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  1. The Halloween Sale is here, guys! You can grab a copy of SoulSet at 20% off on both Steam and Itch.io! c: SoulSet on Steam SoulSet on Itch.io
  2. With all physical rewards done and sent out, our SoulSet campaign is officially over and fulfilled! (ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆ Once again, thank you. Thank you for your patience, for believing in us and for the support you’ve given us throughout the development of our first project. Though SoulSet’s campaign is over, our adventures as game developers are only just beginning! We’d love to create more games for your enjoyment and hope for your continued support. You can keep track of our updates on our social media accounts: Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoBreadStudio Tumblr: http://nobreadstudio.tumblr.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nobreadstudio/ Until next time!♥
  3. Well guys, it finally happened. SoulSet is now officially on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/589860/ If someone had told us we'd get to where we are now those ~20 months ago, when we started working on SoulSet's very first demo, we wouldn't have believed it. It has been a path laced with sleepless nights, lots of self-doubt and waaay too much coffee and instant ramen (and none of those are any good for you). But we made it and SoulSet is finally out for you to enjoy. This is a huge milestone for us as game developers. We've learned a lot during this little adventure and we'll be sure to carry this experience into our future projects. Here's to a great, successful year, everyone! We dearly hope you'll have fun playing SoulSet! Cheers! - Nayru, MstMori & Marcianek
  4. We would also like to wish you a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays! PS. Those are 3DS paint app fanarts by @Marcianek!
  5. @Hazel-Bun @woodsy_studio - Thank you kindly! I hope you enjoy it once you get around to playing it! c:
  6. Like promised, SoulSet got released today on Itch.io! We hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it! I'll get around to updating the main post and its images/descriptions sometime tomorrow!
  7. I bring you some exciting news today! SoulSet's release date is TOMORROW (17th of December)! ...On itch.io, at least. The week has passed and we’re sad to announce that the last pieces of paperwork we’ve been waiting for didn’t get to us yet. We are unable to finalize our contract with Steam without those. Steam’s Holiday Sale is coming closer (unofficial sources say that it starts on the 22nd of December) and we’ve been trying to push our release date to avoid that timeframe as much as we could, so that SoulSet’s release didn’t get lost in the sea of other game discounts. Believe us, there is nothing more frustrating than finishing a game you’ve been working on for the last year and a half, only for it to sit and wait on our hard drives, waiting for paperwork to happen. We were also hoping that people would be able to play SoulSet before the holidays… And seeing that it won’t be happening with Steam at this point, we decided to go with Plan B. We are going to release SoulSet on itch.io on the 17th of December (tomorrow, basically) around evening hours [keep in mind that our timezone is CET (Central European Time) UTC/GMT +1 hour]. That way, the game will be out five days before the holiday sale and you’ll have an additional Sunday to check it out, as well. We believe this option will make everyone the happiest. SoulSet’s Steam release date will take place in January 2017, after the holiday sale - once we finally get all the paperwork settled. We’re very excited and hope you are, too!
  8. Here's our Development Progress for December! Starting off with the good news - it was a long and hard battle, but we finally did it! SoulSet is finally 100% coded! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ I promised you some numbers, so here they are: SoulSet's whole script officially stands at 107k words. I coded everything in such a way that the scenes which get repeated in some routes don't get counted more than once. That's an estimated 10-15 hours of gameplay if you want to explore every nook and cranny in the game. The bad news is... that we're still waiting on some last paperwork finalizations. We've been told that those might take up to a month, and since we applied for them in the middle of November, we're hoping to receive them in the upcoming week. Here's to hope! In the meantime, we'll keep beta-testing and polishing the game to the best of our abilities. Once we have the means to put up our Steam store page, we'll let you know. Thanks for your patience! You'll hear from us soon!
  9. Here's our Development Progress for November! The 22nd of November was a special day, because it marked exactly a full year since we released our old SoulSet demo and made our debut with the project on Steam Greenlight (coincidentally it also happens to be the day in which The Letter got funded on Kickstarter a year ago - kudos Yangyang Team! ^^) With the demo's development starting at the beginning of June 2015, we've been currently working on SoulSet for a whole year and a half. Now, we bring some good news and bad news. Starting off with the bad news (because there's less of those, thankfully), coding is taking longer than planned. I am currently in the middle of putting together the 6th character route (out of 7). So it's pretty close to completion, but it most likely will still take another week or two before I'm done with the game's complete build. So, sadly, we'll be forced to move our release date to the month of December, after all. Sorry for this, guys. The good news is that: - BGs and CGs are now 100% done, meaning that all of the game's art assets are 100% done! - Marcianek was kind enough to draw more icons than I asked for, so yay for pretty things and a richer experience! - MstMori started beta-testing our current build in the meantime, and Marcianek decided that she could still draw one more BG, since we have a bit of time to spare. - We got a lot of paperwork done during this month and we're currently waiting on some last finalizations. So, we're still working hard on making SoulSet the best game we can. Expect another update from me around the end of November. I'll be keeping you updated on SoulSet's development on a more regular basis from now on, considering a lot of things will be put into motion shortly. Thank you for your patience and we hope you'll stick around!
  10. Hi, guys! I bring you some good news with this month’s update. Here's our Development Progress for October! SoulSet’s script is now 100% done! Some re-reading and possible editing should still be in order, but the biggest chunk of work is finally complete! Woo! Some of you probably remember how we promised that SoulSet will have over 10 possible endings when we released our first demo. That number rose to 15 when we released our updated version a little over than a month ago. Well, now I can make it official. You guys are in for a treat, because the full version of SoulSet is going to have over 20 possible endings! Did I overdo it? I probably did… I regret nothing. Now, let’s talk some more about our release date. It took me around 3 days to code a single bad route into the game. Considering the ‘True Routes’ are a tad longer and there’s basically 7 of them… That should make it around 3 weeks to code. We still need to get the necessary paperwork done, get our Steam Store page ready, implement achievements into the game, and do a bit of testing before we can finally release the game to the public, of course. But if everything goes well, we are going to release SoulSet in the month of November. We will do our very best to make that happen! And we will keep you updated, of course. I will also give you guys a more definitive word count as far as the script goes once I implement it into the game. It seems that the doc files I work in give different numbers than Ren'Py does, and considering Ren'Py lowers them down, I will consider those numbers the 'true’ ones. Take care and see you around, guys!
  11. @Forgetful Frank Thank you! We finally have the new version of the demo available, if you'd like to check it out! c: Here's our Development Progress for September! This month's update comes a little earlier than usual. We have things and news to share with you that we figured we didn't want to wait with anymore. Most important of all, we need to address our release date. SoulSet had a tentative release date set for September, but as it stands, it is highly unlikely that we'll be able to make it happen till the end of this month. At the moment of writing, we have around 70% of the whole script and coding done (a few of our friends are beta-testing a 'bad route' build as we speak) and everything else is done at around 90%. The goal is closer with every single day. However, instead of giving keywords such as "late October" or "early November," we will simply move SoulSet's release date to Q4 2016. We will continue working hard, and once we're finally ready, we will let you know! We are sorry for the delay and hope for your understanding. Now, onto more cheerful things! We've come a long way during these ~15 months of development. Looking back at our demo, we figured it's horribly outdated by now. As of today, we're making an updated "Prologue Demo 2.1" of SoulSet available, along with an updated Itch.io site! https://nobreadstudio.itch.io/soulset The most notable changes in the demo include: - a new, custom GUI - change of narrative (from 3rd to 1st person) - modifications/cuts of some dialogues and descriptions - re-drawing and addition of backgrounds - re-drawing and addition of icons - fixed and modified character sprites The overall plot and atmosphere stays the same, so if you've played the old demo, there are no surprises in that regard. The new demo simply shows what you can expect of the full version of the game more adequately than the old one did. If you clicked the link, you probably also noticed some major changes in our descriptions. We can finally make it official: Feathor is now also a romance option in the game. But that still doesn't add up to 7 characters, does it? Hmm... We shall end this update with more exciting news. We also have a new trailer to show you, courtesy of @Amy_oai! https://youtu.be/_vYZNwg1FXU We hope you enjoy it! Steam's Store page will be put up closer to our release date. Thank you for sticking around, guys! You'll hear from us sometime soon again!
  12. @DarkZedge Let me know once you play it! I would love to get any kind of feedback! :3 Update #25 - Development Progress for July! This month turned out to be more of a coding month than a script-writing month for me. After countless, sleepless nights of trying to figure things out, I'm proud to say that I managed to put together and code most of the GUI for SoulSet together - our Start Menu, Save/Load screens, Settings, Yes/No prompts, Galleries and a Log/Text History screen (in which I still need to figure out how to delete the default Ren'py menu, because I swear it's not supposed to be there). I also managed to add an animated, pulsing icon for indicating that the text can be advanced. You can't see the animation of it on the screens, but believe me, it's blinking! And while I already mentioned Galleries - SoulSet is officially going to have a total 3 of those. You'll be able to access a CG Gallery, a Background Gallery and an Ending Gallery, which should be ideal for keeping track of the endings you've seen and how many more you still have left to witness. (All of the art and endings will unlock only after stumbling upon them in the game, of course.) I also converted all of the character sprites into their .png forms (drawing them is one thing! Saving them on your drive for proper use is another!) Along with all of the sizes, outfits and different expressions, it ended up being over 2000 files. After coding them into the script, along with their blinking animations, it turned out to be almost 15k lines of code for defining the sprites alone. For reference, that's ¾ of the size of our demo. Something at the back of my mind is telling me that I might have overdone it a bit... Speaking of sprites - we decided to change the sizes of the default ones a little bit. In the demo, the characters were shown from the waist up; now we'll be able to see a portion of their thighs. This decision was mainly influenced by the addition of towel sprites, since it seemed like a waste when those were cut-off too high. In terms of GUI, all that's left for me to do is design and code custom choice buttons and then add all of the Gallery items, once I place them in the actual script. I didn't manage to make much progress with the script itself while I was busy with coding, but I'm already on 90% of Shira's Bad Route at this point of writing. MstMori and Marcianek have been continuing work on interior and exterior backgrounds, respectively. We decided to re-draw some backgrounds from the demo to keep things more consistent with the newer versions for the full version of the game, so look forward to those! Lastly, our dear supporter and songwriter Teofilo has been to Anime Messe Berlin this past month and he commissioned some wonderful people for SoulSet fanarts! Thank you so much, Teo, this made us really happy! |
  13. @DarkZedge The demo is a little outdated in terms of narrative by now (I decided to change our 3rd person writing to 1st person for the full version, because it didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to) but it's still up to try, so feel free to check it out! Thank you kindly!
  14. Development Progress for June! A small reminder: our fanart contest ends on the 31st of June. If you’d still like to take part and try winning some of our goodies, now’s your last chance! Let your creativity flow! (Of course, we’ll love receiving fanarts after the deadline just as much!) In case you missed it, here are the details: [SoulSet Fanart Contest] As always, here’s our current script progress: - Marco’s Bad Route: 100% done, at 16k words. ☆ - Yvonne’s Bad Route: 100% done, at 15k words. ☆ - Apris’ Bad Route: 100% done, at 14k words. ☆ - Shira’s Bad Route: 70% done, at 12k words. - Shirr’s Bad Route: 35% done, at 10k words. Prologue + all other routes: 18k words. Total word count overall: 85k words. Writing the script hasn’t been going as smoothly and quickly as I wanted it to this past month, but I suppose this is what happens when you have that kind of plot where you need to be careful what every character says or does. Hopefully the plot bunnies will be more generous in this upcoming month. *throws some sparkles at them* I’ve been also playing around with the GUI in-between my script-writing madness. These are all just mock ups for now, but I figured I’d share. How do you guys like it? MstMori has been continuing work on interior backgrounds. Would you like to see another one of those? Of course you do. What’s better than a cozy bedroom you don’t know if you’ll survive the night in. We also promised to share with you some of Marcianek’s work in this update, so here it is! Behold some insane trees and bushes! SoulSet is slowly coming together, but we still have a ton of work left to do! While we can’t say anything definite just yet, we hope we’ll be able to finish the full game’s beta build by September. See you next month!
  15. Development Progress for May! First of all, we’ll be closing our InDemand service at the end of this month. So, to anyone out there that would still like to get the game at a discounted price, now is your last chance! Other than that, we have some exciting news to share with you in this month’s update! Perhaps some of you still remember those amazing Yvonne and Apris fanarts that we posted in one of our previous updates. We’re proud to announce that Marcianek will be joining us with the development of SoulSet as a third party member! “HI I’M HERE TO DRAW TREES! ” We’re glad to have you on board, Marcianek! o7 Marcianek will be helping us out with exterior backgrounds in the form of commission work (we won’t be spoiling her any parts of the story for the time being, since she’s also one of our trusted beta-testers for the full version of the game). Expect to see some of Marcianek’s work in our next update! Meanwhile, Nayru managed to finish all of the character sprites needed for the game! Woo! Along with the pajama and towel versions, in the end, we have… over 30 sprites?! That sure is a lot of sprites! And to think that initially, we planned for SoulSet to have only around 10 of them… Here are two additional ones for Mariko as a teaser for your viewing pleasure. Busy with sprites, I didn’t get around to write much this month. But now that my part of art-related work is done, I can fully give myself to the script, so further updates in that regard should be more fruitful from now on. Either way, I’ve been also writing a bit here and there, so here’s SoulSet’s script progress up to date: - Marco’s Bad Route: 95% done, at 16k words. - Yvonne’s Bad Route: 90% done, at 15k words. - Apris’ Bad Route: 50% done, at 11k words. - Shira’s Bad Route: 35% done, at 10k words. - Shirr’s Bad Route: 35% done, at 10k words. Prologue + all other routes: 18k words. Total word count overall: 80k words. Mori’s also been continuing his work on interior backgrounds, and as of today, we have only 3 of those left to go. Once those are done, Mori will be getting to CGs - and even though we didn’t manage to reach our stretch goal for those, we’ll still see how many we’ll be able to work on and include in the final version of the game. Lastly, we have some more fanart to share with you! Mariko & Mutik by Lawenda Feathor by Marcianek Thank you so much, you guys are amazing! See you next month!