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  1. Aside from the "sighed" thing there's nothing wrong with that line. But even then, it's fairly obvious to see that it's a pun on side. As for why, I don't know, but it probably has something to do with the original pun being with "soba". The fourth one they just switched "I'm pitching to you" to "You're up to bat". Simple change, and this is done all the time in professional translations. As for the last one, I'm not sure what about it is "nonsense". The "side effect of intense aggression" is obviously referring to the からくるもの and not the サカリ part itself. If you look up to the SD ima
  2. Which of the screenshots are mistranslated? They look fine to me.
  3. Those are fairly common in moege, though. Boobs against glass and rooftop scenes. I can think of multiple games that have those tags but don't try to make their h-scenes "slutty". They're there to tease the idea of being seen, but they never are. Specifically in the scene with Yuzuyu, the protag tells her some guy "looks" like he might be looking their way, but that doesn't necessarily mean that person is. Oftentimes in these scenes the protag will tease the heroine by mentioning what ifs, and I've even seen instances of the protag tricking the heroine into believing someone's watching ju
  4. That might be because the teenagers in this game speak and act like dumb teenagers
  5. Because the MC being forced to watch a dude rape his girlfriend counts as NTR?
  6. Uhh, is this serious? You do know that all the NTR scenes in here are rape, right? So you're essentially calling them sluts for being raped...
  7. It's a short doujin VN that was released last year by Canvas Garden (a very popular doujin circle). So basically just think of what Nekopara was when it first released.
  8. Others had already mentioned that on our forums, but okay
  9. It didn't sell because it doesn't have widespread appeal. Keep in mind that Subahibi was released in Japan in 2010, and in that year, 46 other games outsold it (according to the getchu sales rankings). A lot of people seem to think that just because a game is regarded highly (kamige or w/e) means it sold like hotcakes in Japan. That's oftentimes not the case, it just means that a larger percentage of the people that played it loved it.
  10. I never said it wasn't nonsensical, I'm just repeating what I heard.
  11. Because they want to move away from porn. 2D porn featuring children is far from socially acceptable over there, and that affects their ability to work with certain companies (anyone remember the time they tried partnering with some railway company for some charity promotion or w/e, and they quit working with them after figuring out the type of games they make?). Of course, this doesn't mean they're not complete idiots, but I doubt they care one bit about people over here whining and yelling about it.
  12. Uhh, we're specifically talking about the elementary-aged girls in the game. What you're trying to say is that girls this age should be talking 'erotically.' Do you see what's wrong with that? Also, in case you're wondering, ochinchin is the Japanese equivalent of saying wee-wee or pee-pee. This is the kind of thing that small children will say. Here's your proof: https://www.weblio.jp/content/おチンチン Notice how it says 幼児語 which means 'baby-talk'
  13. Yeah those 10 year olds are being so unerotic so disappointed
  14. Yeah, let's single people out and make fun of them. Real mature. Especially when you have no evidence that this person is in any way responsible for the issues with the game (hint: they aren't).
  15. It's the opposite. The translation was based on the 18+ version, but in the process of integrating the console stuff into the 18+ version with the h-scenes removed (what ends up on steam), the console stuff ended up in the 18+ version with the h-scenes.
  16. https://denpasoft.com/blogs/news/announcing-a-new-upcoming-title rip
  17. Well, for starters, that sentence doesn't even make sense because it reads "Mother, am I able to turn on the television?" Second, it's douzo not dozoi.. And third, that's a very formal way to say that. A lot of people aren't going to speak to their parents like that. Here's what the actual lines were in Japanese テレビ付けていい? どうぞ Also for this "What I meant is the they took the original jap text and translate it in such a way that only a typical, say, US family would say and not a Japanese" Japanese families speak Japanese not English, so there is no 'way
  18. Hi, please do not spread misinformation. As far as I know, he never said 'multiple times' that he got into translation as a way to practice his English. What he did say was that he started SakuSaku as his first translation project so that he could improve his English writing abilities before tackling Irotoridori no Sekai (which is his favorite game). Which doesn't even have anything to do with his 'subpar' grasp of English. Who wouldn't want to practice something first before tackling something more difficult? If you want to make something as good as it can be then experience is kind of
  19. None of the mistakes where things that a native speaker would have been incapable of making.
  20. Not including the sex scenes with side characters in the main game, or the ridiculous amount of nudity in non h-cgs, and overtly sexual nature in the game as a whole. Just to put this into context, this is the game where a "funny scene" consists of an eel accidentally finding it's way inside your little sister's vagina while she's playing in the river, or a loli emperor who's only pastime is having nonstop sex with dogs. Do you really think they added all this stuff because they felt 'required' to lmao
  21. Plenty of companies get by perfectly fine with 1/2 h-scenes per heroine in their games. If Inre didn't want to include a ton of sex scenes in their game, they didn't have to. Remember, the requirement only says that you have to have sex scenes, it never says anything about quantity, or nudity in normal CGs. But that's beside the point. Stop claiming to know what the creators did or didn't want to do. This idea that you're throwing around, that these people hate sex scenes put only put them in because they're forced to is dumb. This industry has been around in Japan for 20+ years, and a l
  22. Have you even looked at this game lol At least 50% of the non h-cgs include nudity to some degree, plus super frequent bath scenes so they can show all the female characters naked constantly, and if that wasn't enough they created a fandisk for the game just for the sake of letting you fuck 10-15 more girls than in the original. I really doubt they'd do all this (especially in a very story-focused game) unless they wanted to.
  23. Jumping in this comment to just add that the editing for the all-ages script gets kind of lazy at points, especially with regards to Rusalka's curse. They left the conversation when she places it on Kei mostly unchanged, even though it creates a lot of inconsistencies. Like how Rusalka asks Kei if she's a virgin (why would she do that if the curse had nothing to do with sexual activity?), or near the end where they hint at certain things that Rusalka's doing in the school building at night. Specifically with regards to the latter point
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