen Yamasen's, both bara novels (Muscular BL), scripts but I'm unable to do so because I don't have enough knowledge. My main problem is the encryption in both of these games. Honeycomb Bingo Deluxe is a 2008 Kirikiri VN with a *.tpm encryption. Whenever I try to extract the files inside, out of 19,193 I always get around 18,500 files. This is done with: KrkrExtract, kiri_sm.exe and GARbro. Most of them are the images. KS files, a few have few lines, but I believe those are for events, rather the main files and the configuration files. Because of the year it was published, I don't think it's the new kirikiriZ engine, so I guess I'm safe from that devil (which I've read is a nuisance). But the encryption. The damn encryption it's nowhere to be found... yet. Basing myself out of this comment made by morkt in May, I believe the encryption for this game is only a filter. And although I've tried to follow his steps on to how to get there, I don't really see any patterns in the HEX viewers... Not even found the Function he talks about in the DLL, using Dependency walker... But it seems easy, or at least that's how he paints it. There's also Marcusacana's posts in LionCash's Github, he removed or at least got the hands on a clean extraction of Nekopara's script. But I haven't contacted him on how he did it. Umisen Yamasen, in the other hand, is a FamousWriter0191 VN. The SDK is lost, I couldn't find anything of it... not even the SDK or manuals... Instead, I found some extraction tools for FamousWriter0310 made by lennylxx for Handsome Academy. When I tried to use them, well, I got hit immediately by a wall. I didn't even knew which way to divide the src.fwd file. And so I asked. Which let me even further. I divided in six parts, and I was able to distinguish the offsets. And I was even able to parse out the voice file list, which got me excited! But when I had to parse the file... Well... nothing good happened. The parse.exe would hang and it'd create a bigger and bigger file. Thinking that maybe I had mistakenly compiled the .cpp, I remembered Hatoful Boyfriend was made in the same engine, and sadly (for me) the same version. So when I tried to run the parse.exe with the trial src.fwd it worked, without problems! (Or it seems, I think the scripts are aren't really complete... But I don't really know, I haven't read Hatoful or Handsome). And now, well, I can't get past this encryption either because even though I know where the scenario file starts... I don't know what's the offset, padding, encryption key, etc. And so, I made this post because I wanted some help. I wanted someone to do it, or help me do it, teach me how to... I even tried reading both of Nakamura's articles about visual novel hacking. But I couldn't really follow it, not even for the simple UmiYama VN. I got to the part of entities, but because the src.fwd file is encrypted I didn't saw anything he did, all I saw was gibberish, and got stuck. I'm still trying, but without a real sense of direction... I don't know what steps to take... That's why I want some help. Thank you for reading.
  14. [TR] BakaYume Çeviri Ekibi olarak bir görsel romanı daha Türkçe olarak sizlerle buluşturacağımız için çok sevinçliyiz. Türkçe yama Steam sürümüyle uyumludur Türkçe yama v1.0 yayınlandı! [EN] We're proud to announce that, as BakaYume Translation Team, we'll bring you this visual novel in Turkish in form of a language patch. The patch is compatible with the Steam version Turkish patch v1.0 is released!
  15. Hello all. For the last year I have been trying to start on this project. It's been a long bumpy road. This started as a "VNR" translation. But it has now become a full patch. We are currently looking for a translator. If you are interested, please message me.
  16. "Hello everyone, I come with a translation project And it is the visual novel "Otome Domain" Vndb: https://vndb.org/v18149 Description from VNDB: thinks about how he was blessed to have family, but dryly laughs about how he’ll need to take care of himself now. However, during the funeral of his grandmother, someone named Kazari approaches him and offers to admit him into a prestigious school, in addition to providing him a place to reside. Minato immediately and thankfully takes up on this offer, but soon realizes that the Suzu Academy is an all-girl’s school, and the "ojou-sama" that he’ll be residing with has flaws of their own which really shattered his expectation for a high-class lady. "I have already managed to modify the texts." "I do not speak japanese" Staff: Project leader: Harushio Hacker: Harushio Traslator: searching Editor: searching TLC: searching QC: searching Beta tester: searching Contact: E-mail: projectgamerjapones@gmail.com discord: Harushio#1083 FAQ: Q: Where are the patches? A: You can find all and any available patches on the 'Downloads' page. Q: Can I beta test? A: Of course yes Q: I want to donate to you! A: Thanks you.
  17. Im sure this has been talked about plenty of times before but here's another thread trying to collect some translators to get this game out of translation hell. a couple of years ago i have been working on translations for this game with some others but over time it seems that everyone who was involved in the project has fallen out of contact or has given up entirely. i dont know japanese but i can make sense of rough translation and piece it together then pass it along to someone to input it to the game. for starters i would like to know the tool used to modify the exec.dat because whenever i add translated or modify text i get crashes and freezes using notepad++ or hex editing if theirs anyone who has a interest in this or has knowledge in this this is the right time.
  18. Ao no Kanata VN script

    Guys, I decided to try and translate Ao no Kanata visual novel. But I have no idea how to extract the script and then repack it from my pc. I tried various arc unpacking tools, but nothing worked. Can someone give me 'very detailed' tutorial on how to extract the script and repack it? I'll really appreciate it
  19. Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody Translation Project! Synopsis: Misaki is an aspiring pianist studying abroad in Germany, with the dream of someday playing the piano that his late father had built. One day, he received a call from his older sister Shiori who was the music teacher at Lilie Girls’ School. She told him that the lone piano that was entrusted to the school would be donated to the museum at the end of the year and asked him if he would take over as the music teacher while she goes on maternity leave. Presented with the opportunity to fulfill his dream, he decided to accept the position and returned to Japan. When he arrived at the school, he discovered that only students at the school have the chance of playing the piano, and only if they are selected to perform on it during the school festival. Thus, he must attend as a student while serving as a teacher. Of course, that means that he must dress as a girl. While he was afraid of the consequences if his secret got out, his desire to take advantage of this final chance made for an easy decision. And so begins his new life as a cross-dressing teacher and student. Opening Video: Staff: Translator: flowingcloud Editor: Xsspeed TLC: Katernum Programmer: binaryfail Helper: Senri Progress: Common Route: 0/4163 Chika Route: 0/3421 Kotone Route: 0/3148 Mia Route: 0/3512 Mizuho Route: 0/3447 Sayaka Route: 0/3756 Recruitment + Introduction of Myself: Hi, I'm flowingcloud, and some of you might of heard of me before. I translate a few novels at Yado Inn and I now want to pick up my first VN project. I love Ensemble games, but no one ever translates them. I decided to end that trend and translate Ensemble's Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody. Also, the girls are really cute! Every person counts in this translation effort! Recruitment Priority (in order from important to not as important): - Translator Well, translating a VN by yourself is...... time consuming. If you love cute girls (+ trap protagonist), this is the project perfect for you! As long as you can commit a tiny portion of your life to translating, you're welcome here! Also, I do have to translate novels as well, so I do feel like I'm overly ambitious. (I was about to pick a new novel project, but some other dude wanted to do it, so I was okay go ahead, so then I figured why not do a VN you like.) Ah, ah, ah, moving on with the real details, preferred you know Japanese. MTL is....... we can discuss this, but I'm not very approving of it. - Editors My English isn't perfect. Not top priority right now, since I haven't read gotten anything for you to work on. I hope your English is good. - TLC You're a proofread basically. I don't have an editor, so what are you checking? That's why this is lowest priority right now. I hope you can spot mistakes easily, and preferred you know Japanese, so you can catch my translation mistakes. - Programmer/Hacker Edit: Someone contacted me and helped me, thanks! You're still welcome to join, just contact me. Goal: Currently, my goal is finish Common Route by end of 2017 (this year) or sometime early 2018 (next year). My grand goal is to finish this project by the end of 2018, so maybe sometime December 2018. Disclaimer: I do not know how fast I can translate this novel, so these are just rough estimates for what I want as for a goal. Will be updated when I have better estimates. Contact Me: Email: flowingcloudd@gmail.com Discord: flowingcloud#2601 I preferred you send me an email or just message me on Discord. You can PM/DM me on Fuwanovels, but whether I respond or not...... Also, if I do not respond within a day, please message me again, because I might have missed your email/message. FAQ: None right now, since no one has asked any yet.
  20. あるいは恋という名の魔法 - Arui wa Koi to Iu Na no Mahou (Translation Project) ================================================== VNDB - https://vndb.org/v21121 Engine - 2XT - Pencil Adventure Engine ( [PJADV] Trial Edition Download on Mail Cloud or Getchu ================================================== Hello, guys! I need your help for engine work to paste the text and adapt trial version. I translated the whole demo version (in Russian), and I really don't know how to paste the text. I used arc_conv for extracting data, but it helps only for graphics and music, can't extract the scenario and translated it with separate text file with VNR extracting. I can't find anything on that site about Pencil Adventure Engine (PJADV). Seems like no one to work with that. Can anyone help me with that? Don't want to paste the translation with VNR. That's not good. Thank you very much! I know that trial version includes more that 5000 lines of text, I made a scenario file of that (not included H-scenes). You can download that and check, as a proof. Thanks again!
  21. Hello everyone, as I mentioned few times already our group (re)started the TL project on "Pure Pure: The story of ears and tails" after FOTS translations abandoned this project (got in touch with the head of the project, unfortunately he had to stop because he has too many real life issues...) This novel is really old one (published ~2004) so many of you won't know what is it about but people who were in touch with FOTS will know. =) As for now ~70% of the game has been translated so far (including the FOTS chapter 1 translation). I will post time to time in this topic but for people who are interested in this novel we created a simple FB page. I hope there is still someone who is looking forward to this novel, because this one has caught me so hard I decided to found a group and finish it. =) Me and Sachi wish you the best Aki Update - 04.19.2018 Game version: 18+ Necessary program edits to run the English version - Done (All credit goes to FOTS translations) Main menu - Done (All credit goes to FOTS translations) Extras - Done (All credit goes to FOTS translations) Translation: Chapter 1 - Re-translated - 0% Chapter 2 - Rough TL - Done, Proofreading ~ Done, Testing - 0% (Abyss Translations) Chapter 3 - Rough TL - Done, Proofreading ~ 0% (Abyss Translations) Hinata Route - 69,72% -> 79,58% (Abyss Translations) Tobari Route - 0% Bad Route- 0% Miwa Route - 0% Total Progress ~ 70,00% -> 72,20% (Rough TL) Please note that the total progress includes the FOTS' chapter 1. However we decided to adjust the 1st chapter so the writing style and the formatting is the same as it is in chapter 2+. More info can be found on our page. "Squares removal" patch (uncensoring) - In progress [This will be released as a separate patch as for someone might be uncensored nudity and sexual scenes inappropriate or offensive, also because some countries don't allow uncensored nudity by their law].
  22. Project introduction Description This is the first title by SWEET&TEA, a new sub-brand in the CLEARRAVE group. Shou and Ren arrived at a beautiful town full of colourful flowers. They met the three sisters Haru, Kotose and Yukina, who run the cafe “Famille”, and he starts working there in exchange for a bed to sleep in. In the middle of the night, Shou follows Haru far away from the town to a hill covered with flowers as far as the eye could see. He watched as a little girl whom Haru was embracing turned into a flower under the large moonlit tree. She noticed his presence and smiled lonesomely while looking fondly at the beautiful flowers in full bloom. “I have survived up till now in this world by doing this. But I still want to continue living… even if it’s in exchange for other people’s lives.” Shou looked up at the petals which fluttered down and responded: “No matter what this world forces upon you, no matter how many people won’t forgive you... I’ll still pray for this world to end.” [From Hau~ Omochikaeri!] VNDB link: https://vndb.org/v19658 Team members: Translator/Editor: コノエユメ Translator/Editor: ksmo Editor/QC: Goody10k Progress: 2212/18,461 Translated 923/18,461 Edited
  23. Hello Lady! Translation Project Recruitment VNDB Hello everyone, I am coming forth with a translation project that I’d love to make a reality. I’ve been a fan of Akatsuki Works for a very long time, love almost all of their titles and I’ve been waiting for three years now for someone to pick up Hello Lady! in order to translate it. However, no one picked it up and I thought it was about time for me to try my luck with it. So here I am, I’ve been preparing a lot of things since last week and I think I’m about ready to make my announcement. Because yeah, for now I’m all alone and if I’m making this post it’s mostly to see if there is anyone interested in helping me / seeing a Hello Lady! translation. If you’re looking for more information about the game, just browse the VNDB page: https://vndb.org/v13631 Current state I’d like to start by saying this, but unfortunately, I’m no translator and thus no progress on the translation have been made so far, however: I’ve spent the last week trying to extract the scripts and other files from the game, I’ve now figured how this all works and am able to extract everything without issue from the game. Despite a lot of trouble, I am now able to repack all kind of data inside the game (see the pictures at the end of this section) and there seems to be no issue with using English inside the game. I wrote a custom formatter to format the scripts into an easily readable format and scrapped everything useless from them, the scripts are now uploaded to my google drive as worksheets so they can be really easily edited and are stored in the cloud (I’m going to keep backups often though, just in case) So basically, I’ve done everything I could possibly do by myself. As I am not a native English speaker nor a Japanese speaker, I’d like to avoid doing any linguistic work (except proofreading for spelling mistakes and such). That being said, I’m not going to be completely useless during the whole project either, I can do a lot of small things on the side. As I said I can do some proofreading but I also have some skills in editing, not to the point of uncensoring of course, but I could edit the menus without too much trouble. Some images of the game with English text inserted: Here’s an approximation of the sentence count for each part of the game: Common Pershow (?) Tamao Sorako Eru Saku 5103 194 4040 3906 4563 6358 Not sure what Pershow is to be honest, anyway it’s very short. Recruitment As previously said, I would need to assemble a team in order to make this project a reality. If you want to volunteer, first thank you a lot, but then please contact me by private message here on Fuwanovel and not by responding to this thread. For now I am only looking for a translator (since nothing will be done without it) but I will open new positions as soon as a translator is found (if it ever happens ). Translators / Translation checkers I don’t really care about previous experience, what I’m looking for is someone serious about this (that can stay around for more than two weeks and who knows what they’re doing) and that have at least a few hours every week to give to the project, I don’t want this to drag on for years and I’d like to submit weekly updates as often as possible. That's all for the recruitment as of now. Final word Thanks to everyone who read up to this point, I hope that I’ll be able to found at least one translator because I’d really love to see this game translated. I’m going to check this thread and my Fuwanovel profile regularly from now on in hope to find a translator and I’ll update with new positions (Editing / QC) as soon as something happen, but please do not get your hopes up for now. - Azengar
  24. ☆ Introduction ☆ Kuroshitsuji: Phantom and Ghost was released for the Nintendo DS in 2009. The game follows an original story written by Yana Toboso. It's set in Brighton and includes two new game-only characters. Players can control either Ciel or Sebastian in a chose-your-own-adventure game featuring puzzles, mini games, and much loved characters. In other words; it's a MUST play for any fan of the series! Unfortunately despite the series being hugely popular, no effort was ever made to localise the game for the Western fandom to enjoy- something we're hoping to change. Our project has been running since November 16. ☆ Progress ☆ Extracting Text from the ROM - 100% Translation of Sebastian's Route- 92% Translation of Ciel's Route - 60% Translation of Bonus Content- 29 % ☆ Links ☆ Please visit out tumblr for more information about the project and team! Official Website For The Game English Wiki Page ☆ Recruitment ☆ We are currently seeking translators and translation checkers! Please get in touch by emailing phantomghosttranslations@gmail.com or sending a message through our blog! Our team has a dedicated but laid back work ethic, meaning you'll be free to choose when and what you'd like to work on. -- We're not from an established group, but a bunch of volunteers who banded together out of a love for gaming and this series. We hope you'll join us!
  25. Hello, I've been working on a translation project by myself, and things have been going well, however, when I tested the game out, the text was formatted strange. Rather than keeping words whole, the text is cut off where it fits (example below). Is there a simple way to stop the words from cutting off? The game's files are in xp3 (Kirikiri) format and the script files use the extension .ks. Thanks.