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  1. 301 FREE 2D UI Sprites (#1)

    SVG SOURCE FILES ADDED - 301 FREE 2D UI Sprites (#1) Perfect for 2D game development, 3D game development, visual novel creation and game engine usage. Get it @ http://soloflare.blogspot.co.uk
  2. Link to our Kickstarter Here’s the link to the demo (Windows, Linux, and Mac): https://naivesprites.itch.io/a-very-important-date You’re invited to The Looking Glass, Mimsboro’s finest restaurant. Join my four employees and myself as we take you on a wonderful journey through the café world. New in town? The Looking Glass is a grand place to start fresh. Troubling day? Cleanse the nonsense of the world with one of our special herbal teas. Looking to meet new people? When the sun sets, The Looking Glass becomes the most vibrant hotspot in town. But the heart of The Looking Glass isn’t the world class cuisine or nightlife, it’s our employees. Take time to get to know each of us and you’ll make friends for life. Our magical personalities are sure to relieve the doldrums of everyday life. So mark your calendars, my new friend, you wouldn’t want to be late for this will be [A Very Important Date]! - Gwyn Arkwright, Owner of The Looking Glass Cafe A Very Important Date is a café romance set in a strange, yet familiar world, with loose ties to Lewis Carroll's Alice stories. But this isn’t the typical Alice in Wonderland styled story! While A Very Important Date takes a few notes from the Carroll classics, you don't have to be a big fan of them to enjoy this game for its rich dialogue, witty humor, and unique art style! Our story follows Alison Sunderlund, an average small town Ohio girl. By day she can be found working as a server in a local café and by night she takes care of her house and family: her dad and younger brother. Though she doesn't have a lot on her plate, the life she has gives her very little free time. But Alison's life changes one morning when she wakes up sitting under a tree in a brand new world. Confused, Alison sets out to discover more about her new surroundings, accidentally stumbling upon the Arkwright estate, home of Gwyn Arkwright and The Looking Glass Café. With no place to go and a way back home seeming impossible, Gwyn, being the kind soul that he is, gives Alison a job and a place to stay for the time being. Everything's peachy except... now Alison must choose which of The Looking Glass' five employees will train her! Will Alison stick with what she knows and remain a server? Will she a cut a new path as a cook's assistant? Will she wipe away her past burdens as a low-level dishwasher? Will Alison ever figure out what strange world she's in? Will she ever return to her old life? Will she want to? All stories* are written by Noëlle Hyzy, the winner of Voltage Inc.'s 4th Annual International Script Writing Contest for Romance Apps. The full finished release of A Very Important Date will feature: * 5 suitors (with 4 more planned) * Expressive animated characters * 12 chapters for each Suitor's Main Story * 3 possible endings per Main Story * 3 chapter Epilogues for each Suitor * 40+ hours of content across all stories * ≈50,000 words per Main Story * 300,000+ words across the whole game * At least 6 CGs per Main Story * Main character CG options * 14 amazing tracks from Composer Geoff Moore * 60+ beautiful backgrounds * Episodic content * Will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android Naïve Sprites is an up-and-coming visual novel developer that makes games for iOS devices. The company is housed in Franklin, Ohio, but it has six talented artisans from all across the world on its team. Our mission is to provide visual novel readers with strong, female-led stories that are entertaining, engaging, and do away with "damsel in distress" cliché. Chibi Subaru: Project Director, Executive Producer, Writer, Conceptualizer Justin V: Co-Writer, Editor, Art Editor, Background Concept Artist Joe "Bonesy": Marketing & Advertising kooriesque: Character Concept Artist darkenmarr: Sprite and CG Arist furude and lordless: BG Artist IchBinJager and WolfBorg: Programmers Geoff Moore: Composer Season 1: Main Stories Current word count: ≈266,000 Gwyn FINALIZED Outline: 100% Writing: 100% Editing: 100% Emil FINALIZED Outline: 100% Writing: 95% Editing: 95% Rory Outline: 70% Writing: 60% Editing: 10% Harlan Outline: 80% Writing: 75% Editing: 25% Sven Outline: 100% Writing: 80% Editing: 0% Season 1: Epilogue Gwyn Outline: 50% Writing: 10% Editing: 0% Season 1: Sequels Gwyn Outline: 20% Writing: 0% Editing: 0% CGs: 5% Sprites: ≈ 50% (For Demo: 95%) - Undergoing Redesign in Live2D Backgrounds: 46/?? (For Demo: 100%) Music: 5/14 In-Gameplay UI: 95% Rest of GUI: 45% Coding: ??% 12/28/2016 12/11/2016 12/6/2016 11/29/2016 11/19/2016 11/18/2016 11/16/2016 11/13/2016 8/24/2016 7/19/2016 4/26/2016 4/1/2016 3/31/2016 1/1/2016 12/16/2015 You can follow our progress and learn more about A Very Important Date by visiting the links below: Facebook Tumblr Twitter DeviantArt
  3. Mother Nature is dead. And the process to find her replacement has gone horribly, horribly wrong. With half of Mother Nature’s power stolen by the outcast, Morcant, the Seasonal Kingdom’s only chance at defeating him is to find the new, true Mother Nature- You. Sucked into their strange world, and thrust onto the throne, you must take on the role of Mother Nature and bring the kingdom back to stability. Morcant’s bid for the Gaia throne threatens to throw both our world and the seasonal one into chaos. Only you can stop him! By building alliances with the Courts of the Four seasons, discovering your powers, you can bring together an army that will rival any seen before. But, you won’t be doing it alone! Whilst the fate of the worlds may sit on your shoulders, there are those who follow you willing to help carry that burden. -- Courting the Seasons is a fantasy, romance visual novel. It came about from the idea of wanting a great story where the romance was a big part of it, instead of feeling like a separate side quest or bonus material. There are no stat-raising or visible romance points/bar in this VN; this was because I hoped for it to feel as though you were thrown into a story rather than playing through a game. The development of relationships and the story will be based much more on how you interact, rather than through building points. I love Bioware games, the feeling of being a hero in a story, but I’ve always enjoyed the romance part of it too. What I wanted to do was have something similar, but where the romance was an integral part of the story, so as it all felt more immersive and fun. For more information or to keep updated, why not check out the links below? Tumblr- http://seraphinitegames.tumblr.com/ Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/SeraphiniteGames Twitter- https://twitter.com/seraphiniteVN Romances - Listen to those around you- Pay attention to the advice of others in order to better influence the rulers and gain the best alliances. Will you gain strong alliances, or weak ones? Will Morcant steal their alliance from under your nose? Or will the ruler give no alliance at all? - Each Ruler is different- Each has their own idea of what makes a good Mother Nature, and they will be judging the way you act and speak in order to decide if you are worthy of their allegiance. - What type of ruler will you be?- The way you choose to handle situations will influence what type of ruler you will become. Will you inspire the people to stand with you? Will the people’s needs always come first? Will you choose to always do the right thing, no matter the consequences? Will you look to others for advice on how to rule? Or will you rule for your own benefit? - Use your power- How will you use your powers to help in what is to come? Choose from 3 power types, each one giving you different options throughout the story. - Romance routes that are as strong as main story- 5 romances to choose from (the 4 envoys, and a secret romance!). Each romance route is unique to the character and weaves into the main story. - Cast of interesting characters- Get to know a whole range of characters, from the Rulers of the Seasonal courts, down to the people who work for you. Decide how you will interact with them; will your personalities clash or compliment? - Pay careful attention- You never know when overhearing idle gossip or having a chit chat with someone may lead to more options down the line. - Your choices affect everything, not just endings- As Mother Nature and ruler, your choices will affect much to do with the upcoming battle, but that is not the only thing it will change. How you act and respond to situations will affect the course of the game, some having consequences early on or may produce something unexpected later! There are many outcomes to the battle ahead, and multiple, varied endings. Why no stat points or romance bar? I found in games with points I tended to focus only on point collecting, rather than playing through as I want (even though I enjoy those games very much!). But in Courting the Seasons I wanted to minimise that and make it feel much more as though you can make a choice based on what you want, rather than what will net you the most points and have fun with the story than worry about building up stats. I haven’t really put in good and bad choices or ‘true’ endings. There are a variety of choices, which aren’t necessarily good or bad, it’s just different ways of handling outcomes, some of which will be approved of by certain people and not by others and vice versa. Each choice won’t just add to a points bar, it will have an effect and consequence in the story, maybe straight away or maybe later on. Why is this VN commercial? Though I would love to give it out for free, I am self-employed and will be focusing full time on this VN. I'm hoping to move into this as my main career path Are there any warnings for this game? There will be descriptions and images of blood and death, as well as non-explicit, but still heavily implied, (consensual) adult situations both in text and images. When and where will this be released? I'm hoping to have the demo released at the same time as the Steam Greenlight campaign, sometime in February 2016, but this could be later. The actual full game has a goal of being released in mid-2016. I am hoping to release it on itch.io, and (fingers crossed) Steam if it gets through Greenlight once I put it up. How much will it be? It will be around $15. How can I get in contact or ask you questions? You can contact me here via PM, or post on this thread. You can also contact me via Tumblr, or email me- seraphinitegames@outlook.com I'm always happy to hear from people!
  4. Uzi's Drugged Adventure LITE

    This is my first time making a game with RPG Maker. It was a lot of fun. If a lot of people like my game I plan on buying the full version and making more games about Uzi and other Moe Wars characters. I hope you enjoy it. The game requires RPG Maker VX ACE to play. You can download the free trial from their site. Make sure you download the VX ACE one. http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/ Summary: After going into one of her drugged delusional states, Uzi finds herself in a familiar looking castle. There she finds a cloaked figure that wants to help her remember her past, that she had forced herself to forget. She soon winds up fighting to protect a small kingdom from ogres. This game does not promote the use of drugs, alcohol, or anything else horrible you can think of. Rating +17: Drugs/ Alcohol use, Sexual Content (In the form of comedy, and storyline. There are no actual sexual pictures.), Language. [Mediafire / ZIP] http://www.mediafire.com/download/4f18rxgq97gbdvw/UziGameLite.zip CONTROLS [Z] = Yes [X] = No / Menu
  5. Genre:Adventure, Investigative, Management, and psychological Visual Novel Platforms:PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 Languages:English (Fully Voiced), English (Text) Visual Style: DreamWorks style graphics mixed with dark and mythological themes. Progress:~20% of the game completed. (20 hour game) Estimated release:~Summer 2017 “Whether friend or tyrant, I will become a King!" Welcome to the Rift, a dimensional tear located in Canaan where the ancient gods were created and where you must prove your worthiness to lead the world of men. You have allies and the training needed to fight, but nothing will prepare you for the wonders and horrors of the unstable plains in the Rift. Manage Respect, Relationships, and Mental will when making decisions. Assigning team members to missions best suited for them. Discovering weaknesses to epic enemies through investigations. Collecting real world lore and in game lore by discovering hidden items. Unlocking secrets of the past by collecting memory gems. Making timed decisions and avoiding damage in high intensity situations. Leveling up your characters to specialize in unique skills. Time In the game, everything will cost time to complete and characters may be away, unable to do a task available. Time is managed by the player and he has 6 months to prepare to face Nun. Special events will happen at certain times such as full moon cycles, changing of season, etc. This will give the player a level of management that makes them feel immersed. Leveling Each character has core stats which helps them succeed in feats. Completing certain missions and training will gain you very limited talent points to specialize your character in lore friendly ways. Respect You are a leader. You must earn the respect of your soldiers! Decisions you make and the success of those decisions will affect the confidence your allies have in you. If you fail a lot, they will lose confidence and go rogue during critical decisions. You may even lose command. A true Pharaoh never loses command… Kinship While how successful you are in decision making and your sense in the field affects the way they see you, it does not help one bit on how they think of you as a person. In order to get on their good side, you must appeal to their innate personalities. One cannot please everyone so make your choices wisely. It is worth noting that Kinship affects how allies act when not around you or when not commanded. Stability You are the strongest. Unfortunately, you are also the most flawed… You have an issue with Dementia and you must suppress these voices throughout your time in the Rift. The tradeoff is considerable though because when you were young, and you let the voices run wild, you could do things others could only dream of. In these dark days, will you allow your mind to slip in order to wield more power or will you avoid such pleasures and rely on knowledge of self? The rift has stood for thousands of years, since the day Nun arrived from the planet Nibiru. Located in the barren lands of Canaan, this void was created to keep the outside world uncontaminated while Nun worked on his creations. He spent centuries studying the humans and when he figured out this world, he created ancients similar to the life found on his home planet. They warred with each other inside the Rift until only 3 families remained. When they left the Rift, Nun used a stability gem to alter reality and hide the incomprehensible damage done. But now, thousands of years since the great sundering, Nun has created another race of beings to combat his creations from ions past. In order for them to prove themselves, they must survive the Rift, as it were during the time of the ancients. Stability is no more! Can the mortals survive the Trials of the Rift? There are many different types of quests in Black Sands. We will briefly go through some of them to better understand the gameplay mechanics involved in each. In Black Sands, time, health, and deployment all work against you as you stride to prepare yourself for the final battle with Nun. Scouting - designed to seek new quests exclusively. Minimal danger Investigation - A quest that requires discipline and perception. Player must decipher material and decide what is important and not. Proper investigation rewards secrets. Tracking - This is an extremely heavy skill check category that requires quick decision making and a little luck. These missions are available only once before they go back into the quest pool. Social - This is a quest where you develop relationships with the other characters and learn more about them. Instant Events - Automatically happen when certain criteria are met. May have nothing to do with prior tasks. Group Events - The entire group must participate. Nun will go over your notes and inspect your facility whenever this happens. Epic Events - Storyline Events that are either triggered by actions or chose by the player. These tend to have more decision making then other events. Exploration - A quest designed to explore unknown locations. These quests have no prior knowledge so player must use their wits to move forward. The farther you get, the better the rewards. These missions can be ended at any time but there is no guarantee you can return. This game is directly inspired by Dragon Age and Telltale. Their strong narratives and crucial game changing decisions inspired me to design a visual novel unlike any before it. Additional motivation was found in the way Hollywood depicts middle eastern and Saharan people. We do a lot of research and use annotations in game to teach the actual history behind the fantasy of our world. Future We will be converting all sprites to Live2d and making them look a bit more realistic and 20x more brutal. The goal is to make this like Conan while having the art leveling of pixar, dreamworks. How can I help? Follow us on facebook, Cosplay our characters, Share the hell out of this, and Pay homage to the gods by buying some of our merchandise. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter and remember, Nun sees all. We have these posters and more. You can support us while getting something tangible that will uplift both you and your families. Facebook Twitter Official Page Official Store Youtube
  6. Tears Yggdrasil Windows 1.0 Description Our story revolves around our protagonist Yamakazi Kusanagi, an ordinary boy whose life was dramatically altered upon waking up in Alfheim, the land of elves, after a colossal Earthquake. Upon arriving in this magical land, our protagonist strives to find out if there are any connections between a phenomenon in Alfheim known as the universal tremor and the earthquakes back home while attempting to stay alive and discover who is trying to assassinate the princess of Alfheim and usurp the throne. Or perhaps, he has intimate connections with the very mysteries of the world itself... Features Tears of Yggdrasil is a fantasy themed, slice of life Visual Novel with a some elements of dating-sim and of course some echi and fanservice. It is fully voiced and extensively interactive! Each path you take will get you to a unique ending.– A unique story with unique plot. 1. Full Voice Acting 2. Original Soundtrack 3. High Quality Artwork 4. Full HD 1080p 5. Fluid Gameplay 7. Every Choice you make has impact on the story 8. Multiple Unique Endings 9. Music Gallery 10. CG Gallery 11. Scene Gallery( aka scene replay gallery) Artwork Characters Yamakazi Kusanagi While he's a lazy ass pervert who dreams of having a harem of girls at his feet, Kusanagi has a surprisingly kind hearted side. When he sees someone in trouble, he feels compelled to help them whether they be a family member, close friend or even a stranger. He started practicing jujutsu(an old kind of martial art) and kendo together with his childhood friend Kogara Sachi at the age of five, but stopped after breaking a bully's arm in a fit of rage. Besides his fruitless dreams of having his own harem, all he wants to do is become a NEET/hikikomori. It is not to be though, as Sachi has made a habit of waking him up and dragging him off to school whether he likes it or not. Kusanagi can be a charming, intelligent man when he has to, and knows how to carry himself in a fight whether it be fought with the sword, shinai, or his fists alone. Kogara Sachi Sachi is Kusanagi’s childhood friend since she was five, when Kusanagi saved her from a pack of stray dogs (which she believed to be wolves.) From then, she has helped him with everything from preparing his daily meals to helping him study. They both started martial arts around the same age, a sport that fostered their friendship and rivalry. Alvaerele Ikeshia Ikeshia the elven princess of Alfheim, who after the death of her brother she was declared the next heir to the throne by her father. She is very cold in nature and trusts no one else other than her father and her maid Elisven. Elisven Elisven is a maid at the elven palace (and Princess Ikeshia’s personal and most trusted maid, despite being somewhat awkward.) Due to her more darker skin tone, she has always been seen as a spy of the dark elves; thus, she has always been bullied and persecuted while growing up. Even now, after many years in service to Princess, she is often threatened and sometimes beaten by prejudiced individuals who still believes she’s only a spy. She is extremely loyal and feels indebted to the princess for seeing what she truly is beyond her physical appearance. Tears of Yggdrasil Staff Main Staff: MoonStar and Mafuda Artists: Character Design: pinguin-kotak Backgrounds: Uncle Mugen and Aswaforce. CG: Artemisumi Logo: LucaMadison GUI: Aleema Writers: Writer: MoonStar Voice Actors Scripter: Marisa Lenti and MoonStar. Music: Composer: Florenz Dominic Sison and N.H.C Voice Cast: Yamakazi Kusanagi: Matthew Curtis ( En-Vision America; The Adventures of Lord Dinby, Duke of Space!; Conquest of Champions; LEGO Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.) Kogara Sachi: Helen Ni Alvaerele Ikeshia: Marisa Lenti (Hasbro/Playdate Digital: My Little Pony: Twilight's Kingdom App: Princess Celestia & Cadance; ScrewAttack: DEATH BATTLE!: Noin; MirageV: Sacred Earth: Promise: Relima; A Wolf's Tale: Lina; The Mouth: Dragon , Libra & Eclipse Libra Fairy Tail(Funimation dub)) Elisven: Adoxographist Please feel free to provide any feedback you may have! What im looking for so far is feedback critic preferably honest cruel and honest opinions with arguments why you think that. http://strawpoll.me/3069411 https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BZVH3GY Follow the development of the story here :yggdrasil.vnovel.com/ Also Like; Rate and Follow us on Indie DB: www.indiedb.com/games/TOY Facebook: www.facebook.com/YggdrasilVN Twitter: twitter.com/YggdrasilVN/ Patreon
  7. Always The Same Blue Sky...

    http://youtu.be/rN1L9Z6DIus Ahoy team! I hope this isn't against the rules (I'd be more than happy to edit my post if it is (promoting such a niche form of media is very tricky!)) but I just wanted to let you know about my VN, 'Always The Same Blue Sky...' Always The Same Blue Sky is a gripping fantastical love story about two young souls, each struggling to make sense of the world in their own way. Complemented by breathtaking artwork and an addictive soundtrack. Due to mysterious circumstances you have been sent to finish studying on a remote Mediterranean island. Sure you're used to moving around, but even you haven't experienced an island quite like this... a girl quite like Kira. In an already niche genre of storytelling, Always The Same Blue Sky stands out as a truly unique, seaside adventure; a timeless tale of love, mystery and humanity. Although it's a polished product I look at it as a work in progress as there's still so much I'd like to do with it, for example I've written a second ending and would like to integrate choices/a branching narrative. I feel it's important to generate interest in it beforehand so that I can justify further work on this project. If you think you'd like it, check out: http://alwaysthesamebluesky.com for more information, and if people show interest on this thread then I'll create a special coupon code for you all *EDIT* All versions can be downloaded here (demos for each version on their respective pages): https://gumroad.com/crimsonnight with the android version and demo also available on the Google Play Store. If purchased via gumroad enter the code 'fuwa' at the checkout for a special discount - the number of times the code can be used is limited so it's a first-come-first-serve.
  8. Join me for Tidus' last story :D

    Join me for Tidus' "last story" in Final Fantasy X HD http://www.twitch.tv/niflheim12345