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  1. Honestly, it's hard to find good yandere characters/routes that don't just resort to copious amounts of blood and gore for shock value. Yandere isn't just about stabbing the MC silly, after all, but about the unhealthy and complete obsession the character has for them. It's a shame, since I looove yandere, but I still haven't come across any really good examples. I'm also strongly recommending against the actual game Yandere, especially since you want to avoid torture/blood/gore. Ugh. I couldn't stomach parts of it, and it's a really bad title all around. -Crimson Grey is pretty good, though it does have some blood. -I know it's pretty divisive, but I actually really liked DDLC for its yandere characters (and I'm pretty sure everyone at this point knows about it, so hopefully this doesn't count as a spoiler). This one also has some blood/violence and scary themes. -If you're fine with otome, Amnesia has a pretty interesting yandere route. -You might also want to check out Charon's games, which often have yandere characters. They're not anything great, but they're pretty short. -Full disclosure: I haven't come close to completing this one yet, but there's also My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell. It's technically not playable in English. Instead, Verdelish played through it and translated it on Youtube. Again, I haven't finished watching it, so I have no idea how violent it actually gets.
  2. My favourite yuri title is definitely SeaBed, which has already been mentioned. Strawberry Vinegar is a pretty wholesome and cute yuri VN.
  3. I thought Sweet Pool's choices (reason vs. instinct) were really cool, especially visually. For those who haven't played it, all prompts have you chose if Youji should follow his logic or his instinct, and the game goes from there depending on which one you've chosen. The choices are shown on opposite corners of the screen as red and blue sort of...veiny things? It fits well with the whole body horror aspect of the game. I also like VNs with raising sim elements.
  4. Actually a few titles I hadn't heard of before, so that's something! I love The Real Her...also Prism (RIP).
  5. I agree with your three points, especially the latter two. I'd love to recommend Kara no Shoujo to my mom, except it has sex scenes and sexual violence (tbh if Kara no Shoujo had no/minimal H content it'd be much better bc most of the scenes don't serve a purpose). I think a good starting point would be a VN that balances all three of those aspects. Something with a light theme (and, if you find you don't like that, there's always more to explore after), a reasonable, non-intimidating length (i.e. not 50+ hours long), and a straightforward UI.
  6. I don't remember what my true 'first' was- I do distinctly remember downloading a ROM of Pia Carrot 3.3 and desperately mashing through the Japanese dialogue in hope of seeing some anime boobs because I was a stupid horny teen. I think that was somewhere around 2004 or so? I've been aware of them since the early 2000's, at least. I'd consider my 'first' (in that it hooked me on the medium) to be Katawa Shoujo, back when the first act was released in 2009. Not very surprising or original, I guess.
  7. I'm so excited to see Tsui Yuri/Sisterly Bliss get an official release. Can't wait to play it!
  8. I offered to QC this a couple years ago, but never really heard anything after the first few months. I'd still be interested in helping out, though.
  9. Elfen Lied is a prime example of this imo.
  10. Can't wait to spend another 300 hours on this game instead of taking care of my real life responsibilities.
  11. Considering I've just started my first fan TL project , I can't give you much advice regarding editing for VNs. I have done some other editing, though (a poetry book and some articles/synopses). Generally you'll want to improve the readability of the writing you're working on. You'll take what's written and polish it up. You'll fix errors, shift words/sentences around if it reads better, check that words mean what they're intended to mean (and change them if they don't), and make sure the writing is consistent (ex. the book I worked on had about three different spellings of 'Claire' to refer to the same person). It's important to keep the author's style and intentions, though- you don't want to just completely rewrite the piece based on how you'd do it. Also, I think you might be a bit young. Hopefully this doesn't sound rude, but I think it's a good idea to finish high school and take some writing/English courses at a post-secondary level in order to make sure your skills are solid. I'm also not really sure how many people would be comfortable working with a minor if the VN has 18+ content (I definitely wouldn't be). It's good to be ambitious, though, so I hope you succeed!
  12. Oh wow! I really need to catch up on it, but I do remember liking it. Between this and the Kase-san OVA, it's going to be an exciting year for me. And I mean, I guess there's also Citrus...
  13. Tbh it doesn't seem like the type of yuri I'd be interested in, but I'm still willing to give pretty much any yuri a shot since there's so little of it translated. Unfortunately, I could really only help in the English department.
  14. If there's no recommended route order, I usually try to go for her first and then finish the rest. If I really liked her route, I'll replay it again at the end so I start and finish with her.
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