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First round of forum and front site maintenance is done. More coming as soon as I can talk to Nay. If you need or want to chat while I'm working,, I'll be on the Fuwa discord.

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  1. But Yuma and Yuuma are pronounced completely differently, romaji != English
  2. Handle: rr- Positions I can fill: hacking / tool programming / image editing Preferred projects: magic, fantasy, ecchi, dark. PC only. Availability: currently free. VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: - Motivation: so I can share something nice with people and have sense of accomplishment. Conditions: no yaoi or romance-focused games. Only one project at a time since I work full time IRL. Since my experience is limited, there is a chance the game proves too challenging. I'll have a good idea if I'm qualified if you give me a few days (up to one week).
  3. Can I see how you did word wrapping?
  4. The only difference between the .exes is that the WorldEN.exe looks for *EN.hcb instead of World.hcb. Seeing unknown opcodes is actually very interesting and might shed some light. I'm starting to think that this might be an OS issue - I compile scripts on Linux while you seem to use Windows. That's the only real difference I can think of. EDIT: unknown opcodes are not interesting at all. They're, basically, leftovers. Imagine you have something like this in the compiled script: 1. do something 1 2. do something 2 3. show string "this is an uninteresting string" Imagine they changed instruction 2 to unconditional jump somewhere. The game, when sees such instruction, stops parsing anything beyond that and moves the instruction pointer (does a "jump") to the destination. So you now have something like this: 1. do something 1 2. jump to 0xf38582 3. --%@s is an uninteresting string" (rubbish, "unknown opcodes", but it's alright to keep it since game will never read it) Frankly I don't want to parse anything like this.
  5. I kept clicking at first until I discovered I can scroll with the mouse and still have characters speak. I haven't used Ctrl because you warned not to do it.
  6. I played without any problems all the way to the OP on your strings.txt; the audio worked correctly as well. Then I suspected the problems are caused by the differences in our games... so I took your .hcb, decompiled it, patched it manually with the English parts in strings.txt you supplied, and compiled it again. It worked again. I'm not sure how I can help. I also analyzed the game a little in terms of playing on different regional settings: it doesn't look like it's a protection against us gaijins, it looks more like crappy coding. The gfx files can't be found because of some obscure exception happening in code that does... something. Not sure what yet. (It might be protection after all.) Edit: the exception is thrown because the file list loaded into the RAM doesn't have this file. Things got suspicious again.
  7. Are you saying that you still get the errors despite setting everything to Japanese? Damn... your strings.txt seemed to work for me... Are you sure that you don't run into this issue on a vanilla installation, only after translating stuff with the script compiler? (Sorry for asking dumb questions.)
  8. Well, looks like this isn't my script's fault - if you try to run it on untouched World.hcb, you'll run into the same issue as well. Actually, it's a part of the game's protection. A workaround that worked for me (at least I progressed further than I have before I applied this fix) was to change not only default code page to Japanese, but also format and date time in regional settings. (source: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/401772-Hoshizora-no-Memoria-error) If you want, I could work on creating a World.exe version that bypasses this crap.
  9. I'm going to take a look and see if it crashes on my machine too. If it does, I'll do my best to fix this. (Did you by any chance repack the archives with sounds?)
  10. Update: added image converter and archive repacker as requested in an e-mail. New repo address: https://github.com/vn-tools/fvp-tools Below is a screenshot showing "Option" menu item rotated by 180 degrees - I don't have gimp ATM so that's all I managed to do from command line. Not tested on RGB images (e.g. backgrounds) and character avatars, but I don't think changing these is needed. Let me know if there are any issues.
  11. I discovered this thread via websearch and thought you guys might be interested in an upgrade to SaintLouisX's decompiler, which is available here: https://github.com/vn-tools/hcb_compiler Although it's backwards-incompatible (meaning you'll need to pack with old tool and unpack with new tool), it should work much faster. If you need tools for repacking the .bin archives as well, just let me know.
  12. Remaking a VN in Ren'Py

    Hello, I am the developer of arc_unpacker. I'm afraid that in its current form, it can be used only for resource extraction. However, I'd be glad to help you with translating the game by developing a tool for you, that allowed putting translated text back into the game. Since I have no experience with any translation projects, I'd need guidance regarding your expectations from the hypothetical tool's interface (for example, if you're okay with console tools or not). Anyway, unfortunately this would need to wait until I'm done porting the Ruby code into C++, which I optimistcally presume will happen in about a week.