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  1. Sorry everyone, I thought I'd already updated here! So, seeing as my NaNoReNo project is running over, here is the new plan:
  2. Update I've nearly completed the art assets for the demo. I'm really pleased with how it's all coming along Here's some sneak peeks: Production on Courting the Seasons will now be hold for the month of March whilst I participate in NaNo, and I will be taking a bit of a break after that. Once back in mid-April though I will be back with a new plan of action See you guys then, and good luck to anyone particpating in NaNo!
  3. Update Sorry for the absence, I was down due to illness But back to it now, and have some art previews to make up for it! All the sprites and backgrounds for the demo are now completed Yay! I have on more batch of CGs to do, and then that will be all the art assets completed for the demo. Hopefully then things will start coming together pretty quick. The plan is to get the demo ready for testers at the end of February, let the testers play it throughout March (whilst I participate in NaNoReNo), and then do final edits of the demo in April. Gives me a chance to work on the Steam Greenlight campaign and some marketing too, hopefully. Full steam ahead now!
  4. This sounds really awesome, and I love the character designs!
  5. Thank you so much! Hopefully won't be too long until I have some more updates and screenshots.
  6. Ah, sorry everyone, though I'd posted in this thread already! Courting the Seasons is now back in full production as of the beginning of January! Over the Christmas I had a lot of ideas I wanted to implement into the game, which I've already started to do for the demo. But for now, I'm working through art assets. Here's a WIP shot of the CG I'm currently working on: Things will really start making a move forward on the demo once all the art has been completed for it.
  7. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will be starting my Christmas break early. This means production on CtS will be on halt until January. I won't be around too much, though I will be in and out of the forums and social media during that time In the New Year, the focus will completely be on getting out the demo- which will be longer and have more in it now that it's been delayed until January Until then...
  8. Update Sorry I've been so quiet! I've been busy coding in all the sprites and their expressions, which was... a lot But, things look like they're starting to come together with the sprites in game. I've finally started working on the CGs! If you're wondering why she's all watery, blurry- then you'll just have to wait to find out Will try and update with more soon.
  9. Finally managed to update the profiles and art in the original post I will be coding in all of the character sprites over the next couple of days, then I will be moving onto starting the CGs- so more art to be posted soon!
  10. Update That's it! All the love interest sprites are completed, yay! Here is the final one, the Secret Romance. ??? I wasn't sure whether to put him up or not due to spoilers, but I kinda figured most people could guess the secret romance anyways, so why not? His romance isn't in the demo, but obviously will be included in the full game. For anyone who's interested, I also made a height comparison chart: So, now I will be concentrating on the main character sprite, and once she's done, I have to code them all in...
  11. Having 'me time' is important! Putting aside some time to do what you enjoy is a really necessary thing, I think, or what's the point to life? If we're just working away our days, then it seems a bit pointless. You got to have some and relax, or you'll just burn out. 30 minutes seems more than fair!
  12. I see. It's useful to have those other opinions on a solo project so that you don't end up with blinders. The great part about solo design though is having full agency over the project. On my own project I originally intended to do almost everything myself, but it turned out to be way too much, so a lot of work has been contracted out. It takes some of the direct burden off, but also results in a lot of time and effort spent on coordinating everyone's activities. The scale of your project seems large enough that I would have thought it would be quite difficult to do solo. I suppose it's because you're doing it as a full-time job. How did you decide to make that commitment? Yeah, having a team of people can be tough, trying to get everyone organised and keep them all motivated for a start! Have you finished your project? Was it a visual novel? I decided to concentrate on visual novels as I was a romance writer for some time and, though I loved it, I also enjoyed art very much. One of my dreams when I was younger was being a comic artist, but that wasn't possible. When I stumbled across visual novels, it was everything I had been looking for: art, game, story, characters- everything! I know it will be a tough path as it's a niche market, and otome is an even smaller market in that tiny one already, but I am very, very lucky to be in a position where I can pursue a career in this. And I am going to give it my all to make it work, I love it too much to let myself fail!
  13. I am doing everything myself! It takes longer that way, but it means I don't have to wait on others for things and can keep the direction going in the way I would like. Luckily, I have a great team of people more than willing to test and bounce ideas off of, so I can make sure I don't get stuck in one place or end up with something that doesn't make sense!
  14. Update Theo is complete, he's the last of the envoy sprites! Theo I'm working on the secret romance sprite now, which I'm not sure if I'll show or not. I might do, as everyone will probably guess the 'secret' romance anyways Then I can move onto the main character sprite. I'm really hoping to have all the sprites for this section done by next week. Everything is taking a lot longer than planned, but I'm looking forward to it all coming together in the demo!
  15. Update Elisedd is finished! Elisedd And I just noticed that I haven't changed their eyebrows for the expression examples! They do have different brows, I just completely forgot. Moving onto Theo next, then it's only the secret romance sprite to do before I can work on the main character sprite! Really starting to get somewhere now
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