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  1. The White World was an indiependent project made by hobbyists from Israel. It was written in hebrew and unofficially translated to english. The visual novel tells the story of Tom, a pessimist who wakes up in a hospital, inside a strange snowy world, completely deserted. A world in which time stays still and escaping seems impossible. As he explores the world he finds some other lost souls to talk to as he tries to get out of it alive. READ AT GameJolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-white-world/122670
  2. The White World [Released]

    The project has been abandoned! Thanks for anyone interested! The only way to play now is the offline version which is downloadable through gamejolt (linked above). The translation was improved but won't be anymore unless some other volunteer will help... TNX for commenting and playing!
  3. The White World [Released]

    Our domain is about to expire. Soon ill link the ip instead. Consider donating to keep the VN going.
  4. The White World [Released]

    Hey there! We started rediting the novel.. =) Still, the fixes are community-driven so it might take a while until the translation will be perfected. Anyway, feel free to start again your reading and if you're kind you can help as well by reporting things that felt wrong or annoying. Thanks =)
  5. The White World [Released]

    Thanks =] BTW: if anyone is feeling like helping remastering this VN (as an editor) I'll gladly accept any help given.
  6. The White World [Released]

    Online version is ready now. Unfortunately it's still using your browser. You can press F11 and pretend it's not in your browser but.. well sorry I can't help you more than that haha xD
  7. The White World [Released]

    Thanks. Im glad to hear the translation didn't get too much on your nerves. =) Can you tell me why did you stop reading it would be very helpful. Also what would make you keep reading?
  8. The White World [Released]

    Unfortunately this is a web based game so the offline version is still running in a browser. Very sorry and thanks for the patience about the translation. Once again this was done by volunteers so..
  9. The White World [Released]

    Thanks for the responses I do require an editor. With this said I personally dont have the time to do it myself and cant find one. Once again any contribution would be helpful and will be taken thankfully.
  10. The White World [Released]

    The White World [1.0] Hey there! GENERAL: We are an Israeli team that have been working on this visual novel for more than a year. The White World was a voluntary project that people worked on in their spare time, between studying and serving the country. It was a FREE ONLINE visual novel you can play in any device and any platform with a browser of the last decade. OFFLINE VERSION is the only option now! (still browser based.) This version was voluntarily translated so if you find typos or bugs - please report to me on a private message with the content of the message shown when pressing F2. DO MIND THIS: Granted we didn't make it very Japanese but Otaku references exist to expose and reflect it's genre. This is the very first version of the VN and so it is the result of the project as it ended. So indeed some things could go better but I can promise you we did it whole heartedly and with almost zero budget (the only budget went into hosting it). Still, please look at it as a finished product with it's own level of authenticity rather then some budgeted project. It is an indie project, and the first to have done that in our country and language. Hope you enjoy =) PLAY: >OFFLINE VERSION<