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  1. Thank you all. Your support is really appreciated! Ahhh! You're our Patreon! ^^ I hope you enjoy the updates that are coming on there. We've not focused much attention toward it, though with all the content we've been saving up, we'll have lots to share with you there before anywhere else
  2. Please help to GREENLIGHT our FREE Visual Novel! ^^ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=607101753
  3. Original Post Updated: 15 November 2015 Update: Trailer Added! Check Original post to view the trailer!
  4. Original Post Updated: 18 October 2015Update: Free Game!We have decided to release Runeous as a Free Game!Check out out blog to learn more and how you can help to support us!
  5. Update: Added Narrator Portraits Since we have 2 Narrators, it makes sense that they be pictured to differentiate from one another.
  6. Glad you like it! ^^ I'll be sure to announce the demo link as soon as it's available! Note to all. I've updated with information on NPCs and Music! :3
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome! ^^ Awh well as I hold the name of your second favorite tea, I'll try not to disappoint you! :3
  8. Hi there! So I've been lurking around the forums for a few days but not had much activity. I figured it was about time I introduced myself! ^^ My alias is Earl for the purpose of my VN group (We have 'Tea' names!) We're currently working on a Visual Novel with the name 'Runeous' Click the image to read our forum post in the 'Original VNs' board. I personally am the project manager of the group. I also run Marketing, 'coding' and all kinds of odd jobs. If you ever have questions about developing a VN, need marketing tips/advice or anything else, just give me a poke and I'll try my best to help you out! :3 I'd love to list my favorite VNs but I find it difficult as the assets of each VN can outdo others. For instance the music in VN 1 is better than that of VN 2. Yet VN 2's story and art are better than VN 1... I know right? Confusing! However I can suggest some Indie titles that I've been supporting recently: Invisible Apartment - Wounded by Words - An Octave Higher Well, I hope I didn't bore you and I look forward to meeting you all! :3
  9. The text is from the lore, not the actual game I'm glad you like it! The work they produce blows me away all the time! ^^ I'll try to keep you updated as best I can. Twitter is actually one of the best places to find new updates: @novelteagames
  10. Hey there! By Fantasy Adventure it refers to the story content. - Steampunk-wise we're taking only elements from the genre such as clockwork mechanics and over-populated cities. Unfortunately you won't see too much of the Steampunk side in the demo as we're opening up in the country-side as it gives us a good ground to put some story direction in there. However I'll endeavor to get some of the main city art work done as soon as possible! Here's a snippet of the text we have referring to the world and main city:
  11. Greetings from Novel Tea Games! We've been working hard on our Visual Novel and we're very close to finishing our demo. I assure you that you won't be disappointed! While we wish to be as transparent as possible and share as much as we can, we also believe in saving some of the content for a surprise when the demo launches so please forgive me if at any point I seem a little vague about certain story details. View our trailer! Now on Steam Greenlight! What's it about!? Runeous is a Fantasy Adventure with 'Steampunk' elements. The story follows a small group of heroes in a world ravished by the wars of its past. Runestones possessing magical qualities are what fuel the industry, their secrets long ago lost. Humans research them to unlock their hidden potential. Overpopulation in cities built for far fewer inhabitants. Homes built atop homes with giant walkways connecting the various levels together. While there is a whole ton of lore that's been written up for the world, we're waiting until the Demo before releasing it as we wish to make it as presentable as possible for you! (I may be willing to give a sneak peek to individuals who can offer genuine feedback and suggestions) What do we have thus far? Well, we're almost done with the demo! There are just a few elements left to add. - In the interests of transparency, we have had a lot of trouble with music. This is an issue that has been addressed with the addition of a new team member! - 90% of artwork is done and that includes the majority of the 'main' assets. All we have left to do is a few more CGs, NPCs and promotional art! As for the writing we're miles ahead! From lore and main plot points to full episodes written! Meet our team! While I would absolutely love to wait until our staff 'Chibi' images are ready, unfortunately we've just not had enough spare time to get them done with the development going on, therefore I'm just going to have to throw some unattractive links at you! Earl Grey - That's me! I'm the project manager, Community manager and Marketing. I wrote the initial story line and lore, however our writer has taken over writing the Episodes! Chamomile - She's our Lead Character Artist! She also works a lot on promotional items and tidbits! Chai - She's our Lead Background Artist. She also collaborates with Chamo on CGs! Jasneymon - Or 'Jas' for short. She's our 'Support' Artist. Working on things like Objects, items or Chibis for the website. Vanilla - She's our Web Designer! You probably can't tell right now, but a lot of work is going on behind the scenes which will improve the site a bunch Kagoshima - He's another amazing artist, however he's working on something 'Top Secret' right now so unfortunately we can't show you any of his content right now Peppermint - Our latest addition. Peppermint is working on Music! Unfortunately I don't have a link to share with you at the moment. So there we have it. That's our small, yet amazingly wonderful team! ^^ If you would like to find out more about our project, please check out our Website You can now also support us on Patreon! We post monthly Blogs! Thanks for reading! Please do let me know what your thoughts are on our projects! Also please consider taking part in our community forum where you can talk, interact and ask questions with the rest of our team! Mail us any time: [email protected] 02 Sept 2015 NPC Update No character is too small or insignificant to us, especially the small insignificant ones We've finished all but one of the 'NPCs' so everyone who speaks within the demo has a face! We've also made some progress on music. While we're not ready to share it with the public just yet, we do have a small 'sample' of the music quality you might expect: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bylf1W-RKQ-mZmxGcDRMUUp4TW8/view 05 Sept 2015 Update: Narrator Portraits Since even the NPCs are featured in our VN, it's only fair that our wonderful Narrators be see too. Today we introduce our Narrator Portraits! 18 October 2015 Update: Free Game! We have decided to release Runeous as a Free Game! Check out out blog to learn more and how you can help to support us!
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