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  1. Need Hook Codes for VN

    I've seen it but I really can't find any decent ones, most of the ones I've found are old and nsfw. I was kinda looking for VNs that have the normal school genre and has a hook code so it might work on the VN reader. Know any? please share ;-;
  2. Need Hook Codes for VN

    I never knew this existed. Ty very much
  3. Need Hook Codes for VN

    Looking for Visual Novels with certain hook codes that would work on VN Reader any vn will be nice as long as I can read it
  4. Recently I have found this thing called "Translation Machines" and I wanted to use it because there are hundreds of visual novels that aren't translated but I want to play them, so I began searching for tutorials and guides and such. I've done TA+ITH and Visual Novel reader and have done everything the tutorials have asked me to but there are so many problems because not one has worked so far. In TA and ITH I've already done all I can but for some reason, not all of the text is being scanned. Same with Visual Novel Reader. I want to ask if somebody can help me with this problem because I have done everything tutorials have wanted me to do, already installed Atlas, LEC, and Edict2 just like tutorials asked me to. I accidentally saved the Edict2 file into a "notepad file" because I thought it was the same as a text document but idk what I've done wrong. Followed the same options for every tutorial and how they extract files and tried to update them but for some reason they won't update (ITH and VN Reader) I tried using the methods I have found on Making Lover's Geki Icha After Story Vol. 2. Nothing worked, going to soon do it on other Visual Novels and see if it works and I'll post updates here. Please, any help is appreciated. I want to read these novels so bad lmao. Ty in advance
  5. Magical Marriage Lunatics!! Walkthrough

    There's something wrong with this "Mazakhon" thing
  6. Magical Marriage Lunatics!! Walkthrough

    Karin's second choice is wrong, it has the same choices as Luluna
  7. Visual Novels that can change language in one button?

    Is it really just phantom trigger? Does it work on like their other Grisaia series?
  8. Hello there, I've recently been looking for visual novels that have changeable language in one click. I remember playing 1 or 2 VNs and accidentally pressed J and some buttons and the language would change to Japanese and English. So I would like to ask if you have seen any visual novel like what I have described. I am trying to learn Japanese and a lot of the people that I questioned about learning Japanese would similarly answer and recommend this method. Any type of visual novel is good.
  9. About being a translator.

    ermm, what does that mean?
  10. About being a translator.

    Well everything aside, I would like to thank you all for telling me all your ideas I've got it now.
  11. What does an editor do in fan translation?

    Thanks! Well if I have no choice but to wait 3 years just so I can help with VNs well I've got no choice then
  12. What does an editor do in fan translation?

    Well thanks for all of your help and ideas, it's great knowing all these. For now I got into somewhere where I'm helping and hopefully I can truly be part of their team Thanks man, this one is really important too. I've been looking at lines and these things are required I can see why.
  13. What does an editor do in fan translation?

    I understand now, thank you for your help. I am already being tested in a certain group to see if I can be an editor for them. Wish me luck.
  14. What does an editor do in fan translation?

    So from what I understand from some posts and blogs, if I wanted to be a better editor I would have to mind small details and stuff? So basically what I have to do is nothing too complicated and nothing less than good enough. I am still confused because from what I understood there were some sentences that were changed the best words are saved for last and interesting topic in the beginning of the sentence.
  15. What does an editor do in fan translation?

    Yes I am.