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  1. Thanks Xionsprophecy. And happy birthday to Eclipsed.
  2. I am back. and now im gone. *poof*:ph34r:

  3. Did you try to use a newer/older version of the emulator to move past the loading screen? Usually that and/or turning off Hardware Transform fixes most of Dagan ronpa problems.
  4. Welcome to Fuwa.Enjou your stay.
  5. Welcome to Fuwa.Enjoy your time here.
  6. Welcome to the forums. My favourite visual novel would be G-senjou no Maou.
  7. Welcome to Fuwa.And enjoy your stay.
  8. Welcome to Fuwa.Nice to meet you too.
  9. Welcome to Fuwa.Enjoy your time here.
  10. Greetings, Welcome to Fuwa.Enjoy your time here.
  11. Welcome to Fuwa.Enjoy your stay.
  12. Welcome to Fuwa.Enjoy your stay.
  13. Asuho keeps slicing mare with a sword on my games
  14. Some quests give them, you get some while going through story and from some colisseum fights i believe. It does seem a bit lacking compared to the first game though.
  15. Conquest ending was the best ending. just kidding
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