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  1. True. Still I wont give up. Right now Im writing my 4th book. I have a feeling its gonna be the best one yet.
  2. I have written some books. Its my dream to be a great novelist and book author. If any of them sound interesting you are welcome to buy them and tell me what you think. I have a 4th book in progress and I feel like its gonna be the best one yet. You can buy them at: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Crotaku
  3. I have an idea for a VN (totally new idea that poped into my head last night). If anyone here is interested in helping me I would be happy. The story is about a samurai named Raion, who is a member of the Ishin Shishi, and he fights in the war for Kyoto and equality. He is a ruthless killer and has a very cold attitude. Then a priestess named Hikaru comes into his life and turns it upside down. More details for those who want to join me. You can contact me via e-mail or my MAL account. Also is there a site like this one for manga?
  4. Some of my friends read my book and said that its very good and that it would make a nice VN
  5. Haha. That is because FSN inspired me. But trust me it may seen like a clone at first but later on you get a real plot twist.
  6. Story summary: The story is set in Neo Tokyo. A battle called the Tournament Wars or TW takes place. The main character is a summoned spirit Arthur Pendragon. His master, Morgana, is the main heroine. The VN is focused on their romance and Arthurs past. There are also battle scenes and interesting side characters.
  7. This is based on a book I wrote. I already have everything planed out. I just need someone skilled to make it into a VN. If you are interested contact me via e-mail. The e-mail is in my info. Lookin foward to it. You can also buy the book here: https://www.shopmybooks.com/BE/en/book/mia-angela-maroh-1/albion-tournament-wars-1
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